70 Third Eye Chakra Affirmations for Intuitive Insights

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The sixth of the seven chakras is the third eye chakra. When your third eye is open, so is the door to your intuition and spiritual connection. As we venture through life, we walk through two worlds; one visible, the other hidden to our physical eyes.

But with an open third eye chakra, you can perceive more of that invisible world of higher consciousness, making it easier to navigate through life, bridging the gaps between the physical and spiritual world. It is also known by the Sanskrit name Ajna chakra.

In this post, you will learn third eye chakra affirmations, which can be used to balance your chakra and expand your perception. With intuition, dreams, and extrasensory experiences to guide you, you can take the next steps in your spiritual journey.

What Does Your Third Eye Chakra Do?

third eye chakra and ajna chakra

Your sixth chakra or the third eye chakra is located right between your eyebrows, center of the forehead. Situated between your throat chakra, which is blue, and your crown chakra, which is purple, third eye chakra is associated with color indigo hue. It is also known as the mind’s eye.

This is perhaps the most well-known of all the chakras. Even in metaphysical conversations that do not directly discuss the chakras as a whole, we often hear references to “opening your third eye.”

Moreover, many people are familiar with the red dot called the bindi that women of Hindu and Jain faiths wear.

The Hindu American Foundation explains that the third eye is part of Hindu tradition. While we view the world that is physically around us with our physical eyes, we focus on the divine with our third eye.

The foundation adds that the third eye also is active when we are dreaming or imagining. It is associated with psychic abilities and is linked with the pineal gland in the brain which is responsible for melatonin production.

So, your third eye is used for inner, spiritual vision. It is linked to dreaming and intuition. It also connects to clairvoyance and other spiritual experiences. Indeed, when you visualize your chakras, your third eye is what helps you to perceive them.

○ Is Your Ajna Chakra Blocked?

When your third eye is blocked, it can be hard for you to form rich imagery in your head. Tapping into your imagination could be difficult, as could remembering experiences you have had clearly.

You might have fewer lucid dreams, forget your dreams, or have difficulties sleeping. Your intuition may not send you as many messages as it usually does.

Moreover, if you are used to energy healing and psychic experiences, you could find yourself feeling cut off from that spiritual enlightenment world.

Physical signs of an overactive third eye chakra or blocked chakra are vision problems, no emotional balance, constant negative thoughts, lack of clarity of mind and creative imagination in daily life.

Although you can focus solely on clearing your third eye chakra, we recommend bringing all of your chakras into balance together.

Flow of energy occurs through your physical and subtle body as a unified system, so unblocking other chakras can help you get the best results as you balance your third eye chakra.

○ What to Expect When Your Ajna Chakra Opens

Opening your third-eye chakra can illuminate the path you take through life with deeper truths and spiritual light. You will see signposts of strong intuition to the inner knowledge that were invisible to you before, helping you find your way forward.

You may also discover it is easier to become lucid in your dreams and that your dreams also yield more insights from the deepest wisdom of your subconscious mind. Upon waking, you are more likely to remember the lessons you learned in your sleep.

In some cases, upon clearing third eye chakra blockage, you might awaken your clairvoyant abilities as well, leading to extrasensory experiences.

In fact, combined, these enhancements to your intuition, dreams, and extrasensory perception may allow you to experience a greater spiritual awakening as well.

Enhance Intuition With These 70 powerful Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

If you desire extrasensory experiences, intuitive guidance, and lucid dreams, you can draw them toward you by changing how you think and what you focus on. That is what we learn from the Law of Attraction.

third eye chakra affirmations

One easy way to start rewiring your mind is to use affirmations. Below are some third eye chakra affirmations that will open you up to new levels of spiritual perception.

  1. I see all things in clarity.
  2. I listen to what my spirit needs and make efforts to enrich it.
  3. I know my divine purpose and live in harmony with it.
  4. I surrender to the loving guidance of the Universe.
  5. I observe both the inner and outer worlds fully.
  6. My mind is strong, open, and clear.
  7. In the face of change, I trust that what is happening is ultimately going to be to my greatest benefit.
  8. When life presents me with challenging experiences, I learn from them.
  9. When uncertainty confronts me, I turn to my inner knowing to guide me.
  10. Intuition can guide me truly, and I need not fear it.
  11. I can see the path ahead of me, and walk it with confidence.
  12. I release doubt and welcome faith.
  13. Through my intuition, I am able to find the inspiration I need to move forward with faith in my path.
  14. I can manifest my vision.
  15. My intuition never fails.
  16. The inner guidance I receive gives me the wisdom I need.
  17. I am open-minded and always seek the truth.
  18. My life moves effortlessly towards my purpose.
  19. I am in alignment with my purpose.
  20. I am connected to my higher power.
  21. I am observant, thoughtful, and perceptive.
  22. I know the source of love and truth is within me.
  23. I choose to tap into my inner wisdom.
  24. I am open to new experiences.
  25. The faith I have in the path ahead is my way of honouring my inner sight.
  26. I am mentally strong, healthy, and resilient.
  27. I am insightful, intuitive, and imaginative.
  28. My third eye sees all.
  29. I have an easy time seeing what is going on, both the forest and the trees.
  30. My mind’s creativity combined with my own bold energy helps me come up with brilliant solutions.
  31. My third eye is aglow with indigo light.
  32. My limitless imagination excites me.
  33. The universe’s wisdom flows through me.
  34. My inner knowing always knows the way.
  35. I know that the changes in my life are here for the highest good, and that I am capable of adapting to them.
  36. I see and think clearly.
  37. I release and forgive the past.
  38. My third eye allows me to witness the truth beyond the lies of appearances.
  39. I am the source of my truth.
  40. My imagination is vivid and powerful.
  41. When my intuition is giving me a strong signal to move forward, I know it is the right thing to do.
  42. I trust my intuition, always.
  43. I embrace creative and imaginative thinking.
  44. I am open to the wisdom within.
  45. I am open to the guidance I receive from my inner world.
  46. I allow the greatest good to guide me always.
  47. I trust and follow my intuition.
  48. The wisdom within me can help me find my way to the highest good.
  49. The well of knowledge within me is deeper than I realize.
  50. My inner guidance system is always pointing me in the right direction.
  51. My choices do not need to be clear to others to be right for me.
  52. My dreams and visions free me from the bounds of this physical world, allowing for marvelous insights.
  53. Intuition is what makes magic possible.
  54. The synchronicities I experience are signposts for me to follow.
  55. I can handle every obstacle before me with the help of my inner insights.
  56. My highest self always guides me through my inner wisdom.
  57. My imagination is vast, expansive, and endless.
  58. I choose to walk the path of truth in all scenarios.
  59. I have a direct line to the Universe’s eternal wisdom.
  60. The answers I seek are always within.
  61. I am aligned with my true self.
  62. What is best for me is what is happening at every moment.
  63. I set aside my resistance to invite in the fullest range of possibilities.
  64. My inner wisdom is deep and immeasurable.
  65. My true path is always at my feet.
  66. There is nothing I need seek that I cannot find within my own being.
  67. My intuition can help me make the right choice.
  68. I embrace my own beautiful transformation.
  69. Every situation is an opportunity for growth.
  70. When I let go of the blocks within me, my intuition shines bright and clear.

Personalize Your Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

third eye chakra affirmations personalization.jpg

Your third eye chakra affirmations can be even more powerful if you personalize them to your situation.

As an example, let’s start with the base affirmation, “I trust and follow my intuition.” 

This is a very broad statement, so it can help to modify it to focus on the area of life you want to address.

Let’s say that for example that what you are concerned about is how you manage professional decisions. You encounter a lot of uncertainty day to day in running your business.

You could make your affirmation, “I trust and follow my intuition when I make business decisions.”

Or maybe you have a difficult time paying attention to what your gut tells you when you meet new people or build relationships.

Your affirmation could become, “I trust and follow what my intuition tells me about new people.”

Another possibility could be that you are not sure where to go next in your spiritual journey. A good affirmation might be, “I trust and follow my intuition to guide me in my spiritual journey.”

Tips for Effective Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

  • These affirmations to help you open your third eye will work best if you say them regularly and consistently. The best way to ensure that you do this is to have a schedule for reciting them.
  • If you have a hard time believing your affirmations coming from yourself, you can have a friend say them. For instance, maybe you have a hard time trusting your intuition, even though it has led you right many times. Instead of just saying, “My intuition is a powerful guide,” you could have a friend tell you, “Your intuition is a powerful guide.”
  • Consider combining affirmations with other methods for unblocking your third eye chakra. You might also want to incorporate techniques to help you learn to lucid dream. Another idea that could help would be to get more in tune with your emotions.
    Often, intuition comes to us as a gut feeling. The more in touch you are with your feelings, the easier it will be for your intuition to speak to you.

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