Protect your Energy: 10 ways to get your Mojo back!

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Protect your Energy

Love everyone but never sell your sword”- Paulo Coelho

There has been an exponential rise in the “wellness” industry during the past few years. While physical well-being has often been discussed, a considerable focus is now being laid on emotional wellness.

The mind and body connection is undeniable, more and more people are keen to live their life in alignment with the two. To protect your energy is to take your power back and live a life where you function at your absolute best.

Negative energies of other people, toxic environments, oversharing, etcetera, all sap us of our vital energetic force. While avoiding all these situations and circumstances is not always possible, knowing how to minimize, navigate and reinforce our energy field is!

In this article, we will be discussing 10 powerful ways to protect your energy no matter where you are. External distractions are like the ocean waves which we cannot ignore, but having the right tools to swim through it is where our power lies!

Protecting Energy for Abundant Living

In learning to live a life of freedom and abundance, we must tune into our intuitive, sensitive, and energetic side. If you are a sensitive person, this applies more to you than anyone else.The more aware we are of using, conserving, and expanding our energy, the more empowered and wholesome our lives become.

○ Why Energy Conservation is an Essential Skill

Energy defines every aspect of our lives. It is directly proportional to our mood, productivity, our relationships, and even our health.

In today’s urban landscape, with the hectic lives we live, energy conservation of the self is of paramount importance. Without “recharging” ourselves, we will only be operating at half of what we can offer ourselves and the world at large.

In order to expand ourselves as individuals, elevate, and vibrate at a higher frequency, we need to maintain our aura. Unless we do, we are more susceptible to negativity, anxiety, high stress levels, and losing our sense of balance when faced with life’s challenges.

○ Benefits of Energetic Consciousness

Energetic consciousness

Energetic consciousness refers to our awareness of our energetic field and how we can consciously tap into its usage to our advantage.

This is hugely beneficial because then we can consciously “separate” our energy from someone else’s negative energy that is impacting us. Conversely, we can “connect” and thereby “expand” our energy with that of like-minded human beings with who has good vibes.

This also removes the victim mentality most of us tend to have when we complain about our energy being drained by external factors. Negative people and surroundings don’t hold authority over our own energy; we are responsible for how we feed or deplete it.

Through our conscious choices, setting boundaries, and controlling our reactions to things, we can adopt an empowered mindset around energy protection.

10 Ways to Tap that Energy and Get Your Mojo Back!

As we’ve discussed previously, preserving our precious energy can be a skill learned through conscious and deliberate effort in the right direction. The following are 10 ways to elevate and brighten our aura and create life strategies where we thrive and not just survive!

1. Read The Signs

Read the signs

Before taking any action, the first step always involves assessing and determining the symptoms. It is easy to read how our energy is being affected by the way we feel in different scenarios.

Observe physical signs like headaches, restlessness, or emotional symptoms like irritability, feeling drained, detached, or any other form of negative emotions. Other peoples’ energies can rub off you in the right or wrong way, and it’s our responsibility to take note of that and react accordingly.

Being conscious and aware of your physical energy levels also means being respectful of your time, effort and well-being. Therefore, the first action to take is to withdraw yourself from people and environments that are not conducive to your energy growth as soon as you spot a negative energies.

2. Fill Your Cup First

The famous proverb “filling your cup first before you pour into another” is an apt expression when it comes to emotional wellness.

Unless we feel empowered, spirited, and complete within ourselves, is it possible to do much for another? We need to understand that kindness and compassion for the world first begin with ourselves.

Of course, we may feel the need to love, care and help others in need, but we need to be mindful of how much. If we are acting from a place of scarcity, then by over-sharing and giving, we are not creating any abundance whatsoever.

Instead, we are only doing a disservice to our own good energy and happiness, and therefore to others as well.

3. Set Healthy boundaries

Set boundaries to protect your energy

“Your personal boundaries protect the inner core of your identity and your right to choices”- Gerard Manley Hopkins

Healthy boundaries are a self-care essential. Without boundaries, we feel depleted, taken advantage of, taken for granted, or intruded upon. The result is feeling bitter, holding resent and feeling burned out whether in our personal or professional life.

Having a strong energetic presence equates to having a strong sense of identity. This also means that we know how much to give, know our limitations and prioritize our wellness above everything.

Unless we set clear boundaries in life, we are likely to feel let down, powerless, and suffer from low self-esteem. To set boundaries does not make us selfish, but in fact, allows a healthy exchange of different like minded people’s energies that eventually benefits one another.

4. Use The Senses Consciously to Navigate Energy

It is impossible to always avoid being in contact with toxic energy people or finding ourselves in unpleasant situations which cause negative feelings. Sometimes our job may cause us to feel lethargic and high stress levels, and sometimes our family might be the one affecting us with negative energy.

However, the important thing to note here is that we can utilize the gift of our senses to mentally “escape” such situations and consciously navigate our energy how we want.

It is possible to feel relaxed by using techniques such as visualize protection to mentally transport us to a place that comforts us and brings us joy. Also, using the sense of smell or aromatherapy to evoke good memories is incredibly helpful in rejuvenating our vitality and works great for “energy healing”.

5. Engage in Breathwork

Engage in breathwork to protect your energy

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor”- Thich Nhat Hanh

Elevating your vibrational frequency to a level where you feel almost enclosed in your own “happy bubble” is one step ahead in the quest to protect your energy..

When we’re attuned to higher and more wholesome spiritual energy system, than our own individual vibration, it is even more difficult to feel easily depleted or sapped by daily struggles and stressors.

Mindfulness is one such tool that gives us a sort of “protective shield” to harness our own potential energy in the right manner.

Practice Yoga, Meditation and deep breath work helps us hit that necessary “pause” button whenever we feel our reservoir of energy shifts. Only by restoring and reinvigorating our energy bank can we maintain our sense of balance and give more to daily life.

6. Indulge in Activities that bring Joy Everday

After a long, tiring day at work or even to just nourish your mental strength, it helps to have a hobby or “feel-good” activity to participate in.

Successful people always have such activities incorporated into their daily schedule and routines in order to recuperate and revitalize themselves for optimal performance. This could be reading for some, a sport, yoga, a grounding walk, playing an instrument, or even cooking a meal!

The crux is indulging our attention daily in one or two such activities that bring us joy, boost dopamine levels and make us feel energetic. Recharging our battery is critical to increasing our overall efficiency and maintaining that momentum.

7. Keep Hydrated and have Energetic Sleep

Energitic Sleep protect your energy

It’s no news that one cannot perform their best when they are tired and sleep-deprived. Well-rested people seem to be operating at a different aura than people getting by with one or two hours of sleep.

According to sleep expert and neuroscientist Dr. Merrill Mitler, sleep affects our molecular constitution, alertness, mood, and intellectual function, and energy balance. Reducing screen time, body massages, journaling, and inculcating a simple practice of gratitude daily are all conducive to a regular, good sleep cycle.

The other tip is drinking enough fluids to hydrate the body, keeping in mind that 70% of our body is made up of water alone. Both these processes flush out toxins, repair the body and build enough inner strength and immunity for a major energy boost to face each day.

8. De-clutter all the Way

Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine both talk about the promise of wealth, abundance, and vibrant health through free-flowing life energy. They claim de-cluttering to be a good way of transforming lives by allowing that energy to move unobstructed.

Physically removing clutter is a powerful way to feel instantly better, calmer, and even more productive and focused. Mentally de-cluttering negative and limiting thoughts and releasing past emotional baggage is also equally important.

Journaling about troubling thoughts, frustrations, past regrets, and just venting is a great way to “feel heard” and move on. Also, try to explore more about Shadow Work and how it affects our lives to get a whole new dimension to healing.

De-cluttering is almost a form of therapy in the sense that it promotes emotional and mental wellness by releasing chaotic and heavy thoughts that weigh our energy down. 

9. Know Your Tribe

Know your tribe

It is common to find our negativity spiraling out of control with people who cause us stress, discomfort and lower our vibration. These could be toxic people who latch on to our energy to feed their own. These kind of people are also called as energy vampires. Other time’s it can be such people who love unnecessary drama and negative conversations.

In both scenarios, we are the ones who feel depleted and exhausted. The company of the right people who have meaningful conversations can make a world of difference in how we feel and react to the world around us.

Knowing our group of “happy people” or even having one or two close friends who feel like sunshine is a gift that cannot be taken for granted. Any amount of time spent with them is enough to refuel ourselves with positive energies to restore our balance and bring out the best in us. 

10. Let the Ego Take a Backseat

There is a fine line between helping another and insisting on “fixing” them. The former provides us with a sense of purpose that elevates our energy while the latter is simply our ego talking that wants us to feel better about ourselves.

Whether it be helping a friend or a stranger, there is only so much one should do that does not interfere with their own energy flow. By obsessing over fixing someone else’s life, we do ourselves a disservice by directing our energy in a futile effort.

Wisdom lies in knowing that that responsibility of fixing oneself lies solely with that person alone, and prioritizing your own energy first is the best thing you can do for yourself and for them.

A Glance at How to Protect your Energy in any Given Situation

Having an abundant reservoir of good, positive energy is like having the aptitude to swim through any challenging or rough wave without getting drowned by its intensity.

Knowing our triggers and how different spaces and people make us feel is the first step to breeding energetic consciousness. The next step is to set healthy boundaries, recharge and refuel ourselves with the right habits and engage in mindful activities to boost our spirit.

Physical and emotional de-cluttering, sticking with people who nourish our soul, and abstaining from obsessing over others’ energy flow are all helpful reminders to note. Creating an empowered mindset around energy usage is also a form of “self-care that allows us to give the world the best of us, instead of what’s left of us” (Katie Reed). 

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