How to Use Manifestation Journal (5 powerful Templates)

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“Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.” – Jen Williamson

Manifestation Journal template

A journal is one of the most powerful tools you can use as part of your manifestation journey. Using this method together with other manifestation techniques can help create a powerful manifestation experience.

Whether you write with a pen on paper or type into a word processor, journaling allows you to focus your negative or positive thoughts, hone your intentions, and laser in on the life you desire.

In this post, we will share 5 step FREE printable manifestation journal templates with you so you can put the transformative power of the written word to work in your own life.

What is a Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal is exactly what it sounds like—a journal you use to help you manifest what you desire. It is not just a journal with a manifestation list. It is a real, powerful tool that you can use to bring your dream life into existence.

Keeping this kind of journal is not the same as keeping a general-purpose diary; we will explain the differences later in our section about what should go into your manifestation journal ideas. But the most important thing is that a dedicated manifestation journal is maintained separately from the regular journal.

Learning how to write manifestations comes very handy for writing in manifestation journals.

Different Types of Manifestation Journals

There is not just one type of manifestation journal. Both the contents of your journal and the medium can differ depending on the techniques that are right for your personality and goals.

A manifestation journal can be:

  • A handwritten diary in a regular notebook
  • A handwritten journal in a ready-made manifestation journal (if you look online, you can find these for sale)
  • A journal you write by hand on printable pages with helpful prompts (like the free printable we are offering further on in this post).
  • A journal you type in your word processor.
  • A diary that incorporates images of the good things you want
  • A multimedia journal (for some people, recording audio files or video logs might be suitable; just do what works for you).

Additionally, you can consider a journal that helps you to manifest your biggest goals using a specific method, like the 555 method, 369 method or other manifestation methods.

Why Keep a Manifestation Journal?

There are so many ways that keeping a manifestation journal can benefit you on your journey toward creating the life of your dreams.

For starters, let’s consider the obvious practical benefits. Journaling techniques offer you a way to organize your random thoughts, which can help you prioritize what to pursue. It also provides you with a means for tracking your successes, which can encourage you as you work toward manifesting other things.

It can also be easier to be fully honest with ourselves while keeping a private journal in some cases. If we cannot be transparent about our motivations, we cannot manifest effectively. We must know not only our true desires but also the internal injunctions that hold us back.

When we write about ourselves, we sometimes have a bit of a psychological buffer, a sense of detachment. In doing so, we can create a little healthy detachment with our goals. Ironically, the Law of Detachment means that we actually may pull them closer by doing so.

But a manifestation journal is not just about positive thinking. It is also about doing. The very act of opening your journal, turning the pages, and putting pen to paper becomes a ritual and produces positive energy.

It focuses your subconscious mind and screens out distractions, immediately putting you in a “manifestation mindset.” There is literal power in that mindset. As the Law of Attraction teaches us, we draw into our lives what we focus on. 

What Should Go Into a Manifestation Journal?

Exactly what you include in your manifesting journal or Law of attraction journal depends on your method and what you find most effective. But the following recommendations offer a suitable starting point. Over time, you can customize these components to ideally fit your personal manifestation work style.

Free Download Templates lower down this page.

Step 1: Your Future is in the Present Moment

Vision for the future

To begin your manifestation journal, devote a few pages to exploring your motivations, narrowing down your goals, and stating your desires. This journal is known as the vision board journal.

The key to scripting is this: write in the present tense. Yes, you are writing about the future, but you want to phrase your goals as if you have achieved them already.

Imagine that you want to meet your specific person (SP). Instead of writing, “I desire to meet my SP,” you write, “I have met my SP.” Then, go into more detail.

For instance, you could elaborate, “I met my SP, and now, we live together. I finally have the compassion, acceptance, and closeness I have always wanted in a relationship. Every night, I fall asleep feeling warm and cozy in the knowledge that next to me is someone with whom I am truly safe.”

The reason writing in the present tense is extra-powerful is because it is a way of invoking the Law of Assumption. Writing and thinking as if you already have your SP should result in that reality “hardening into fact,” as Neville Goddard would put it.

On a regular basis, you are going to need to circle back to your scripting. As you achieve your goals, you will want to take notes about how it all unfolded. You then will want to write down new goals.

Step 2: Plans and Strengths

Plans and strengths

Setting your intentions is just the start of the manifestation practice; you also need to take concrete action in the world. So, after you do your scripting, it is time to write down specific, realistic plans that you can carry out in a timely fashion. As with your goals, you may need to revisit your plans in the future.

In fact, along with long-term goals and plans, you can record short-term plans and goals for each week or even each day.

This is also a great way to take stock of your assets. What do you already have on your side in terms of your personal strengths and abilities? And what about the tools and connections the Universe has already put in your hands?

Step 3: Write Effective Affirmations


Most of us are carrying around a lifetime of negative beliefs and assumptions, many of them about ourselves. Those limiting beliefs impact us every day of our lives, sabotaging our efforts toward success. So, it can help to give ourselves a different narrative through positive affirmations.

Let’s say your ex hated one of your traits, and as a result, you believe no one can ever love you. As a random example, let’s say it is that you are really analytical. As a result, your ex said you “over-thought things.”

Your current belief could be expressed as, “I am an obsessive over-thinker, and people hate that. I can never live harmoniously with anyone. I am doomed to be alone for the rest of my life.”

But logically, that is not true. Your ex’s feelings about “over-thinkers” probably stemmed from before you ever met and reflected more on them than on you. Understanding that will really help you get the most out of your positive affirmation.

Here is a positive affirmation to replace the negative belief: “I am so analytical because I deeply care about things, and I enjoy exploring every facet of them. The world is full of billions of people and incredible diversity. Somewhere out there is someone who loves that trait, and is searching everywhere for someone just like me.”

Statistically speaking, the belief above is far more likely to be true than the negative thoughts one you keep telling yourself.

Writing down daily affirmations in your journal can help you to replace negative, irrational beliefs with more constructive, realistic beliefs. Soon, those beliefs will manifest in your life. As above, so below.

Step 4: Power of Gratitude

Gratitude Journal

On the subject of beliefs, one of the most vital beliefs you can have during the manifestation process is that the Universe is actively working to help you at all times. And do you know what one of the most effective strategies is for reinforcing that belief? Gratitude.

Expressing thanks should be one of the first manifestation journal prompts in your journal each day for all the wonderful things the Universe has brought you already.

Remind yourself, “Look how many amazing things have already happened for me. The evidence that the Universal Law works hard to bring joy and wonder into my existence is all around me. That is how I know that a lot of power in the Universe is working hard to manifest my will now.”

Making this gratitude list vibrates positive vibrational energy, which is one of the most simple yet powerful manifestation techniques. Making a daily habit of gratitude journal can emit a lot of positive emotion and releases mental blocks.

Step 5: A Mindset of Reflection

reflection Journal

Unlike an ordinary journal, a manifestation journal is more about the future than the past. But each day, you can also use a little space in your journal to reflect on what that day has brought and how you reacted to it.

Learning from experience is what unlocks the door to wisdom. Every bit of knowledge you gain adds to your power. So, explore your past as you plan your future with a growth mindset.

5 Free Printable Manifestation Journal Templates

Are you ready to supercharge your manifestation journaling with the focus and clarity of the written word? We’ve made it easy for you to get started by putting together 5 free journal templates for each step mentioned above.

Download Templates: Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4 | Step 5

Just print it out as many copies you need, batch them together in groups for day-to-day use, and you will be ready to start writing.

Further, with a constant practice of using manifestations journals, one will be able to get into a space where they will be able to write their manifestations in a very short sentence. This will come in very handy for techniques like manifestation involving Bay Leaf.

Write the Life You Desire Into Reality

The power of your mind to transform your external world is nothing less than the creative process of the Universe itself. But unleashing that potential in the most life-changing way requires laser focus.

Your manifesting process via journaling practice is the lens that gives you that focus every single day. Each time you write in it, the world you are in today seems to fade to the backdrop, and the world you write about through your scripts comes to life in your imagination.

Your imagination is like a vehicle, and your scripts are like the coordinates you are programming in to fly to your destination.

Before long, you will truly be turning the pages in your life, freeing yourself from the past to embark into the endless possibilities of tomorrow. The blank pages of the future await. It is up to you to fill them in.

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