Law of Assumption: Neville Goddard’s Magical Formula of Life

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Law of assumption

“Dare to believe in the reality of your assumption and watch the world play its part relative to to its fulfillment.” – Neville Goddard

At any given time, the person we believe we are is often defined by what we want. Maybe you believe you are the person who is trying to get a job or find their soulmate. Here’s a secret. If that is who you believe you are, that is who you will always be.

But if you assume success—if you realize you are the person who has that job or that soulmate, before you know it, your external reality will begin to mirror your inner world.

That is what the Spiritual Law of Assumption states. This law is what basically every manifestation method in existence relies on.

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Law of Assumption: Neville Goddard’s Magical Formula of Life

In this guide, we will teach you exactly what this law is, how it works, and how to apply this universal law of assumption to transform your life.

What is the Law of Assumption?

You can think of the Law of Assumption as a more powerful version of the Law of Attraction. That’s right—you are about to level up your manifestation game.

It was teachings of Neville Goddard that first spread about the Law of Assumption, saying that when we make an assumption and power it with our full belief, the world is compelled to meet our expectations.

○ The Law of Assumption vs. the Law of Attraction

 The Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption are so similar—but the distinction is in the underlying beliefs that power each.

When you use the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires, you tell the Universe what you want by focusing on it. The Universe then provides.

But that is indirect, because it assumes that the “Universe” is something separate from you. The underlying bedrock for the Law of Assumption is that you and the Universe are not separate.

○ How Does the Law of Assumption Work?

How law of assumption works

Neville Goddard stated that “God” and human imagination are one and the same, and that the world around us is simply a physical manifestation of our own consciousness.

In short, the physical world is you. Unwanted life experiences are physical evidence not just of negative things and thoughts, but of negative beliefs. Neville Goddard explains, “Stop believing in God and start believing as God.”

The Law of Attraction works great for a lot of people, but it has a potential snag–and that is that so long as you believe you are reaching for something, it may remain distant.

But if you the Universe, how can you be separate from what you want? You cannot reach for it; you can only hold it. And if your imagination shapes the physical world, it cannot help but conform to your will.

But that is only the case if your imagination and your will are aligned. And that is where the “assumption” part comes into play.

Goddard says that we need to approach every aspect of our lives as if what we want is already here as part of our present, persistent experience. Our senses will argue with us, but “If you persist in it, it will harden into fact.”

Eventually, that means that our senses and the world will agree. What began only in our imaginations will now become a living reality.

○ How to Persist With the Law of Assumption

Now, there is trick with getting the Law of Assumption to work that is absolutely critical: you must persist.

To get started with the Law of Assumption, shift your focus from seeking to finding. Do not worry any longer about struggling for what you want–know that it is already yours.

Next, close your eyes and vividly imagine how it would feel if you had your big desire manifested right here, right now.

Next comes the part where most people fail starting out–make that state of mind your entire experience, and sustain it. It should be your inner reality during your every waking moment.

You can also use Manifestation journals and Law of Assumption affirmations. These affirmations are simple statements you can make over and over that help you reshape your beliefs.

Using these affirmations, you can teach your mind that the Law of Assumption works, and that what you desire is already your reality.

Now lets see how it can be put into practice in different aspects of our daily life.

5 Ways the Law of Assumption Can be Applied in Daily Life

The Law of Assumption techniques can help you manifest what you desire in every part of your life. Here are a few practical examples. 

1. Achieve professional success.

Law of assumption helps in Professional success

Do you want a promotion, a pay raise, or a new job? Or perhaps you are looking for a lucrative side hustle. Or maybe you just are searching for an opportunity to shine.

That might be a project that will showcase your skills, or a mentor who can help you actualize your potential.

Try assuming you already have that job, that promotion, that pay raise, that project, or that mentor. Stride into the workplace tomorrow with the glowing presence of one who is already at the top of the ladder.

Before you know it, opportunities you deemed impossible may be at your fingertips.

2. Meet the person who will change your life.

There is nothing quite so magical as meeting an extraordinary person to transform you life. Maybe you are trying to attract your specific person , or perhaps just a stranger who will awaken new insights.

Know that specific person is out there–and that you will soon stand in their presenceExpect the meeting to make it happen.

Picture that person right here with you, in the relationship and feeling of your desire. Fill yourself with the feeling of your wish that your own reality brings you.

Feel it wash over you, lightening your step and transforming your psyche, bringing you gratitude and joy.

Open your eyes. You are still with your specific person. Go to work. Your specific person awaits you when you get home.

Buy groceries, imagining yourself sitting down with your specific person for dinner, and so on. Do that day in, day out, until your assumption hardens into your physical reality.

3. Perfect your body and mind.

Perfect your mind and body

The Law of Assumption can be the key to taking our physical and psychological well-being to the next level as well. Beware of what you assume and make sure you are not body shaming yourself everyday.

One simple everyday example would be weight loss. Losing weight may require that you follow an appropriate diet, work hard at sticking with it, and exercise.

But your mindset can play a huge role. Believe here, now, today, that your body and mind fit your ideal life. Enjoy that end result–even if you do not yet see it in the mirror.

You may be surprised at how that belief can pay off. Before you know it, you might manifest a specific diet, a workout plan, or another practice that finally gets you to the body you always wanted.

You can do the same thing when it comes to transforming your mind. 

4. Become a better version of yourself.

Do you sometimes wish you related to other people differently–that you behaved toward others in a way that is consistent with your core beliefs and values?

While much of that comes down to choice, there is no denying that it can be hard to overcome our own internal programming and approach our behavior in a fresh way.

But imagine that you already are the ideal version of yourself, choosing right actions in all situations.

You will still make mistakes. But chances are good that you will find the self help resources and insights you need much faster this way to become a better you.

Plus, the assurance you project will be contagious, and others will respond to it in a positive way.

5. Remove money blocks

remove money blocks using strong assumption

Money and abundance can be a challenge and obstacle for people to achieve their goals and live the life they deserve. However, the Law of Assumption is designed to help us overcome these money blocks.

Before you start visualizing how much money you want, make sure you know what your goals are. You also need to know what is blocking your success from happening – like fear or limiting beliefs about money blocks.

Money blocks are patterns of thinking that prevent us from having a lot of wealth in our life or achieving a goal that we have set out for ourselves.

They can be anything from “I don’t deserve more” to “I shouldn’t bother trying because it will never work anyway.”

Rather than that, think of money as a good friend who visits you always. Build an assumption that you have a lot of it and persist with it. One can also use Vision boards to power this assumption further. 

Visualize before going to sleep and right after waking up, as this helps to get the assumption into subconscious mind much faster and helps one manifest money.

Now slowly as your assumption gets stronger and make sure to persist with it. Life would change one day out of no where and the assumption would become a reality. All that matters is you persist with the assumption.

An Overview of the Law of Assumption

You are one with the Universe. The power of your imagination is God. Your desires are within your grasp. It can take some time to reprogram your subconscious mind to believe these things.

But according to Neville Goddard’s teachings, doing so is the first step to putting the Law of Assumption to work in your life.

Practice assuming that your deepest wishes are already fulfilled. Cultivate absolute trust in the Universe–which is the same as absolute trust in yourself.

Walk in the world with confidence and gratitude, knowing that as yourself “pushed out,” the outer world must manifest your will.

Before long, you will discover your true power, manifesting faith as action and feeling as freedom. May the Universe be a beautiful mirror to your limitless imagination. Happy manifesting!

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