What are My Angel Numbers and How to Use them to Manifest!

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what are my angel numbers

If you sometimes see the same numbers repeatedly, like 333 or 777, it could be that the angels are sending you a special message.

Many people are aware that angels speak to us through angel numbers. But the message becomes an extra personal one when it involves our own individual angel numbers.

Once you know what your own angel numbers are, you can look for them in your day-to-day life to help guide you along your path.

In this post, we will explain how to calculate your angel numbers or find them using other simple methods. We will then go over how you can use your angel numbers to manifest what you want.

What is My Angel Number?

Your angel number is a special number that is linked to you through numerology or synchronicity. In fact, the question should be “what are my angel numbers” as you may have more than one angel number since there are multiple methods for discovering yours. 

The exact meaning of your angel number depends both on the specific number and on individual factors in your personality and life. 

How to Find Your Angel Number

Below, we go over four methods you can use to discover your angel number. The first two involve numerology, while the second two are based more on intuition.

○ Numerological Methods for Finding Angel Numbers

Numerological Methods for Finding Angel Numbers

Both numerological methods for finding your angel numbers rely on simple addition. The first method uses your birth date to calculate a special number called your “life path number.”

The second method uses your name to calculate another special number called your “destiny number.”

In most cases, the life path number and destiny number will each be a single digit. The exceptions are if you get 11 or 22, which are known as “master numbers.”

Every person has both a life path number and a destiny number.

Method #1: Find the Numerological Value of Your Birth Date

The first technique for discovering your angel number is to find out the numerological meaning of your date of birth. This number is also known as your “life path number.”

The steps require you to reduce your date of birth in a piecemeal fashion until you either get a single-digit number or one of the two master numbers: 11 or 22.

If 11 or 22 show up along the way, you do not reduce them until the end. The easiest way to explain how this process works is to show an example. 

Say your birthday is January 25, 1986. 

1. Reduce the month.

January is “1,” so no reduction is necessary. It is simply “1.”

Actually, only October and December require a reduction. November is not reduced since 11 is a master number. All the other months are single digits already.

2. Reduce the day.

25 = 2 + 5 = 7.

3. Reduce the year.

1986 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 24  

2 + 4 = 6

4. Add together the reduced numbers you calculated above.

So, in this example, you would add:

1 + 7 + 6 = 14 

1+ 4 = 5.

Therefore, if you were born on January 25, 1986, your life path number would be 5, which is one of your angel numbers. It represents a call to exploration, freedom and independence.

Method #2: Find the Numerological Value of Your Name

Along with the angel number of your birth date, you can find the angel numbers of your first, last, and middle names, as well as the number represented by the combination of your names. This number is known as your “destiny number.”

1. Start by writing down your name. For this example, we will imagine your name is “John Smith.”

2. Assign numbers to the letters in your name.

We have seen several systems for doing this step, but the most common one is to use the following assignments:

  • 1 — A, J, S.
  • 2 — B, T, K.
  • 3 — L, C, U.
  • 4 — M, D, V.
  • 5 — N, E, W.
  • 6 — O, F, X.
  • 7 — P, G, Y.
  • 8 — Q, H, Z.
  • 9 — R, I.

So, “John” = 1, 6, 8, 5.

“Smith” = 1, 4, 9, 2, 8.

3. Add together all the digits in your names.

So, John = 1 + 6 + 8 + 5 = 20

Smith = 24

4. Reduce the numbers.

John = 2 + 0 = 2

Smith = 2 + 4 = 6

5. Add the numbers together to finish reducing them.

John Smith = 2 + 6 = 8

John Smith’s destiny number is therefore 8. Though the numbers 2 and 6 may also be important to him.

○ Most Life Path and Destiny Numbers Will Have a Single Digit

single digit angel numbers

We see a lot of people mixing up the concept of the life path and destiny numbers with angel numbers that are long strings of repeating digits, i.e. 33333 or 55555.

With most numerological methods we have seen, all double-digit numbers are reduced through the calculations except for 11 and 22.

We have seen some methods that suggest that if you get a higher repeating number like 33, you also should not reduce it.

Other numerologists reduce all the numbers, even master numbers. So, there are multiple approaches allowed.

Regardless, most people will get single digit outcomes. And nobody is going to ever get a number like 9999 when calculating a life path or destiny number correctly.

○ Other Methods for Finding Angel Numbers

You are probably wondering why some people have long strings of numbers like 3333 or 8003 as their angel numbers.

The answer is that they discovered these angel number sequences through means other than numerology.

Longer angel number sequences may come to you through intuition or synchronicity, which brings us to the next two methods for discovering your angel numbers.

Method #3: Synchronicity

While some of your angel numbers are contained within your name and date of birth, you may have others that you can discover through synchronicity.

These are numbers you see time and again in your environment. Maybe you look at the clock and it often says the same time, or you keep running into the same strings of numbers on license plates, receipts, phone numbers, or so forth.

This is where you might run into multi-digit angel numbers like 5043 or 6872. Angel numbers appearing in your life like this is a sign of divine timing.

Method #4: Intuition

One last way to figure out your angel numbers is simply by searching within yourself for answers. Try meditating on the topic, and see what numbers speak to you.

This method works because you are a divine beingThat means the angels are every bit as capable of speaking to you from inside your own mind as they are from outside of it.

Indeed, “inside” and “outside” in this context are really the same thing. Seeing them as separate is the illusion of duality.

Common Angel Number Sequences

common angel number sequence

The most common examples of angel number sequences are strings of repeating digits like 11 or 22. Here are the meanings for these angel number sequences.

  • 11: This number is associated with oneness. It may symbolize your connection to the universe, but also your individuality. You can see it as the alignment between your individual path and the path the universe has laid at your feet.
  • 22: The number of duality, two points toward your relationships with others as a source of strength in your journey.
  • 33: As a highly creative number, 33 urges you to offer your gifts to your community to improve life for yourself and others.
  • 44: This number is a reminder that you are safe, stable, and protected. 
  • 55: Representing freedom and autonomy, 55 tells you that big changes are around the corner, and it is time to embrace your next adventure.
  • 66: Treat yourself and others with compassion and seek healing and nurturing. Please note that there is nothing “bad” about 66 or 666. It is a positive number in this context, not the devil’s number.
  • 77: As you might guess, 77 is a lucky number. If you keep seeing it, this might be the right time to move forward with a well-calculated risk.
  • 88: It is time to manifest your desires and to self-actualize.
  • 99: One part of your life is coming to an end, but another is about to begin. Let go of what is holding you back and take the next steps into a bright future.

Along with these repeating digit sequences, there are also angel numbers like 4321 that have multiple digits, but without repetition.

To understand the meanings of complex multi-digit angel numbers, you need to look up what the individual digits mean in numerology, and interpret from there.

Why You Keep Seeing Your Angel Numbers

Why You Keep Seeing Your Angel Numbers

If you keep seeing your angel numbers or angel sequences everywhere, you may wonder what the significance is. What are the angels trying to tell you?

It could be that the answer lies in interpreting the meanings of the digits, as we talked about above. For example, if you keep seeing 33, it could be that the angels are telling you that you have an opportunity to apply your creativity to help others.

Many people also believe that seeing your angel numbers often means you are manifesting them and may therefore be close to manifesting other things.

Still, others interpret angel numbers as evidence that there is structure and order underlying the universe or even that the universe is giving you a quick wink and a smile, saying, “Hey—I see you.”

Can I Have More Than One Angel Number or Sequence?

Can I Have More Than One Angel Number

If you ran the calculations for your destiny and life path numbers, you may have gotten two different numbers.

If you are also seeing angel numbers through synchronicity, or certain numbers simply “speak” to you via intuition, you could have three or more numbers. Which of these is your angel number?

You can have multiple angel numbers and/or angel number sequences. There is no limit to how many you can have.

You only have one life path number and one destiny number, but quite a few other numbers may resonate with you through synchronicity or intuition. 

If all of these numbers have meaning for you, then they are all valid angel numbers.

How to Manifest Using Your Own Angel Numbers

manifestation using angel numbers

Once you figure out your angel numbers, you might be curious how you can use them as part of your manifestation practices.

  • Listen to What the Angels are Telling You

Sometimes, angel numbers showing up in your environment might be a sign of divine timing. The universe might be telling you that this is an ideal moment to try and manifest or that you are close to manifesting.

Things are in harmony, and there is “flow.” So, flow with that flow.

  • Trust in Your Abilities to Manifest

There is a lot of debate about whether angel numbers really help you manifest. Ultimately, you do not need your angel numbers to manifest.

You just need your mind and your intent and focus. If seeing or using your angel numbers helps you to trust in that process, then let them be a part of your practice. If they do not, don’t worry about it.

Be Part of the Synchronicity of the Universe 

You do not have to be a passive participant in that synchronicity. You can add to it and reinforce it. Often, this is as simple as paying attention. 

The more you look for your angel numbers, the more often you might see them. In so doing, you are inviting synchronicity and flow into your life.

The next synchronicity you experience could be the intent you are trying to manifest, finally becoming real.

You can also use techniques like the 3×33 manifestation method or 5×55 manifestation method, which are based around angel numbers.

One more idea is to wear jewellery or buy other products that feature angel numbers. We have included a few examples below.

Recommended Angel Number Sequence Jewelry and More

Once you discover your angel number sequence, you can make it a part of your everyday life through jewelry, clothing and more. 

What is extra cool is if someone else notices your item, it may be synchronous and significant for them. You can be part of the angels’ message to other people. How amazing is that? Here are some items to consider.

1. Old English Angel Number Necklace


Old English Angel Number Necklace

This beautiful necklace with an Old English typeface can be customized with your personal angel number, and you can choose between gold and silver for the material.

This beautiful necklace with an Old English typeface can be customized with your personal angel number, and you can choose between gold and silver for the material. It’s a low-cost, affordable item that makes a great gift for yourself or someone else.

2. Stainless Steel Angel Number Ring 


Stainless Steel Angel Number Ring 

Customizable angel number jewelry item. Choose between gold and silver plating and pick your angel number. It makes a wonderful match for the angel number necklace. 

Another customizable angel number jewelry item is this angel number ring. Choose between gold and silver plating and pick your angel number. It makes a wonderful match for the angel number necklace. 

3. Angel Number Wings T-Shirt


Angel Number Wings T-Shirt

This T-short features angel number “999” in a heart surrounded by angel wings. Depending on the color you pick, it can be 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend.  

There is a wide selection of angel number attire out there. One that really grabbed us with its design is this one featuring angel number “999” in a heart surrounded by angel wings. Depending on the color you pick, it can be 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend.  

4. 11:11 Pillow


11:11 Pillow

If 11:11 is one of your angel numbers, you will love this comfy polyester pillow with the message “Perfect aligned and right on time 11:11.”

11:11 is a significant number for a lot of people, who tend to notice it through synchronicity when they are checking the clock. If 11:11 is one of your angel numbers, you will love this comfy polyester pillow with the message “Perfect aligned and right on time 11:11.”

5. Angel Number Sacred Geometry Phone Case 


Sacred Geometry Phone Case

Think about getting a case for your phone that features your angel number like this on

Trying to manifest a change in your personal life—maybe getting the phone to ring with that special someone on the other end? Think about getting a case for your phone that features your angel number like this one.

Why Aren’t Your Angel Numbers Working?

If you are trying to manifest your will, and you keep seeing your angel numbers but still have not manifested, you might wonder why it is not working.

It might be that your idea of divine timing and the universe’s idea of it simply do not match up; it could take more time for the universe to deliver what you want to attract.

But it could also be that your angel numbers are appearing for a different reason that is unrelated to manifesting.

It might also be the case that you still just need more practice with manifestation.

Your Angel Numbers are Sign Posts on Life’s Journey

Making your way through life can feel confusing at times, and you may find yourself wishing for a roadmap.

Thankfully, navigating your way through life’s ever-changing terrain can be easier with the help of your angel numbers. Think of them as markers on your map.

Now you know how to find your own angel numbers, whether through intuition, synchronicity, or the numerology of your name and date of birth.

Once you place those markers on your map, you will know the next steps to take in your journey.

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