Is Divine Timing real? How to become attuned to it in 2023

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Divine timing

“I am in perfect harmony with the working of the law, for I know that Infinite Intelligence knows nothing of obstacles, time, or space. It knows only completion”- Florence Scovel Shinn

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could fall back on the Universe and trust each sign it gives us as pure guidance and love? Divine Timing is that sign. And it is at work this very moment, as you’re reading this post.

People keep saying things like “everything happens for a reason”, and it’s the natural flow of life. Not only is this true, but Divine Timing is of paramount importance when it comes to manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

Becoming aware of it and acting on it then and there can make all difference!

Precisely what is Divine Timing?

We’ve all experienced signs- It’s the Universe’s way of telling us that either we’re on the right path or it’s like a subtle nudge that we ought to be on a trajectory that we’re not giving much thought to.

Divine Timing is that moment or point in time where you become conscious and aware of something that your heart and soul secretly yearned for, but you kept brushing it aside.

So is fate real then? Diving timing and fate are closely linked, but they are also very different. Divine timing is about signs to go in a direction that we would love, but believing in fate and not doing anything is the opposite of moving in your divine direction.

○ Divine Timing Signs to look out for:

We may repeatedly see the same people, numbers, images, words, anything that calls for us to pay attention immediately.

You could call it right timing, intuition, or gut feeling- but it is a universal timing or message that is trying to bring you in alignment with the true purpose of your life.

It could be a thumbs-up sign from the universe for you to go ahead with something you’ve been considering, it could be an indication of opportunities you’ve overlooked, and it could also be a sign for you to reconsider life and shift your reality to align it more with your authentic self.

Trust in the goodness of universal rules

trust universe divine energy

We usually make the mistake of limiting ourselves to only this mere human experience and fail to recognize our true potential. We tend to lack winning mentality and reduce ourselves to this tunnel vision of life that we are conditioned to have.

Perhaps the biggest gift one can give themselves is to have an open mind! This cannot be stressed enough. Trust yourself, trust the Universe, trust in the goodness of it all.

Sometimes we are trapped in our own anxious thoughts, fear of failure, restricting belief, or lack of faith in life- that we often miss what is right in front of us!

We come across the right people and opportunities and yet have failed to register them. We end up facing disappointment and further negativity about how things don’t work out for us.

Redefine Success to understand universal timing

In tandem with the previous point, knowing how personal success is- can be such a powerful mindset shift when it comes to living your life in accordance with divine timing.

We often continue on a carved, pre-meditated path, set for us by society or others’ expectations of us- when we know that it doesn’t fuel and fulfil us or give us a sense of purpose at the end of the day.

In such a scenario, we might often see signs of something that may propel us to take inspired action– switch our job, venture into new territory, or rethink our actions!

And we often let fear of the unknown withhold us or let our “conditioned” definition of success make us skeptical of ‘what could be’.

How Does one trust in Divine Timing?

This brings us to the next question- how do we release control and give in to this concept of ‘perfect time’. You see, divine timing works hand in hand with the Law of compensationIt is incomplete without patience and unyielding faith. Some Key Universal Rules to bear in mind:

○ Surrender to the Unknown

Just like we fail to manifest our deepest desires sometimes because we tend to behave like control freaks- divine timing also relies heavily on our openness to not just acknowledge it but to surrender to it with absolute faith.

Things happen when they have to happen. Us putting a deadline on things or forcing our will on them does not always mean that it is the right time or the right opportunity for us.

When we let go and embody a positive and uplifting free-spirited attitude in how we look and judge things, we garner some of the best possibilities in life that can only occur when we learn to co-create with the universe, and not just single-handedly.

○ Failures: A stepping stone to success, not hurdles

 “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Max Planck

It all narrows down to the lens through which we view life. Signs themselves are not good or bad; it’s our judgement and interpretation that makes them so.

We might be excited about something and yet fail at it. Now either we let this dishearten and disappoint us, or we take this as an indication that perhaps we’re lined up for something way better altogether. It’s all about keeping our heads up despite the challenges we face.

Sometimes things don’t register as favourable when they happen but only make sense long after things gradually unfold, and you begin to understand why such an event took place.

Trusting in these divine timings of life events means that we recognize that life does not give us something that we’re not emotionally mature enough or equipped to handle yet.

This means that even though we might be disappointed now in the lack of instant peace and gratification, it is because we have bigger dreams to realize and better things lying ahead of us that might be the beginning of the long-term happiness that we’ve been unaware of!

○ The idea of Einstein Time

Author Gay Hendrix talks about this concept of time relativity in his book ‘The Big Leap’. He says that time is actually emanating from the perceiver 0f time. We often tell ourselves stories that keep us small.

I never have enough time. I’m not good enough to manifest what I want. There is never a right time in my life to achieve my goals. Everything is always so haywire…so on and so forth.

Einstein time

As a result, our subconscious mind starts to even see signs that support those limiting stories! We simply wire ourselves up for failure and disappointment that way.

However, psychologist and teacher in the field of body intelligence and growth, Gay Hendrix, says that our experience of time emerges from where we’re located in space, our cognizance, and our interpretation of our own time.

> Breathe-Believe-Receive: Mantra for Divine Timing

What we tell ourselves and believe in, is how things actually are. If we shift our story and believe that we have plenty of time, then we’re more inclined to accomplish all those tasks that we thought were impossible to complete in just one day.

And that too, staying relaxed and composed all the while.

Divine Timing can go unnoticed if we’re constantly fretting and fearful of time passing by. We need to pause and channel our energy into cool, calm and collected to receive a favorable outcome.

If you’re into Eastern spiritual practices, you can also learn how to manage different chakras that are blocked and not aligned with divine energy.

We need to trust in divine timing and believe that there is an infinite intelligence in us that knows more than just this 4-dimensional view of the world.

Surrender to the flow of life

Surrendering doesn’t mean you are losing control or you give up all hope and start slacking.

 “Surrender means giving up trying to understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing.” – Eckhart Tolle

How does this work for Divine Timing? It’s simple. By surrendering, we embrace or yield to the flow of life rather than opposing it. 

We can be more perceptive of divine timing then because we are unconditionally open to the present moment only, devoid of any negative emotions or mental judgement.

Our ego does not interfere anymore with the natural order of things because we don’t hold on to the notion of ‘what could go wrong.’ We are then following the beautiful law of detachment, which will give us yield of highest order.

By detaching from what could be, we simply become conscious of what is– which is often a task given how our mind identifies with past failures and future worries to resist the immediate present.

Can we mess up our Divine Timing?

trust in divine timing

The illusion that we’re not in divine timing right here, right now, is what makes us oppose it. This is a typical placebo effect.

The idea is to not get attached to time as it is ever-changing and unpredictable. Instead, we need to rely on our own efforts, our propensity for self-love, and our belief system. This is the truth that makes our timing ultimately divine and our reality, a manifestation of that.

○ Strength in vulnerability

To be open to the divine timing in our lives, we need to detach ourselves from any outcome and manifest outside time and space.

It’s very human for us to put a deadline on our realistic goals- but we need the patience to build real momentum and realize that miracles happen instantaneously; they are not subject to any idea that we have of divine timing.

We need to see the bigger picture, see through the eyes of our higher self and realize our real greatness- we’re the co-creators of this reality, not just limited human beings. 

Our ego may interfere with its needy and desperate energy. We may keep thinking- ‘When will I make more money? How soon will it come to me?’ But we must trust that we’re looked after and that there is more than what meets the eye; a divine intelligence beyond the five senses we know of.

Focus with a supported and connected energy. There is no need for time stamps, and we are not mere victims of our circumstances only.

Channel Divine Timing with Feng Shui

Ancient Chinese Philosophy laid great emphasis on the power of our surroundings to channelize positive or negative energy. They relied heavily on this to build their empire and gain supreme wealth.

Marie Diamond, space specialist and feng shui master, talks about the importance of divine surroundings to manifest divine energy, and thereafter, divine timing.

Clarity of mind is pivotal to mindfulness; optimizing the flow of Qi energy or Prana Shakti as known in Ayurveda (vital living energy force) in our bodies.

Therefore, clearing clutter and organizing our space is of primary importance to achieving that harmony.

In a chaotic environment, we feel rushed, confused, unsettled, and overwhelmed. We keep experiencing feelings of irritation and never having enough time. It is impossible to experience divine timing and be open to manifestation in such a scenario.

Uncover the Money Blocks in our Mind

trust in the divine timing

Since Divine Timing could either be a stroke of good luck to us or a disguised setback that is actually a catalyst to our future growth- we must let go and embrace it all!

Forcing our will on actions of the Universe or trying to control and maneuver it is likely to disrupt the possibilities that could have been made available to us had we just harnessed more of choiceless awareness“. 

Sometimes messages are given to us repeatedly- but we might not desire to hear them as they do not agree with our plans, intentions, or ideas of what is right or conducive to our success, relationships, etc.

We must uncover these ‘money blocks‘ in our minds to be privy to the power of divine timing. When we do so, it’s as if things magically and effortlessly fall in place for us.

In stating this, we should learn to lean into our intuition as much as we prioritize our intention. Our intuition has no concept of time or space, and it prompts us to consider people and situations beyond the apparent.

Divine Timing in Essence

Let the Universe be your guiding compass, and use it as an empowering force that co-creates with you and not against you.

Often when we go easy on our expectations and focus wholeheartedly only on what’s at hand in the current moment- we get more attuned to recognizing divine timing at play.

“Why do we stay in prison, when the door is so wide open?”- Rumi

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