85 Root Chakra Affirmations to Feel Grounded and Safe

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When you want to open your chakras and balance the flow through energy center of your body, mind, and spirit, you need to start at the root or Muladhara chakra (sanskrit word).

If you are ready to give your root chakra a tune-up, this guide to root chakra affirmations will make it easy. But first, we are going to tell you a little more about what the root chakra does, how to know if it is blocked, and what you can expect when you are able to clear it.

What is Your Root Chakra Responsible For?

What is Root Chakra

Close your eyes, and imagine for a moment that you are a tree. Your roots reach deep into the Earth, and your branches soar toward the heavens. But without strong roots, the trunk and branches have no stability. The entire tree languishes.

Your root chakra or the first chakra is your spiritual root. Its location is at the base of your spine, and its associated color is red. Like the root of a tree, it is your source of stability, keeping you grounded, centered, and resilient.

Another good mental image is a house. The root chakra is your foundation. Indeed, it is crucial to your sense of feeling at home in your surroundings, your work, and your relationships.

○ Is Your Muladhara Chakra Blocked? How to Heal Naturally 

If your root chakra is blocked, you may feel unanchored. You might have low self-esteem. Some people also report physical ailments such as lower back pain or colon problems.

If you have a imbalanced root chakra, there is a good chance that your whole chakra system is also blocked. Remember, if the root of a tree is weak, the rest of the tree suffers. Take a look at our detailed guide to how to unblock all 7 chakras.

○ What Happens When Your Root Chakra Opens?

Opening your root chakra can help you feel more safe, stable, secure, and at home. You may feel more deeper connection to your surroundings, your loved ones, the Earth, and even your own identity.

In essence, you have a secure spiritual base on which to build your life due to root chakra healing.

Not only that, but you may notice improvements in other areas of your life. Once the root chakra is back in balance, your other chakras will be easier to open.

Strengthen Your Root With These 85 Root Chakra Affirmations

One of the easiest methods and a powerful tool to help you open your root chakra is to use simple positive affirmations. These are simply statements you repeat aloud to yourself, think, or write down.

Remember, thoughts are a form of energy. That means that when you repeat powerful root chakra affirmations, you are interfacing with your chakra directly, opening it and clearing blockages. This fits well with the Law of Correspondence, which says, “as above, so below.”

Root Chakra Affirmations

Here are some root chakra affirmations you can try right now:

  1. I am always provided for.
  2. I have trust that the universe is guiding me in the right direction.
  3. I am exactly where I belong at just the right time.
  4. My body is my home, and I reside it in comfortably.
  5. Those who surround me support me fully.
  6. I am safe in my body.
  7. I can always take care of myself.
  8. How I am now is exactly how I am meant to be in this moment.
  9. When the time is right, I will receive exactly what I need, always.
  10. I feel safe and at home inside my body.
  11. Faith, trust, love and peace are the firm foundation stones upon which I am building my life.
  12. All is well in my world.
  13. I am rooted in this present moment.
  14. The place I am at right now in my life is secure.
  15. My right to be here is absolute.
  16. I inhale trust and exhale fear.
  17. I am safe and grounded.
  18. I am content.
  19. I am stable.
  20. I am supported by this beautiful planet, which offers all I need to live my best life.
  21. There is wellspring of vital flow of energy in my body and spiritual growth will never run dry.
  22. Mother Earth nourishes and supports me.
  23. I am already complete. I need nothing else to make me whole.
  24. I am here and I am safe.
  25. I have everything I need.
  26. I am healthy, well, and strong.
  27. I love my body. I trust its wisdom to guide me.
  28. Mother Earth supports me as her own beloved child.
  29. I am strong, steady, and grounded.
  30. The positive energy I exude is peaceful and powerful, and will bring that same energy flow back my way.
  31. I am fearless and generate only positive thoughts.
  32. Each cell in my physical body is dedicated to the same purpose—my health and wellbeing.
  33. I always deserve to be completely safe.
  34. I have everything I need.
  35. I do not need anything outside myself to be happy.
  36. The universe supports and protects me.
  37. All my needs are always met.
  38. I am safe.
  39. My body is filled with strength and personal power.
  40. I am financially free.
  41. I am grounded.
  42. I am deeply rooted.
  43. I am financially secure.
  44. I feel protected in this world.
  45. I am safe and secure.
  46. I am worthy of love and care.
  47. Everything I need for success is already in my hands.
  48. My strong roots keep me stable and centered even when I am surrounded by chaos.
  49. The world is full of goodness, and I trust that it supports me.
  50. I feel my connection to Earth.
  51. I release all my doubts and fears.
  52. I am nourishing my body with what will help it function at its best.
  53. The resources I need for survival are within my reach at all times.
  54. I can find comfort in stillness.
  55. I am comfortable.
  56. I am secure with positive mindset.
  57. My body is always my home, safe and secure.
  58. Because my body is my home, I will always support it and never disparage it.
  59. I belong exactly where I am.
  60. I am able to take care of myself.
  61. I am breathing in assurance, and breathing out anxiety.
  62. I have all that I need.
  63. Deep inner peace is my natural state.
  64. When things or people in my life no longer serve my best interests, I let them go.
  65. I am immersed in abundance.
  66. On my journey through life, I have guidance and protection.
  67. I release any doubts and fears.
  68. I am one with my true self.
  69. The Earth beneath my feet supports me.
  70. Even in chaotic or uncertain situations, I am able to stay tranquil and centered.
  71. I feel safe in my body.
  72. I am at home, wherever I am.
  73. The universe loves and supports me, for which I feel the deepest gratitude.
  74. My body always takes care of me.
  75. With every breath, I release anxiety.
  76. I feel safe, centered, and at peace.
  77. My root is strong and stable in the Earth, just like a tree’s.
  78. Each morning, I wake up infused with vital energy.
  79. I am comfortable being in the present moment.
  80. I am connected to my body.
  81. My energy levels rise with the sun.
  82. I am calm.
  83. I breath in equanimity, and exhale what I no longer need.
  84. My root chakra is balanced.
  85. Where I am now is right where I should be.

How to Personalize Root Chakra Affirmations

Root Chakra affirmations personaliation

One way to make powerful chakra affirmations more potent is to make them more personal. To take a simple example, let’s say the base affirmation you are using is, “I am grounded and safe.”

Let’s say for the sake of argument that your life actually is pretty grounded and safe. You just are having a hard time feeling that way.

Maybe you feel ungrounded with respect to particular aspects of it. For example, maybe you are in a great relationship now, but in the past, you were not. So, you could make your affirmation:

“I am grounded and safe in my relationship.”

You could even use that to inspire a more specific affirmation:

“My relationship with [Name] is a secure attachment, and I am safe.”

As another example, let’s say you were kicked out of your last apartment, and are now living in a new and better place. Every day, you worry irrationally that you will receive an eviction notice.

Your affirmation could be:

“I am grounded and safe in my new apartment.”

Those are just a couple of examples. You can do this kind of personalizing for work, spiritual practice, your community, your relationship to the Earth, and so forth.

How to Get the Most from Root Chakra Affirmations

Here are a few more simple tips that will help you be successful with your root chakra affirmations.

  • Come up with a schedule for repeating your powerful affirmations that works for you.
  • Maintain your schedule for repeating your affirmations consistently. If you are diligent some weeks and then skip it other weeks, it may be hard to cement these grounding thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious mind.
  • Know why you feel the way you currently do. Did a past trauma, like an insecure relationship or an unstable living situation contribute to your root chakra blocks? Or perhaps you grew up with parents who constantly told you that you could not depend on anyone or anything, and you ingrained those beliefs. Once you become aware of these negative thoughts and assumptions, you can start dispelling them.
  • Ask for help. Do you have a friend who has good perspective on your situation? Ask that person to say your affirmations. So, they could tell you, for example, “You are grounded and safe in your job,” etc. Sometimes it is easier for us to believe reassuring words when they come from others we trust.

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