Powerful 3×33 Manifestation Method (Complete Guide)

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3x33 manifestation method

“Eliminate all doubt and replace it with the full expectation that you will receive what you are asking for.” – Rhonda Byrne

To manifest what we desire, we must convey our will and belief to the Universe. 3×33 is one of the simple and powerful manifestation methods that involves concentrating on your desires in a focused, intense way.

Each day for 3 days straight, you write down what you want 33 times. This method combines the power of a focused mind with the mystical properties of the numbers 3 and 33 to charge up your will. 

By using the 3×33 manifestation method, you can manifest the promise of the Universe. As you will learn shortly, the word “promise” has a very special meaning here. 

Why the 3×33 Manifestation Method Works

The 3×33 Method works for two key reasons:

  • You are focusing on what you want.
  • You are invoking the power of 3 and 33.

According to the Law of Attraction, we attract what we pay attention to. This law is universal. It is always in effect. So, simply by putting pen to paper and concentrating on our intentions, we are putting it to work.

There are other methods that are similar to 3×33, such as 1×11, 777, and 369. All of these involve writing your manifestations down repeatedly. 

Some people will tell you that it does not really matter how many times you write down what you want, and that it is your mindset that matters.

To a degree, that is true—your mindset is what matters. But by choosing numbers that resonate with you and with the Universe, you can focus that mindset.

To many people, the numbers 3 and 33 have profound spiritual implications. If you are a believer in 3 and 33, following this method will allow you to call upon the power of that belief as you manifest.

Why Use the Number 33 for Manifestation?

In numerology, 33 is known as a Master Number or Angel Number. It is linked to transformation, wisdom, and higher understanding. 

You can see how that applies directly to manifestation. This process is all about using the wisdom you have gained to identify your true desires, and then transforming your life with your higher understanding of the universal laws. That is why when you use this method, you write down what you want 33 times. 

The number 33 also has profound Biblical significance. Indeed, it is referenced extensively throughout the holy book. If you count the times Noah’s name is used and pay special attention to the context around the 33rd use, you will see that this is the occasion on which God vows to Noah that he will never again flood the earth. 

Additionally, Christ died when he was 33. As he was the Son of God in whom believers may realize the promise of salvation, that is another aspect of God’s promise expressed through the number 33.

By writing what you desire 33 times, you are invoking the power of God’s promise. Of course, you could look at it as the promise of the Universe, your Higher Self, or any other Higher Power.

Why Do This Method for 3 Days?

The number 3 likewise weaves through the Bible. Most prominently, it references the Holy Trinity—but it also makes hundreds of other appearances. Other religions prominently feature this number as well.

Some examples include the Three Pure Ones of Taoism and the Three Jewels of Buddhism. There are also the Hundu Trimurti and Tridevi.

How to Do the 3×33 Manifestation Method

3x33 manifestation guide steps

You already probably have the materials you need for the 3×33 manifestation method. These include paper, a pen or pencil, and a few minutes of your time each day. 

1. Write your manifestation 33 times.

Think about one thing you want, and turn it into a sentence that you can write down. That sentence should be in the present tense as if what you desire is already in your life. That way, you are using the Law of Assumption to your advantage. Here are some 3×33 manifestation examples: 

“I live with my specific person in a joyful, rich relationship.”

“I am working in my new position as [Job Title] at [Company.”

“I am grateful for the new friends I have made since moving to [Location].”

Once you have your sentence, write it 33 times. Do not stop in the middle. Continue without taking a break. You can rest your hand if you need to, but do not get up and do something else until you are done with all 33.

2. Repeat the step above once a day for three days in a row.

For three days in a row, you need to write your manifestation 33 times. In total, you will write it 99 times.

3. Maintain a mindset of focus and faith.

As you write your manifestations, concentrate deeply on the task at hand. Know that with each stroke of the pen, you are transcribing your will into Mind of the Universe itself. Feel the power that is flowing through you. When you set down your pen, hold that sense of power, confidence, and focus. Carry it with you throughout the day. Know that each step you take brings you closer to what you desire. 

Frequently Asked Questions About 3×33 Manifestation

Q: I have a hard time focusing long enough to do 3×33 manifestation. What can I do?

The 3×33 Method is powerful, but there are other methods available that might be more suited for your personality or neurotype. 

If you are having a hard time concentrating long enough to write your manifestation 33 times, you might do better with the 1×11 Method.

Q: Do I need a 3×33 manifestation workbook?

There is a popular 3×33 workbook for manifesting. If you want, you can use it, but no, you do not need it. You can manifest successfully just by using a regular piece of paper or notebook and a pen. Everything else you need is already inside you.

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