Bay Leaf Manifestation: Simple and Powerful LOA Ritual

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“Fire is the voice of god, speaking in tongues … Fire is the illuminator, the protector, the destroyer, and the giver of all life.” – Thomas Lloyd Qualls

For most beginners, the challenge of law of attraction manifestation is not picturing what one wants. Most of us do that every day. Instead, the challenge is focusing one’s intent. We may have a difficult time getting into the mindset where all things are possible.

There are an abundance of manifestation methods, but methods involving rituals remain most powerful. Ritual is a powerful tool for achieving that mindset, which helps to connect with our higher self and the magic of the universe.

One simple ritual you can bring into your own manifestation practices involves bay leaves and fire. In fact, you probably already have everything you need for bay leaf manifestation technique to work waiting for you in your kitchen.

What Properties Make Bay Leaves Ideal for Manifestation?

Bay leaves have become an essential supply in many metaphysical cupboards due to its powerful or magical properties. Because this powerful herb is similar to the bay laurel tree, it is linked with the Greek god Apollo, who wore a crown of bay leaves.

It is associated with victory, as it was customary to crown the heads of champions in Greek and Roman arena events with such leaves. Moreover, the Indian government writes that smoke of the bay leaf, “when inhaled, calms the body and the mind.”

The reason for this is due to the presence of chemical linalool. Fresh leaves are found to be having anti-inflammatory properties and there is research showing that inhaling the linalool compound can have an anti-anxiety effect.

So, if you have a tendency to worry a lot when you try to manifest, you might find this property helpful. It might help to quell some of your doubts and get you into the relaxed frame of mind you need for successful manifesting

The Indian government also says, “Although there is no medical research to prove this, patrons also associate bay leaf smoke with more focused meditation.”

So, incorporating bay leaves into your manifestation rituals means using an herbal aid that can bring calm and focus while tapping into the ancient association of bay leaves with victory.

What You Need to Manifest With Bay Leaves

The bay leaf ritual requires the following items:

  • One or more dried bay leaves
  • A pen or marker
  • A lighter, match or candle
  • Flashlight & Essential oil (optional)
  • Tweezers
  • A fireproof bowl or fire pit

Note: One don’t need to make it a new moon ritual or full moon ritual, and complicate it. The energy of the universe is always in action and the bay leaf manifestation ritual can be done any day and anywhere (indoors and outdoors). You just need somewhere safe to put your bay leaves after you light them on fire. If you do it outdoors at night (which can be an amazing experience), bring a flashlight along. 

4 Steps to Manifest With Bay Leaves

Manifesting with bay leaves is a simple four-step process. In fact, it is so fast and easy that you can carry it out with minimal preparation, even if you only have a few minutes available. In fact, consider keeping the basic supplies together in a plastic bag, ready to go. When you are ready to manifest, you can just grab them and get right to it.

Step 1: Imprint your wish on the leaf

Bay leaf manifestation

You probably already know what you want, since you are looking up a ritual to help make it happen. So, close your eyes for a moment, focus on whatever that is, and then write it on the whole bay leaf like you are imprinting it. Do so in present tense (you are “scripting,” as you would in a manifestation journal).

As an example, let’s say what you want to manifest is your specific person (SP). Instead of writing, “I want my SP to appear,” you would write, “My SP is here with me.” 

Just the process of writing your wish down on the dry bay leaf with positive energy will bring you further focus. After all, you need that focus in order to express your entire wish as one brief sentence that fits on the leaf. 

Step 2: Sync with the universe

Now that you have your bay leaf with your wish on it, hold it in your hands for a few moments. Read the wish, feel the texture of the leaf, be in the present moment

Look around you. One reason this ritual is amazing to do outdoors is because you are surrounded by the beauty of nature. If you are sitting outdoor at night by a fire pit, switch off your flashlight and look up at the stars. Revel in the wonder of the Universe, say some simple prayers.

Take deep breaths and know you are connected to all of it. Let go of all current worries knowing that all stars are on your side, witnessing your wish, doing all that they can to make it come true.

Thank the stars above, the Earth beneath you, and the divine power that weaves through both for all they are doing on your behalf. Tell them that you know how hard they are working to make the wish on your bay leaf come true. This is the most important step in clearing all negative energy and set in a positive intention.

Step 3: Burn your bay leaf

Burn bay leaf

Now, burn the bay leaf. When you do this, the leaf itself and the words and intent you have transcribed upon it undergo a state change (Bay leaf spell). The particles vibrate at a higher frequency, converting into ash and smoke. The primal power of fire can create or destroy, so it is ideal for creating the state change you want in the Universe. 

You can use a lighter, candle, or match to ignite the leaf. A campfire is just fine too! To stay safe, use tweezers instead of holding the leaf in your hand as you light it.

At the moment your leaf ignites, you can say another prayer or thank-you, imagine your wish coming true, or even just clear your mind and feel the healing energy and watch the flames. 

Make sure you drop the burning leaf into a safe container, like a fire pit or fireproof bowl like ceramic bowls.

Step 4: Scatter the ashes.

You will have a chance to watch as the smoke dissolves into the air. Now your wish is part of the sky. Gather the remaining ashes, and scatter them. Now your wish is part of the Earth.

What is the best place to scatter the ashes? That depends on where you live and what feels right to you.

Some people like to dig a hole in the soil and bury them. Others like to go to a river or lake and release them over the water. Still others might simply walk to a beautiful spot and let the wind catch the ashes and carry them where they may, trusting that they will land where the Universe deems best.

Once again, it is up to you what you think about when you are scattering the ashes. You can again picture your dream coming true, express gratitude, or just enjoy the scenery.

Another idea is to take this moment to practice detachment. As you release the ashes from your hands, you can also release your desires.

Doing so is in alignment with the Law of Detachment. According to this law, if you want to receive something, you need to let go of your attachment to whether or not it happens. That attachment is actually just doubt in disguise. When you let go of it, you are replacing it with faith.

Send Your Desires Out Into the Universe

Think of bay leaf manifestation process a little bit like the Universe’s postal system. Just choosing the bay leaf for this ritual is addressing your wish to the highest power. Then you write your message and ignite the leaf and scatter the ashes to “mail” it to the Universe. 

Now, it is just a matter of waiting for what you want to manifest. If there are any concrete actions that you can take toward making your dream come true, you should do so. You, too, are part of the magic of the Universe, and your own actions may be one of the instruments through which the Universe delivers your desires.

Enjoy bringing the ancient power of bay leaves into your manifestation spiritual journey!

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