Power of Gratitude Manifestation Method (Thank the Universe)

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Gratitude manifestation method

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” – G.K. Chesterton

Out of all the manifestation techniques, here is one which is most genuine and can change your life in various ways. When we try to manifest our heart’s desires, we spend a lot of our time focusing on what we want.

But one surprisingly powerful hack for manifesting what we want is to shift our focus to what we have. This method is called “gratitude manifestation.”

Not only can it work as a potent technique for manifesting all by itself, but you can also use it to make every other method you use more successful.

Why Gratitude is the Ultimate Manifestation Hack

Think of gratitude as a prayer you are offering the Universe. Each time you reflect on the beautiful things in your life with wonder and amazement, you are telling the Universe, “Thank you so much for the wealth you are bringing into my life.”

○ The Universal Laws Accepts Gratitude as the Key to Manifestation

The Law of Compensation tells us that what we receive is based on what we give. What we put out into the world comes back to us.

When you put gratitude out into the Universe, you are showing love and appreciation to your Highest Self. That love and appreciation is going to come right back to you, manifesting wondrous gifts.

Also coming into play is the Law of Correspondence. This Law states, “As above, so below.” The external world acts as a mirror to your internal world.

So, when you vibrate with the energy of gratitude, the world around you vibrates on that same frequency. You are focusing on the ways in which the Universe fulfills your desires. In return, the Universe fulfills them all the more.

Gratitude has a close relationship with the Law of Assumption as well. Neville Goddard says that if we persist with an assumption that what we desire will manifest, it will “harden into fact.” 

Thus, practising gratitude for manifestation involves being grateful not only for what we have today, but for what we will have tomorrow. 

The emotion of gratitude is the antidote to doubt, dispersing it just as light dispels shadows. As such, gratitude helps us to detach from our current sense of scarcity. We let go of our attachment to our wishes and replace it with faith that they will be fulfilled. In accordance with the Law of Detachment, the Universe will do its part.

Gratitude Manifestation Technique (A Step by Step Guide)

Gratitude manifestation guide steps

Now you understand the power of gratitude to transform your life through universal laws. Below, we share a simple step-by-step process through which you can manifest just by practising gratitude.

1. Start with gratitude for what you have now.

Begin by reflecting on the blessings that are in your life right this second. Express them as affirmations. Here are some examples:

  • “I am grateful for the support of my friends.”
  • “I am grateful for my amazing capacity to learn.”
  • “I am grateful for the beauty of each sunrise.”
  • “I am grateful that I live on this incredible, miraculous planet.”

By speaking these affirmations and marvelling at all that you have, you will enter a mindset that is infused with trust in the power of the Universe.

2. Reflect on how the Universe has taken care of you.

Think about all the times in the past you have asked for help, and the Universe has provided. Consider a time you thought you would always be lonely, and then found a friend.

Or maybe there was a situation where you needed a job, and you got one. Or perhaps one day, you needed advice, so you opened a book to a random page. There the answer was, staring back at you. Most of us have experienced miracles. That means we can do so again. 

3. Transform doubt into faith.

The very process of immersing yourself in deep gratitude for all the Universe does for you will have a profound alchemical effect on your thoughts. The dross of your doubt will be refined into something altogether different: faith.

4. Write new affirmations thanking the Universe for what you want to manifest.

Now, do the same thing you did in step 1. But instead of writing affirmations about what you have today, write affirmations about what you want to manifest in the future. But write those affirmations in the present tense, just as you did in step 1.

Imagine that you want to get a job after you go in for an interview next week. Write:

“I am grateful for my job at [Company]. My interview went spectacularly!”

Or picture that you are trying to get pregnant. Write:

“I am so grateful to be pregnant at last. I love the new life that is growing inside me.”

As you write your affirmations, try to feel the exact same sense of gratitude you did in step 1.

5. Pair this method with 3×33 or another manifestation method.

If you want, you can write your manifestations daily, using a method such as 3×33 manifestation or 777 manifestation to leverage the power of special spiritual numbers. 

6. Walk through each day with a mindset suffused with gratitude.

Do not let go of your gratitude when you are done writing or speaking your affirmations. Instead, hold it in your mind as you get ready for your day, as you go to work, or while you are relaxing at home later. Go to sleep with it at night. Weave it through every fibre of your being. 

7. Give back to the Universe to say thank you. 

Finally, one more way to call upon the Law of Correspondence is to put out into the world exactly what you are looking for. 

Say, for instance, that you are hoping to find a partner. You just so happen to know two singles who would go great together. Consider arranging a date for them. 

However, this is not actually about making some kind of bargain with the Universe. Do not think, “I am doing this so I can get what I want.”

Instead, know the Universe is already working on giving you a match. Out of gratitude, arrange one for your friends. 

Thank the Universe, and it Will Reward You Tenfold

Gratitude is truly one of the most transformative tools you can use for manifestation. It will help you enter a mindset of abundance, casting off the shackles of doubts. 

Your days will be filled with wonder at all the everyday magic that surrounds you at each moment.

You will realize that existence itself is a miracle and that with every step you walk, the power of that miracle multiples as the Universe expands.

As the delight and appreciation, you feel uplift your being, you will be amazed at the new blessings that flow into your life.

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