64 Throat Chakra Affirmations to Free Your Inner Voice

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While we are spiritual beings, we are also living, breathing in this physical world. When we cannot express ourselves fully and speak our truths, our very existence is curtailed and suppressed.

A closed throat chakra can leave you feeling like you are a shadow of yourself. The lower chakras (base, sacral, and solar plexus) largely involve how we connect to other people, our own bodies, and the physical world.

But the upper chakras, starting with the fifth chakra (throat chakra), involve how we express and connect to what is highest in us.

It also goes by the Sanskrit name Vishuddha chakra. When your throat chakra is blocked, it can be hard to voice your truth. But with our list of throat chakra affirmations, you can find your voice and speak your truth confidently again.

What Does Your Throat Chakra Do?

Throat chakra and Vishuddha chakra

Like all your main chakras, your throat chakra is located in your spine. It is at the throat region, more precisely at the base of the throat and its energy center is a deep, soothing blue color.

Take note that it is a true blue. Try not to confuse its color with the purplish-bluish hue of the indigo third eye chakra above.

What your throat chakra does is entirely what you would think based on its location. It is associated with self-expression. This includes how you communicate with others as well as how your words and actions reflect your inner truth. 

This may remind you of the orange sacral chakra a bit, which is linked to sexuality and creativity. 

You can think of the sacral chakra as being more involved with physical and emotional expression and the throat chakra as being more involved with intellectual expression. But there can be some overlap and interaction between the two.

None of your chakras operate independently. They are all part of the same energy system.

○ Is Your Vishuddha Chakra Blocked? How to Clear It 

If your throat chakra is blocked or if you have an overactive throat chakra, you may have a difficult time expressing your inner truth.

If you have to give a speech, you may feel nervous and struggle to have better communication. Do you need to tell someone how you feel? You could feel tongue-tied, unable to articulate your experiences clearly. 

You might also be afraid that if you tell the truth to others, you will suffer consequences you cannot handle. Sometimes, it could feel like there is a literal knot in your throat.

In extreme cases, you might even find yourself so overcome with anxiety that you are overwhelmed into silence. You reach for the words, but they feel physically impossible to pull out of your throat.

Physical symptoms of a throat chakra imbalance are an imbalanced thyroid sour throat from time to time, impacting physical and mental health.

○ Union of Unblocking all Chakras

union of all chakras

While we are focusing on unblocking the throat chakra specifically in this post, we recommend that you work on unblocking all of your chakras. Because your chakras all function together as part of a whole system, this approach is more effective than only trying to unblock a single chakra.

For example, consider the role of the solar plexus chakra in relation to your self-esteem. If that chakra is shut, it will be difficult for you to feel confident enough in yourself to trust your truth and speak it.

But if you open that chakra along with a balanced throat chakra, the two will work in tandem to make self-expression easier. 

As another example, say your crown chakra is blocked. Opening it can strengthen your connection with your higher self. This, too, can increase your trust in your own truth, which will help to unblock your throat chakra so you can speak.

○ What to Expect When Your Vishuddha Chakra Opens

When your throat chakra clears, you should discover that it is easier to find the words that best express your truth, whether you are speaking to others or just privately journaling about your life.

There is more inner wisdom in your words, and with a healthy throat chakra, you are more prone to honest communication and easier to be authentic self.

You should feel less nervous if you need to give a speech or have a difficult conversation with someone.  

Express Yourself Freely With These 64 Powerful Throat Chakra Affirmations

The Law of Correspondence tells us that we can change our outer state by changing our inner state.

In this case, changing our inner state is all we are trying to do. But it follows that just by changing our thoughts, we can create a ripple effect that will also help us to change our feelings and habits.

throat chakra affirmations

Following are some powerful throat chakra affirmations that will help you to rediscover your voice.

  1. I can bask in the deep peace of silence.
  2. I can speak my truth safely.
  3. By sharing my truth with courage, I help others find the courage they need to do the same.
  4. I am safe to speak my truth and express myself.
  5. I hear and speak the truth.
  6. I choose patience, both for my dealings with others and for myself.
  7. While I enjoy sharing my experiences, I also love listening while others share theirs.
  8. I am honest with myself.
  9. My truth comes to me easily.
  10. My insight is welcome, needed, and valuable.
  11. I am expressing myself with clear intent.
  12. Whenever I speak, I allow goodness and love to infuse my words.
  13. I express myself with creativity.
  14. I allow my voice to be guided by the knowledge within me.
  15. My creativity is an expression of me.
  16. I am calm, patient, and peaceful.
  17. I have things inside of me that are worth sharing with the world. Doing so helps others and not just myself.
  18. I carry myself with integrity.
  19. It is safe for me to show my true self to the world.
  20. Creativity flows in and through me.
  21. I am learning to express myself in a powerful way that feels good to me.
  22. I trust what I have to say.
  23. I stay true to myself always.
  24. I am a clear and effective communicator.
  25. I am getting better and better at knowing my truth.
  26. When I speak, I listen to myself, as do other people.
  27. I can share my truth with clarity and equanimity. 
  28. I share my truth with clarity.
  29. I trust that other people will not stop me from sharing my truth. I am safe to speak.
  30. No matter the situation, I am able to stay calm and centered.
  31. I have the courage to express my truth without a mask.
  32. My voice matters. 
  33. My words are powerful.
  34. I value the words of others.
  35. I share the light within me with the world through my voice.
  36. I speak with courage, compassion, and love.
  37. Love, truth and courage are the source of my words.
  38. I allow honesty to guide me at all times, and express myself in a way that is authentic to who I am.
  39. Whether I speak through words or actions, I am true to who I am.
  40. I am learning my truth.
  41. I express myself clearly and openly.
  42. I speak with calm, clarity, and confidence.
  43. I am connected to my truth.
  44. I can be imperfect and beautiful at the same time. I am happy with myself exactly as I am today.
  45. I am brave enough to be myself.
  46. Whenever I speak, I bring value to the dialogue I am participating in.
  47. I am safe to trust myself.
  48. When I speak, others listen.
  49. I am empowered to speak my truth.
  50. I am safe to trust others.
  51. I choose authenticity over perfection.
  52. My truth becomes clearer every day.
  53. I align myself fully with truth when I speak or act, so that I am truth.
  54. Even in the face of fear, I can choose vulnerability and authenticity.
  55. I speak my truth.
  56. I radiate calm, peace, and serenity.
  57. I know that truth lives in my human body and my emotions. I listen to both and honor them.
  58. I am honest about who I am.
  59. I live an honest, authentic, wholehearted life. 
  60. I am able to express myself freely.
  61. My voice is important, and when I speak, people listen.
  62. When others are talking, I practice active listening.
  63. I can express myself with ease. 
  64. My voice is a tool for self-expression.  

Personalize Your Throat Chakra Affirmations 

throat chakra affirmations personalization

One way to get more out of these positive affirmations is to make them more personal to the situation you are trying to address.

For example, let’s say that the base affirmation you are using is, “It is safe for me to express my truth.”

Perhaps you have been scared of expressing your truth in a good relationship after getting out of a bad one.

You can personalize this throat chakra affirmation by saying, “It is safe for me to express my truth in my relationship with [Name].”

Or, let’s say that you grew up with abusive parents and were punished as a child for speaking your truth.

But now you have created your chosen family as an adult and still have a hard time being honest. You could make your affirmation; It is safe for me to express my truth with my chosen family.”

Tips for Effective Throat Chakra Affirmations

  • Create a schedule for saying your throat chakra affirmations. How many times you repeat them is up to you, as is how many moments you take out of the day to do it. The most important thing is just that you be able to stick with the schedule you have chosen consistently.
  • Be aware that you may feel a bit awkward or uncomfortable when you first start saying throat chakra affirmations. That is normal because affirmations are a form of self-expression, and your chakra system is still closed. Over time, you should find that the words feel more natural and safe to speak.
  • If you are having a hard time saying the throat chakra affirmations aloud, you could try writing them down first. Many of us feel more free and articulate on the page than we do speaking verbally.
  • Consider asking a friend to say your affirmations to you. Instead of saying, for instance, “I speak my truth clearly,” you could have them tell you, “You speak your truth clearly.” Hearing someone else say it could be easier in the beginning as you are working on finding your voice.
  • Do not ignore the underlying issues. There is a reason your throat chakra is closed. What is it? Did your parents punish you or ignore you for speaking your truth? Did other kids at school—or teachers—bully you for it? Did your siblings speak over you?
    Did your church tell you that you are wrong? Did your ex or current partner sigh with exasperation when you opened your mouth? Your thoughts and feelings are always valid, and you have a right to express them, no matter who tells you otherwise.

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