Mint Leaf Magical Properties: Spiritual, Healing & Health

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Mint leaf magical properties

Mint is among the best-known and most popular garden herbs. While many people have mint in their kitchens and enjoy mint-flavored teas and candies, you may not be aware of the many spiritual benefits of mint due to which it is also considered as one of the magical herbs.

This post will introduce you to the magical properties of mint and the ancient lore that surrounds it. We also will tell you more about how you can grow and harvest this refreshing herb and make use of it around the home.

Mint Leaf Magical Properties

There is a rich religious heritage around mint in ancient Greece. Through that tradition, mint became associated with mystical experiences. Today, we associate it mainly with luck, healing, and wealth.

○ Mint for Healing Energy

Mint is renowned for its powerful spiritual capacity to heal. 

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Mint Leaf Magical Properties: Spiritual, Healing & Health

It has physical healing properties as well, but we will discuss that later on in our section on household uses. Mint is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it may still help you summon healing energy into your life.

The next time you need to heal, make yourself a cup of mint tea. Imbue the tea with your intent for wellness, and drink it. Keep in mind that mint’s healing powers may help not only with physical ailments but emotional pains as well. 

○ Bring Good Spiritual Energy Into Your Home

Mint brings good energy to home

Most magical herbs can be used to purify your home and chase away negative influences. Mint is no exception.

But mint’s powers are not confined merely to the banishment of the negative. It also is great for attracting the positive.

Try keeping a bowl of mint on your altar. Helpful spirits may be drawn to the bowl, bringing uplifting and healing energies into your space. 

You could also hang mint in your doorways to welcome benevolent spirits into your home. You will get to enjoy the good vibes, and the spirits may appreciate having somewhere safe and inviting where they can rest. 

○ Attract Wealth With Mint

Mint is one of the herbs that is most readily associated with wealth and prosperity. So, it is an excellent choice for your money spells.

Here are some you can try:

  • Place a mint leaf in your desk drawer at work to summon success (maybe even a promotion).
  • Keep a leaf in your wallet so that prosperity will follow you wherever you go.
  • Use mint oil to anoint a candle. As you do, say an affirmation like, “Money is flowing into my life.” Burn the candle.

Another good herb for prosperity spells is calendula. Think about using mint and calendula together for double the effectiveness.

○ Mint May Bring You Luck 

Mint may bring you wealth and luck

In general, mint is considered a lucky herb. So, not only can it help you pursue wealth, but it may bring you luck in any endeavour.

Perhaps you are trying to achieve a breakthrough at work, or maybe you are about to ask your crush out on a date. Or perhaps you simply need a little luck as you research solutions for a problem with your home or car. 

Whatever is going on, try keeping a little mint in a sachet in your pocket. Doing so may help you influence the fates.

It could also help you feel more confident, which could in turn, make you more likely to spot and seize opportunities when they present themselves. 

○ Mint Was Part of the Eleusinian Mysteries

If you have an interest in the religious practices of ancient Greece, you may be familiar with the initiation rites known as the Eleusinian Mysteries. 

These rites involved the story of Persephone, who became queen of the Underworld. Persephone spends half the year there with Hades, during which her mother Demeter, the grain goddess mourns, causing winter.

When Persephone returns to the upper world, her mother rejoices, causing spring and summer. 

As part of the “Greater Mysteries,” initiates deemed worthy drank a barley-based beverage called kykeon. The beverage also contained pennyroyal, which is a type of mint.

You can even brew a version of this holy beverage to use in your own rituals. Find more information and a recipe here.

○ Mint Represents Ascension, Rebirth, and Spring 

Like Persephone, mint links life and death, bridging the gap between them and facilitating the cycle of death, rebirth, and renewal on Earth.

Here are some ways you can use mint in your magic:

  • Offer mint to Persephone or Demeter if you wish to strengthen your connection with them or call upon them for aid.
  • If you are in a “down” cycle, struggling with sickness, financial woes, or other hardships, use mint in a ritual to bring about renewal and ascension. Hopefully, soon, the winter of your life will transition into spring, and you will experience your own kind of rebirth. 
  • When praying for the dead or trying to make contact with someone who has passed, mint might help open a conduit, connecting the world of the living with the world beyond.

Healing Properties and Household Uses of Mint

While mint’s magical properties make it a powerful addition to rituals and spells, you will find it has many other uses around the home. Let’s take a look at some of its healing properties and household applications.

○ Mint Health Benefits

mint leaf health benefits

Mint contains vitamin A, iron, folate and manganese. According to Healthline, it also may offer a number of other benefits. Peppermint oil is also antibacterial.

These include offering relief if you experience IBS, soothing other forms of indigestion, and supporting brain function.

Does the menthol contained in mint function as a decongestant? Not according to research, although people do reportedly feel like they are breathing more readily with menthol. 

So, it may be worth using mint for colds. You might at least feel better, even if you are still congested.

○ Freshen Your Breath

Mint is one of the best herbs for disguising bad smells. You do not need to buy breath mints to freshen your breath if you grow mint in your garden. Just drink some mint tea or chew directly on mint leaves. 

In fact, chewing on the leaves might be more effective than other approaches. You will not just be covering up the smell of your breath but also getting antibacterial benefits. So, you may reduce the problem that is causing your breath to smell bad in the first place.

○ Keep Pests Away with Mint 

Different types of mint can help you repel different insects.

  • If you have flies, mosquitoes, or spiders, you should try setting peppermint or spearmint leaves out or applying oil from either to your surfaces.
  • But if your problem is with fleas or ticks, you may achieve better results using pennyroyal mint oil or leaves. 

○ Try Mint for Skincare 

mint leaf for skin care

The rich vitamin A content in mint makes it good for your skin. In fact, vitamin A can help you fight the effects of sun damage and age, combat acne, and treat psoriasis.

Not only that, but mint essential oil produces a cool, refreshing feeling on your skin that you will love.

So, try adding a few drops of the oil to your favourite liquid soap product. It should enhance its effectiveness and provide for a more enjoyable sensory experience in the shower or bath.

○ How to Use Mint in the Kitchen

There are so many ways you can use mint in your recipes. Try adding it to orzo, salads, pasta dishes, sauces, chicken dishes, or desserts.

Mint also tastes great in a variety of beverages. The most famous, of course, is the mint julep, which is the iconic drink of the Kentucky Derby. 

Whatever dishes or drinks you add mint to will instantly take on a more refreshing profile, making them perfect for summer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mint

If you are excited to grow your own mint so you can enjoy its magical properties and household uses, you may be looking for answers to a few frequently asked questions. Below are some pointers to get you started with mint.

Is mint safe for cats and dogs?

No. Mint may be safe for humans, but it is toxic for dogs and cats. Do not leave mint lying around where your pet can get into it.

How do you grow mint?

You can plant mint in rich, well-draining soil in full or partial sun. You will need to water it weekly. 

How do you harvest mint?

Before mint produces flowers, you can harvest them. Trim the stems just above the soil. Over the course of a season, you may be able to do this more than once.

Should you use fresh or dried mint?

Many chefs prefer the flavour and texture of fresh mint, especially for salads and other cold dishes, but you can also dry it and cook with it.

How do you dry mint?

Use a dehydrator, oven or microwave for fast drying, or hang mint to air dry. 

How do you preserve mint?

You can put fresh mint in the fridge, sealed in a plastic bag with a damp paper towel. It also is possible to freeze mint. If you prefer, you can dry mint and store it in a sealed containe

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