65 Crown Chakra Affirmations to Connect to the Divine

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At the top of your head is your crown chakra. As the literal crowning jewel among the chakras, this is the one that links you to your higher power and is most associated with spiritual growth.

The universe is calling you, and you have a direct line to the divine, through your crown chakra. Its Sanskrit name is Sahasrara Chakra.

In this post, we will teach you some powerful affirmations that will help you balance and open your crown chakra, strengthening your connection with the cosmic energy. By repeating these crown chakra affirmations, you can let the pure white light, good, and beauty in the cosmos flow through you.

Soon, you will be channeling a limitless source of creativity in your daily life. As you align yourself with your divine purpose with a strong spiritual connection, you will be able to live in harmony with the source energy itself. 

What Does Your Crown Chakra Do?

crown chakra and sahasrara chakra

You have seven chakras. Just as your first chakra, your root, is the one that links you to the Earth, your seventh chakra, your crown, is the one that connects you to the cosmos.

While your root chakra gives you a stable base from which to grow, your crown is the bridge through which you access the strong spiritual connection.

What you want to call that is entirely up to you. Some people call it God. Others call it the extension of the universe. Others may refer to it as the Source, the inner guidance, or something else altogether.

Technically, the top of the head that we call the “crown” is actually located toward the back. The crown chakra, however, is located right at the very top of your head. Its color is a deep, radiant light of purple.

It makes sense to associate this color with the crown chakra since the highest frequency of light that we can detect with our eyes is violet.

In other words, this color is closest to the world of the invisible, just as the crown chakra is also closest to the world beyond our physical realm.

○ Is Your Crown Chakra Blocked? How to Clear It 

When your crown chakra is blocked, you can feel uninspired and aimless. You might feel overly preoccupied with the physical world and overly attached to material wealth. You might define your identity and sense of self-worth not by what you are but by what you have.

People with blocked crown chakras sometimes feel like they are utterly alone. Since they feel abandoned by the divine energy, they also feel abandoned by others around them. This can predispose them to jealousy or even to possessive or controlling behaviors.

Can you work on just unblocking your crown chakra? Yes, but it will be much more effective if you unblock all 7 chakras together.

In fact, it is ideal to start with your root chakra and then move up through all seven of them in order, finishing with the crown.

That said, it is not an entirely linear process, and you will probably revisit each of your chakras regularly to keep them in balance.

○ What to Expect When Your Crown Chakra Opens

When you open the crown chakra, it can help you align yourself with the divine positive energy. In turn, this can lead you toward discovering and embodying the best version of yourself.

This is just one way of looking at it, however. You could also choose to see it as a form of self-transcendence, where you shed your ego and its concerns and instead embody a reality beyond the self.

Whichever way you perceive it, you may find a positive change with feelings of compassion flowing more readily once your crown chakra is unblocked.

Setting aside greed, possessiveness, limiting beliefs, and the need for control also becomes easier. These will be replaced by positive thoughts, equanimity, and the knowledge that you are always whole.

You should also find that your other chakras are also clearer with your crown chakra in balance.

all chakra works together

Think, for example, of the solar plexus chakra, which regulates self-esteem and leadership. Neither of these is possible when we walk through life without knowing who we really are and our purpose.

Once you get in touch with that by opening your crown, you should experience a boost to your confidence and a brighter yellow glow in your solar plexus chakra.

As another example, consider your throat chakra, which is linked with expressing your truth.

Until you have a strong bridge to your highest self through the crown chakra, there is no way for you to know for sure what that truth is.

But once that truth settles fully and deeply into your being through the crown chakra, voicing it with confidence can come naturally.

65 Powerful Crown Chakra Affirmations

While divinity is a part of every living thing, it is easy to forget who we truly are and what our nature is.

Thankfully, we can reconnect with our higher selves by first retuning our thoughts.

crown chakra affirmations

Below are some powerful crown chakra affirmations that will help you find your footing again on the bridge with the divine.

  1. I honor the divine within me.
  2. I am connected to all that is.
  3. I am my highest, most authentic self.
  4. I understand my life purpose.
  5. I release doubt and welcome faith.
  6. I allow my higher power to guide me.
  7. At every moment, healing energy is flowing through my entire being.
  8. I am oneness.
  9. Information I need comes to me easily.
  10. I surrender to my highest good.
  11. I am open to new ideas.
  12. I am guided in every decision I make by my highest self.
  13. My experiences are blissful.
  14. I remove all limited thoughts and beliefs.
  15. My connection to spirit increases with each passing day.
  16. I let go of the need for control. Instead, I allow a higher power to guide me.
  17. The Universe holds me always in its loving embrace, guiding me unerringly forward.
  18. I am connected with the wisdom of the universe.
  19. Love guides me always, and I vibrate at the same frequency as its highest expression.
  20. I can achieve anything.
  21. A light shines through me from the highest spiritual plane, even when darkness enshrouds the world.
  22. Within me dwells the sacred divine, and I honor it with my every action.
  23. The Universe adores me.
  24. I am always divinely and lovingly guided.
  25. I release my attachments.
  26. I surrender to the highest good for all.
  27. Healing light flows through my crown chakra, revitalizing my being on every level.
  28. I tap into my inner wisdom.
  29. I know that the will of the Universe is the highest love, and I give myself over to it.
  30. Everything I seek is within me.
  31. There is no limit to the love and abundance that is in the Universe.
  32. I am aligned with my soul’s purpose and truth
  33. My true nature is the same as the Source. In this vessel called my body, there is nothing I cannot handle.
  34. The world is my teacher.
  35. I embody the Universe, and all of its love and kindness.
  36. I surrender of the Universe’s perfect plan.
  37. I have unshakeable faith in my divine path.
  38. The divine source and I share an eternal link.
  39. I am the light that flows radiantly through my crown chakra.
  40. I deserve the highest love.
  41. I am connected to the universe.
  42. My connection to my highest self is always strong.
  43. I am a conduit for the Universe’s eternal light and energy.
  44. I accept the energy that flows through me from on high.
  45. The Universe loves me unconditionally.
  46. I know deep inner peace.
  47. All is well.
  48. Eternal peace flows to and through me.
  49. I am a spiritual being inhabiting a human form.
  50. I am open to letting go of my attachments.
  51. I have faith that the Universe’s wisdom speaks to me through the voice of my intuition.
  52. I know what I desire most, and am taking steps to make it happen.
  53. I am fully aware and awake.
  54. I am love. I am light. I am connected to all.
  55. I have unlimited possibilities available to me.
  56. My body is the wondrous vessel that houses my soul.
  57. I receive guidance from the divine.
  58. I love and accept myself.
  59. The Universe protects and guides me.
  60. What I need in this moment is always provided to me.
  61. I live in the present moment.
  62. I deserve divine, unconditional love.
  63. I honor the Divine within me.
  64. I am a divine being.
  65. The highest power transmits divine wisdom to me.

Personalize Your Crown Chakra Affirmations

crown chakra affirmations personalization

Like the affirmations for your other six chakras, you can personalize crown chakra affirmations to make them more powerful.

For example, we could start with the base affirmation, “I release my attachments.”

Perhaps you are struggling with attachments in one particular area of your life. Some possible ways to personalize this affirmation might include, “I release my attachments to my relationships,” or “I release my attachment to money,” or “I release my attachment to fame and attention.”

Another example would be the affirmation, “I am guided by the divine.” For some people, that affirmation may be perfect as is. But others might prefer to change it to reflect their particular concept of the divine.

So, some variations could include, “I am guided by God,” or “I am guided by the Universe,” or “I am guided by my Highest Self,” or “I am guided by Truth,” or “I am guided by Odin,” or “I am guided by [Your Higher Power here].”

Tips for Effective Crown Chakra Affirmations

  • Repeat crown chakra affirmations on a dedicated, consistent schedule. You can tailor that schedule to your needs. How much time you spend each day is less important than that you continue to keep up with it.
  • If there is someone with whom you share your spiritual journey, that person may be able to help you by saying your crown chakra affirmations to you. For example, they can reassure you, “You are guided by the Universe.” You can also do the same for them.
  • Try to let go of the tiller. All too often in life, we cling to what we think is control, struggling to steer our vessels against the current. But when you let go of that battle for control, you may discover that your assumptions about yourself and the Universe have been wrong.
    There may be a better course charted out for you, and spiritual forces that are looking out for you that you never imagined. By letting go of what your ego desires, you can allow space to realize a higher truth.
    You could be surprised by how that surrender shapes your affirmations and your journey through life. Don’t just speak the affirmations you decided on. Let the Universe write powerful new ones for you as your crown chakra opens.

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