Law of Detachment: Release to Receive from the Universe

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Law of detachment

“True detachment isn’t separation from life but the absolute freedom within your mind to explore living.” – Ron. W. Rathbun

Attraction and detachment. At first glance, they seem like polar opposites. The idea that you can attract what you desire most by detaching from the outcome appears counterintuitive.

But if your manifestation methods have been failing, it could be that the Law of Detachment is the secret ingredient you are missing.

In this guide, you will discover how letting go through detachment opens you up to the dazzling possibilities the Universe has in store for you. What you end up manifesting may even far exceed your expectations.

What is the Law of Detachment?

Here is the Law of Detachment philosophy: If you want something, stop trying to obtain it.

In fact, the Law of Detachment is one of the universal laws, together with others like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Assumption, and the Law of Compensation.

As explained at Chopra, “In our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.”

○ The Law of Detachment: the Hidden Secret to the Law of Attraction

the Hidden Secret to the Law of Attraction and detachment

You probably know that the Law of Attraction teaches us that we can manifest what we desire by focusing on it. How can it also be true that we manifest what we desire by letting go?

The key to understanding how both universal laws coexist and work together is to realize that “detachment” is not what you think.

When you practice the Law of Detachment, you still want something. But instead of trying to rigidly force the Universe to manifest it as you expect it, you rather trust the Universe to provide in its own time and its own way.

How Does the Law of Detachment Work?

Imagine that you are trying to manifest your specific person. If you practice only the Law of Attraction, you tell the Universe, “I want to be with my specific person. Here is a list of their specific traits. I want exactly this person, and I want them by this date.”

You then focus your full intent upon your wish, and you do so consistently, day after day. If that person does not manifest by the deadline you set, you may feel disappointed and angry. It might seem as if the Law of Attraction has failed you. But the Law of Detachment suggests you are standing in your own way.

When you practice the Law of Detachment, you tell the Universe, “I want to be with my specific person. Here are the traits I am looking for and the timeline I want. But I trust you to provide me with the best person at the right time.”

○ Have Faith, and the Universe Will Provide

The Law of Detachment is not about apathy or indifference to your desires—it is about faith in the Universe.

Richard Bach once compared human beings to clouds in the sky, unaware of what compels our movements. But as he explained, the “sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind all clouds.”

In this metaphor, the sky is the Universe, and it can see further than you can right now. You might think you know the ideal outcome to your wish, the perfect other cloud you want to be with.

But the Sky may see a cloud that is even better for you. When you release the tiller, you can catch the true winds the Universe wants to steer you by instead of fighting those winds with your inflexible expectations.

○ Focus on Other Things. Let the Universe Take Care of You

Let the Universe Take Care of You

When we constantly focus our attention on something, sometimes, it points toward underlying doubts. We worry that if we let ourselves focus on other things, the Universe will forget about us.

Know that the full power of the Universe is always on your side, actively helping you, hour by hour, minute by minute. That is true no matter what you are paying attention to in the present moment. 

In fact, just by turning your attention elsewhere, you are telling the Universe, “I know you are working hard to bring me what I want, and I feel gratitude for all you are doing for me.”

○ Why the Law of Detachment is the Principle of Freedom

Sometimes, the Law of Detachment is called the “Principle of Freedom.” What is in a name? Quite a lot, actually, as this name reveals another secret dimension to how the Law of Detachment works.

If we apply the Law of Attraction rigidly without the Law of Detachment, we try to force solutions based on limited vision. We try to squeeze the living Universe into a narrow box of what we think is right.

But when we do that, we not only try to limit the Universe but also limit ourselves. We put ourselves in a cage of restricted possibilities and then wonder why we stay trapped, and our dreams do not come true.

Uncertainty is the lifeblood of possibility. Embracing it through detached involvement in your desires liberates you from jumping into the flow of opportunity. That magical current will carry you to shores beyond your imagination. Indeed, this concept is closely related to Divine Timing.

How to Use the Law of Detachment in Your Everyday Life

Law of Detachment in Your Everyday Life

Here is a mundane example to illustrate the Law of Detachment at work. Say you order at a restaurant and receive a different dish than you requested. If you are attached to your original order exactly as it was, you will bark at the server to replace it, wait extra time for your order, and alienate the server and cook in the process. You will go home frustrated.

Now suppose you embrace the Law of Detachment. Instead of demanding your original order, you think, “What if this is what I really want to eat?” You thank the server, give it a try, and discover a new favorite meal.

Moreover, the cook appreciates your forgiveness of mistakes and your better attitude than other customers. So, they send you a free dessert each time you come back (yes, this is based on a true story).

You can apply this same wisdom to any area of life. Returning to our original example of trying to attract your specific person, maybe the relationship you imagined is not the right one for you. The Universe sends you someone different than you expected.

Embracing the Law of Detachment, you give that person a try–and realize you have just met your true soulmate. Had you clung to your original expectations, however, you might have let a lifetime of love slip through your fingers!

An Overview of the Law of Detachment

The Law of Attraction is powerful. But by itself, it is only one part of the equation of manifestation.

All too often, the roadblocks we face do not reflect on our abilities or stem from negative emotions. It is just that we are underestimating the true potential of the Universe.

Ultimately, the Law of Detachment is about letting go of limited expectations to align yourself with the limitless possibilities of existence. When you flow with the Universe, you allow its power to flow through you. You then can create a wondrous life that only the Universe itself could have planned for you.       


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