Chamomile Magical Properties: Spiritual, Prosperity & Sleep

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chamomile magical properties

When you were a child, if you were stressed, sick, or having a hard time falling asleep, there was a good chance that your parents would give you chamomile tea to drink.

While the chamomile herb is best known as a childhood remedy, it possesses powerful spiritual properties that make it an excellent addition to any practitioner’s cabinet of magical herbs.

This post will introduce you to chamomile magical properties and explore its healing properties and uses around the home.

Chamomile Magical properties

With yellow centres and white petals, chamomile has a daisy-like appearance. It should come as no surprise that such a bright and cheerful-looking plant is associated traditionally with the sun, protection, and good fortune.

Below, we discuss how to harness its energy of abundance.  

○ The Herb of the Sun

Chamomile herb of sun

To the ancient Egyptians, chamomile was the sacred herb of Ra, god of the sun. This life-giving deity was worshipped as a creator and was among the chief members of the pantheon.

Incorporating chamomile into your rituals is a way to call upon the might of Ra and the energy of the sun. As the sun is the very force that keeps us alive, its power can assist you with spells involving growth and vitality.

Its fiery energy may also embolden you with greater confidence, making any of your efforts more likely to succeed. 

  • Try washing your ritual tools in chamomile tea or running them through smoke from a chamomile smudge stick. Doing so should charge them with solar power. 
  • You can also offer chamomile directly to Ra or other sun deities
  • Another option is to apply the smoke from chamomile to other items you want to use as offerings. Doing so will help to communicate your intent to the sun gods.

○ Use Chamomile to Banish and Protect 

Like many other herbs used in magical rituals, chamomile is believed to possess the power to cleanse your space of negative influences while offering protection. 

  • If you are growing chamomile in your garden, consider planting it close to entrances to your home. That way, its protective power will continuously ward against unwanted influences entering your abode.
  • Before you begin a ritual, banish unwanted energies and entities from your space by using chamomile incense. Consider burning it in combination with herbs like rosemary, lavender or thyme, which also have cleansing and protective effects. 
  • Alternately, you could brew chamomile tea, and then sprinkle the water. 
  • Carrying chamomile in a sachet is a way you can bring its protective power with you on the go when you are outside your home.

○ Attract Prosperity, Fortune, and Lady Luck’s Favor

Chamomile attract luck

Chamomile can be useful in rituals to draw prosperity into your life. Do you believe in Lady Luck? 

Gamblers in the past brewed chamomile tea and rinsed their hands in it prior to heading to the casino. They believed that the chamomile residue on their hands would influence the cards or dice they touched.

You can reproduce this same ritual any time you need to take a financial gamble, whether at the casino or the stock market. 

And even though chamomile is linked traditionally to attracting financial luck and prosperity, wealth takes many forms. 

If you are taking a chance on a job interview, a date, or any other kind of gamble, chamomile may help bring you a fortune.

○ Chamomile for Lucid Dreams & Spiritual Insights

Dreams can be a powerful tool of self-discovery and a way to cross over into realms beyond the physical. Chamomile is a valuable herb to the practitioner who wants to experience lucid dreaming and awaken in the morning with spiritual insights.

Drink chamomile tea before bed or fill a sachet with the herb and place it under your pillow. To make it even more potent, mix lavender with chamomile to align with the energy of your third eye.

○ Support the Solar Plexus Chakra

With their golden centres and link to the sun god, Ra, chamomile flowers vibrate with the right frequency to clear and align the solar plexus chakra. 

1. Burn chamomile incense or a chamomile candle, close your eyes and focus on your solar plexus chakra. As the name implies, this chakra is located near your solar plexus. Its colour is yellow.

2. Visualize it brightening with the sun’s radiant light as you breathe in the aroma of chamomile. 

3. Repeat solar plexus chakra affirmations for confidence as you do. Feel your strength, vitality and leadership growing. 

Healing and Household Uses for Chamomile

Along with powerful chamomile spiritual properties, it has been renowned for centuries for its healing properties and household applications. 

○ Drift Off for a Restful Night of Sleep

chamomile for restful sleep

There is some research evidence to support the folk use of chamomile tea to promote restful sleep

For many people, there is also a powerful associative effect as well. If your parent brewed you a warm mug of chamomile tea to help you fall asleep when you were a child, just tasting chamomile may summon up feelings of safety, comfort and rest.

You can buy chamomile tea from the store, or you can make it yourself from scratch using chamomile from your garden. You can use either fresh or dried chamomile.

Just boil it in water and strain it out, and you will be ready to drink the tea and drift off to restorative sleep.

○ Soothe Yourself When You Aren’t Feeling Well

You may have wondered whether chamomile really can help you when you are sick, or whether that is just an old wives’ tale. There is scientific evidence that chamomile “may actually help relieve a wide range of health ailments, including colds and menstrual cramps.”

So, the next time you are feeling under the weather, consider making yourself a cup of chamomile tea. It might just help you feel a little bit more like yourself.

○ Relieve Itchy Skin and Lighten Your Hair

chamomile for skin and hair

Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that can make it soothing for itchy skin from bug bites or poison ivy. You could try adding a few drops of chamomile essential oil to your favourite lotion and apply it directly to the itchy skin. 

Another idea is to add chamomile to a warm bath and soak it for a while. For extra effectiveness, add oatmeal to your bath as well. It also reduces inflammation and can help combat dryness.

Regular applications of chamomile to your hair can gradually lighten it:

  1. Boil chamomile in apple cider vinegar.
  2. Strain out the chamomile.
  3. Store the chamomile-infused apple cider vinegar in a jar.
  4. Bring the jar with you to the shower along with a cup.
  5. Fill the cup with water, and add a tablespoon of the chamomile-vinegar mix.
  6. Pour it over your hair at the end of your shower. You do not need to wash it out. The vinegar smell will go away when it dries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chamomile

To wrap up this guide to chamomile, we answer a few frequently asked questions about this potent magical herb.

Is chamomile the same as calendula?

“Chamomile” usually refers to Matricaria recutita or Anthemis nobilis. Calendula is Calendula officinalis, better known as the marigold. All of these plants are members of the aster family. They have similar properties but are not identical.

How do you grow chamomile?

Plant chamomile in full sun in rich soil. When the plant is established, you should water it weekly. It does not require as much water after that since it is tolerant to drought. 

How do you harvest chamomile?

You do not need to cut the chamomile stems—just collect the flowers. This is as simple as pinching them off when they are open. 

How do you dry and store chamomile?

While you can use fresh chamomile, most people dry it and store it. You can use a dehydrator, oven or microwave to dry out your chamomile. An even simpler option is just to let it air dry in a sunny spot.
Seal the dried chamomile in a plastic bag or container, and label it with the date. It should be good for the next year or so.

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