Skie Method for Reality Shifting (7 Steps Guide)

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skie method shifting

If you are looking for a method for reality shifting that engages your inner senses differently than usual, the Skie Method may intrigue you.

Many reality shifting methods focus on imagining what your dream reality (DR) looks like or using visualization to get there.

The Skie Method instead involves focusing on a sense of motion within you, like the gentle sway of a hammock.

Below, we explain how this shifting method works step-by-step. After that, we will give you some tips and hacks for getting the most out of it and answer some common questions.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Skie Method

Kink method shifting

1. Put on your subliminals, theta waves, lambda waves, delta waves, background noise, etc.

2. Lay down in a position you find comfortable. Sitting is okay too.

3. Imagine you are on a hammock and that it is swaying to and fro.

4. Visualize your environment in detail: sights, sounds, smells (this part is optional).

5. Focus on the hammock swaying sensation, and try to feel it. You may be amazed by how easy it can be to trick your mind and body into feeling as if you are actually swaying, even if you are lying completely still.

6. Next, focus on visualizing your desired reality. 

7. When you think you are close, you may either let yourself drift off to sleep, or you can open your eyes. The Skie Method works both as a sleep or non-sleep method for shifting

An Easy Waiting Room Shifting Hack Using the Skie Method

One smart way to make use of the Skie Method is to use it to shift to your waiting room(WR). This works especially well if your waiting room has a hammock in it or another feature that produces rocking or swaying.

It should be an easy transition from closing your eyes in your current reality(CR) and imagining you are swaying in a hammock to opening them in your WR and finding yourself in your trusty WR hammock! Check out some waiting room ideas for inspiration.

Tip: Make Use of the Tetris Effect

tetris effect skie shifting

Have you ever gone out sailing for a day and found that as you were falling asleep that night, you still felt like you were swaying on the boat each time you closed your eyes? This may happen after a day at an amusement park as well. It is known as the Tetris Effect.

If you happen to have been doing that type of activity all day, you have a perfect opportunity to use the Skie Method when you get home. 

Your mind will automatically be reproducing the swaying effect, so that step is all taken care of for you. Use these opportunities when they arise to supercharge your shifting.

Variations on the Skie Method

While the classic Skie Method involves imagining yourself swaying in a hammock, it does not have to be a hammock. Here are some other ideas:

  • Picture yourself on a swing set.
  • Imagine you are on a boat, rocking gently on the waves.
  • Picture yourself floating on your back on calm waters.
  • Envision yourself on an amusement park or fair ride.

As long as you can get a sense of gentle, repetitious movement, you should be successful.

Consider the Falling Method 

skie method alternative falling method

Those who like the Skie Method for shifting may also be interested in the Falling Method, which involves picturing yourself falling through space to your DR.

The Fall Method does not call for imagining the sensation of free-fall, which makes it different from the Skie Method. But there is no reason you could not enhance the Fall Method by taking some inspiration from the Skie Method and doing just that.

Give it a try and see if you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Skie Method Shifting

Because the Skie Method is so different from other methods for shifting, you may have some questions about how it works. Below, we offer some tips and insights.

Q: Is the Skie method an asleep or awake method?

A: You do not have to fall asleep using the Skie Method; you can just open your eyes in your DR.

But it can be quite relaxing to feel the rocking sensation of the hammock, so do not be surprised if you find this easiest to use as a sleep method. 

Q: Can I still use the Skie method if my household is noisy?

A: Yes. Putting on some white noise, subliminals, theta waves, or other sounds on headphones can help you to block the noise. As you focus on the sensation of rocking, you may also stop paying attention to outside noises. 

Q: Do I need to be able to visualize to do the Skie Method?

A: If you are following the method to the letter, then yes, you do need to. But you do not have to do the visualization steps if you do not want to. 

Instead, you could simply close your eyes, picture the swaying motion that you would feel in a hammock, focus on your intent to shift, and then open your eyes in your DR.

If you are looking for other options, take a glance at these shifting methods without visualization.

Q: How will I know when I am close to my DR?

A: Shifters often report that they start feeling symptoms as they near their DR, like tingling or floating.
When you are using the Skie Method, you might notice symptoms that are specific to this method and your intended destination.

For example, if you were trying to shift to your hammock in your waiting room, you could notice that it is becoming increasingly effortless to feel the swaying motion of the hammock. It is starting to happen on its own.

Q: What type of ambient noise works best with the Skie Method?

A: Some shifters say theta waves work particularly well with the Skie Method if you are doing it as a sleep method.

Another idea is to put on ambient noise that could be something you would hear in your DR or WR. For example, if you are imagining you are in a swaying boat and are trying to shift to one in your DR, you could put on the ambient noise of a boat rocking in the water.

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