Holy Basil Magical Properties: King of Herbs (Tulsi)

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Holy Basil magical properties Tulsi

With a name like “holy basil,” one can sense that this is one of the magical herbs that is going to offer you powerful spiritual benefits. Renowned in the East and West for its mystical properties, this herb has incredible transformative power.

In this post, we will share how holy basil can help you bring balance, change, and abundance into your life. We also will share some household uses and healing powers of holy basil with you, and tell you how you can grow and care for this herb in your own garden.

Holy Basil Magical Properties

Holy basil is called the “Queen of Herbs” in India and the “King of Herbs” in the West. It is associated with wealth, prosperity and transitions and also possesses powerful properties for purification and energy balancing. Below, we explore how you can use holy basil to enhance your spiritual well-being. 

○ Call Upon the Mother Goddess Lakshmi with Holy Basil

tulsi Goddess Lakshmi

In India, holy basil is a sacred herb, often called “Tulsi.” Sometimes it also is called “Tulasi” or “Vrinda.” In Hinduism, “Tulsi” is seen as a form of the goddess Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is known as the Mother Goddess. A rough translation of her name is “she who leads to one’s goal.” She is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, fortune, abundance, love, beauty and power. 

Many of the spiritual benefits of holy basil are derived from the herb’s relationship with Lakshmi.

○ Holy Basil is the “King of Herbs”

Trade eventually brought Tulsi into the western world. There, Christians also were impressed by the spiritual power of Tulsi. They named it “King of Herbs,” and began referring to it as “holy.” 

According to Christian lore, holy basil grew at the site of Christ’s crucifixion, specifically where his blood fell on the soil below the cross. 

So, whatever spiritual traditions you believe in or follow, this herb can help you feel connected with the divine.

○ Basil Can Bring Prosperity and Abundance Into Your Life

Because holy basil represents the goddess Lakshmi, you can use it to help draw wealth and prosperity to you. 

Here are some ideas for rituals and spells you can try:

  • Hang holy basil above your doors, inviting wealth to enter your home.
  • Put money inside a box, and then place holy basil on top of it. Write or say your intent for your funds to multiply, and then close the box and put it somewhere secure. 
  • Carry a sachet of holy basil in your pocket so that you can attract business opportunities as you are out and about. 

○ Purify Your Ritual Space with Holy Basil

Holy basil can help dispel negative energies from your environment. To use holy basil for purification, you can try any of the following approaches:

  • Walk around your ritual space with a holy basil smudge stick, smoke wand, or incense.
  • Make holy basil tea and sprinkle the water.
  • Hold your ritual tools over the smoke from a smudge stick to purify them individually.

If you have holy basil hanging over your thresholds to attract money, it should also help protect your entrances.

○ Ensure Safe Transitions with Holy Basil

basil leaves are associated with the transition after death

In both Hindu and Western traditions, basil leaves are associated with the transition after death.

It is said that if you put holy basil in the hands or mouth of a deceased individual, that person’s soul is able to make a successful journey to the afterlife.

If you want to say a prayer for a departed soul, you can burn holy basil incense. Meditate on your intent for that person to reach their destination safely. 

As we walk through life, we are constantly experiencing many small deaths. 

Even if we are not talking about physical losses, every moment, the past dies, and we transition toward the future through an ephemeral present.

Because our existences are in a constant state of transition, holy basil can also help us find our way not just in the next life, but in this life too.

If you are facing a time of turbulence and change, you can burn holy basil and say a prayer that you will reach your destination safely.

○ Get Energy Moving with Holy Basil

You can think of holy basil as a flow facilitator. It helps move energy, whether in your body or in your environment.

If you have been feeling “stuck,” Tulsi is an herb that can help you get “unstuck.” 

  • While burning holy basil leaves, say an affirmation like, “I am no longer stuck. My life is full of flow and forward movement. Lakshmi is helping me reach my goal.”
  • Carry holy basil with you in a sachet so that no matter where you are, you have a bit of universal “flow” in your pocket, clearing obstacles from your path and inviting possibilities.

○ Balance Your Chakras

With its powers to promote flow and clear away blockages and impurities, holy basil is one of the best herbs for balancing, aligning and opening your chakras.

Tulsi is not just linked to one particular chakra; you can use it to balance all of your chakras in a holistic, integrated way. 

1. Burn Tulsi incense.
2. Lie down comfortably on your back.
3. Starting at the base and working your way up to the crown, visualize each of your chakras getting brighter and clearer. 

Doing this simple meditation even once can have a dramatic transformative effect physically, mentally and spiritually.

Healing Properties and Household Uses for Holy Basil

Now you know the spiritual benefits of Tulsi for abundance, balancing chakras, and more. But there are other uses for holy basil as well. Indeed, it has become a popular herbal remedy, and also is useful in the kitchen.

○ Fight Stress with Holy Basil

Fight Stress with Holy Basil

Holy basil is what is known as an “adaptogen.” An adaptogen is an herb that promotes a healthy stress response in your body.

Researchers are finding that Tulsi can help the body and mind to weather stressful situations with fewer adverse effects. Holy basil may also help to decrease anxiety.

So, if you are going through a challenging or scary time in your life, you may want to try taking holy basil in supplement form for the herbal support your body needs. 

○ Additional Health Benefits of Holy Basil

Along with its stress- and anxiety-fighting properties, holy basil has many other health benefits as well. 

It is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. It also combats pain and inflammation.

Some research-backed benefits of holy basil include reducing blood sugar, supporting wound healing, lowering cholesterol, protecting joint health, and bolstering stomach health.

So, Tulsi is an excellent all-around choice for an herb to protect total health.

○ Cooking with Holy Basil

Like many other herbs with magical properties, holy basil also can be a helper in the kitchen. You can use it in place of garden basil to make pesto, or you can grind it to make chutney. Holy basil goes well with chicken or on pizza. 

Using basil in your recipes is a great way to get some health benefits while also making your cuisine taste delicious. 

You can also use cooking in some of your rituals for abundance and prosperity. If you are preparing for an upcoming business dinner, for example, you could use holy basil in your recipe to help attract profitable deals and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Now you have had a chance to discover the healing properties, culinary uses, and magical properties of holy basil, let’s answer a few frequently asked questions about this herb.

What is the difference between Tulsi basil and garden basil?

Holy basil typically refers to the plant with the scientific name Ocimum tenuiflorum, previously Ocimum sanctum. What we call “garden basil” or “sweet basil” is Ocimum basilicum.

The flavor profile for holy basil reminds some people of peppery cloves. Many compare the flavor of sweet basil to that of licorice (but still with an element of cloves).

So, take taste differences into account before making substitutions in your recipes. 

What are the different types of holy basil?

Holy basil comes in more than a hundred varieties. Some of the most popular include:

Rama Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum /Ocimum sanctum)
Vana Tulsi (Ocimum gratissimum)
Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum).

Is holy basil safe during pregnancy?

No, holy basil is not safe to consume during pregnancy. It can produce contractions in the uterus. 
Since the risks of holy basil while breastfeeding are unknown, you should also avoid it when you are nursing.

How do you grow holy basil?

Either full sun or partial shade is ideal for growing holy basil. Plant it in rich, well-draining soil. Water often enough to keep the soil moist, but do not allow this plant to get wet feet.

How do you harvest holy basil?

In the morning after the dew evaporates, take your holy basil cuttings. Look for the bottom two sets of true leaves on the stems, and cut right above them. You can use shears or a knife.

How do you dry holy basil?

The best way to dry holy basil is to hang it. It should take just a couple of weeks. While your basil is hanging to dry, it will confer protective effects on the surrounding space. 

How do you store holy basil?

A: You can keep Tulsi fresh for up to two weeks. Either put it in a sealed plastic bag with a damp paper towel or place it in a jar of water as if it were a bouquet of flowers. If you use the plastic bag method, put it in the fridge. If you use the bouquet method, leave it on your counter with a plastic bag on top.

You can also freeze basil to store it for up to three months. If you have dried basil, just keep it in an airtight container or bag. Label it with the date. It should last for a year.

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