How to Be a Better Man? 15 Tips to Improve Manhood

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How to be a better man

Manliness consists not in bluff, bravado, or loneliness. It consists of daring to do the right thing and facing consequences whether it is in matters social, political or other. It consists in deeds not words.” – Mahatma Gandhi

You’ve always got to consider making a change in life, as that’s the only way you’ll learn how to be a better man. We aren’t ever born perfect and there are always improvements to be made, but most of you reading this aren’t sure how to approach that process; the most important part is that you’re ready to go through self improvement!

If you take full responsibility of your current situation and how you can change things for the better, then it is much simpler than you may think, as long as you’re willing to work for it. Removing your mental errors and negatively impacting actions, is the first step you’ll need to take while trying to improve your manhood.

Without proper guidance, it’s a journey that can seem fruitless at times. Thankfully, we are going to shed some light on how you can walk this path with peace. Hopefully, we are able to point you in the right direction and you can take our tips to heart.

Be strong, but also be willing to learn from the error of your ways and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Masculinity Crisis: 21st Century Crisis

Masculanity Crisis

Young men are facing Masculinity Crisis. Men are becoming more feminine over time, or so it would seem. Some people look at this as a positive trait, as they’re able to get in touch with their “feminine side”, but what about the natural balance of man and woman?

When times began, things were simple when compared to modern society. There weren’t any pronouns to worry about, and “gender fluidity” would never even be considered back then.

○ Men struggling to find their place

As we progress and build a stronger society, it only makes sense to keep everybody equal. We are all for the trans-movement and equal rights, but we also understand the importance of maintaining your manliness in the 21st century.  

As we stated before, many men are in a predicament these days. It feels as if expressing yourself as a successful man is wrong to do, and if you aren’t correctly referring to gender-fluid people by their proper pronouns, you’re trying to tear apart society.

Men have no clue where their place is in the world anymore. There isn’t a clear-cut answer, because the lines of being a “male” are blurred by the minute.

○ Masculinity is not about dominance and aggression

Most people believe that men are all about power and aggression, trying to assert dominance whenever possible. That isn’t the case at all, although that’s what it feels like the media is trying to portray i.e. toxic masculinity.

It’s a narrative that we’ve become familiar with, and it leads many men to live a much more aggression-prone lifestyle. If you only knew what it truly meant to be manly! It’s not about being a hulking figure that can lift tons of weight, or even somebody who’s good with power tools – it’s about much more than that. 

The Tip List: 15 Ways to Become a “Better Man” 

1. Lift Weights: Take care of your body

Lift Weights

Your body is the vessel in which your soul experiences this life, and your mental well-being can start with your physical form.

If you’re sitting around on the computer all day and eating junk food, you’re going to feel it on a physical level. You are what you eat, as they say, so improving your diet is one of the most important steps associated with self improvement.

Finding perfection on both a physical and mental level can be difficult, but it’s definitely achievable. If you’re willing to work at it and remain patient, you’re bound to see the results you’ve been craving this entire time.

Your body deserves better. By treating it better, you’ll be living a healthier (and more importantly, stronger) lifestyle – and we all know how much manliness can be associated with physical strength. 

2. Do More “Manly” Things! 

All too often do we find that our readers are getting into activities that aren’t even close to being manly. There’s a significant difference between somebody who is a full-grown man and someone who appears to be immature. It’s a good way to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Immature individuals can do manly things just as often, but they aren’t going to do it with the same sort of passion and emotion as a man would. By engaging in activities that surround you with fellow men and serving others to build a bond, you’re bound to feel more like a man in no time at all.

There are times when it can come down to something as simple as knowing how to read body language and assert your dominance. Whether it’s picking up a recreational sport, taking on a construction project, or just going hunting with your buddies; becoming a better man is a journey of personal development.

There are plenty of unique and bond-worthy experiences for any successful real man to get into out there. 

3. Bear the Burden of Family

Bear the burden of family

You’re supposed to be the breadwinner of your family, and that comes with more than just a responsibility to provide financially.

If you aren’t emotionally present when it comes to problems at home, you cannot consider yourself a good man or pillar of strength to the family. There’s a reason why present fathers who do hard work to give their family a great life gain respect, regardless of what industry they work in.

If you’re capable (and willing) to bear the burden of family, you’re going to realize just how strong and manly you can be (self-awareness). Your manhood can rely directly on how your family feels about you because if they feel let down in any manner, your mission in life as a strong man is not successful. 

Whether it’s financial issues, deaths, moving to a new town, or anything else you can think of, there are going to be times where you’ll need to stand strong for your family. If you’re capable of doing this, well, there’s not much to say about you lacking manliness. 

4. Stop giving your power away

Many men give their power away without even realizing it, and it’s all due to the way we perceive men in modern society. We believe that they should bear the load of most problems in life, as they were built strong to do so.

But we’ve also gotten to the point where “gender equality” is starting to emasculate our current generation. Maintain control over your life by leaning into your power!

There are more men wearing make-up and painting their nails, but not identifying as a gender-fluid person or somebody who prefers the same sex. Then again, We’ve seen plenty of gay men who were strappingly handsome and doing some of the manliest stuff you’ve ever seen!

The point is that you need to stop giving your power away. If you feel defeated before you even begin to unfold what life has to offer, how can you approach things with confidence? Hone your power and keep it close to your heart, as it’s the one thing that society cannot take away from you (ever!). 

5. Stop being a man-baby

stop being a man baby

We understand that growing up is tough, especially when you’ve grown in a comfort zone. There are many of your reading this who probably still live with your parents, and while that isn’t a problem in itself (because saving money is never a bad thing!), it prevents you from living an independent life.

Life purpose is easy to find when you have to fend for yourself.

We never look at men as being people who stay with their parents well into their 30’s, and there are many of you out there dealing with that right now. Some of you may even have the means financially to move out on your own but are too scared to take that leap – if that’s the case, this section applies to you even more.

Life is all about growth and having winning mentality in every facet possible. This means that the only way you’ll truly develop as a man is by experience life on your own; if your parents are by your side throughout the majority of it to clean up your mess, what’s the point?

Man-children all over the world need to look in the mirror and get serious about what they’re doing because you’ve only got one life to live. The real world won’t be as forgiving as your mother!

6. Face the Pressures of Life Head-On

If you think that you can work around the pressures that life has to offer without any repercussions, think again. As the quote from Gandhi at the beginning of this article would suggest, it’s about much more than just looking manly or being strong. 

Accept people for who they are, allowing them to live their own way. If you aren’t willing to face your problems in life head-on, you’re only prolonging the issue. Men aren’t the kind of people who linger on things, especially if you’re looking to take on a leadership role in life.

As many men that have ruled before we did, it’s important that you never fold in the face of adversity. This is a key component to any alpha males or successful people in general.

When times are tough and you feel a bit scared, you have no other choice but to use that fear and fuel your actions. There are many people scattered throughout time that died for what they believed in, and many would say that’s the ultimate act of manliness. 

7. Remain Accountable for Your Actions

be accountable for your actions

You cannot be the kind of person who does one thing and then expects the consequences to be irrelevant. If you feel like you’re the only person on this planet that matters, we’ve got a news flash for you: that’s not the case. 

There are billions of people in the world and nobody is going to treat you like a VIP unless you’ve got plenty of money and power to back that up. The only thing in life that you have to remain accountable for are your actions and yours alone.

Any man who is worth their weight will remain accountable, no matter how daunting the outcome may happen to be.

If you’re looking for a way out as soon as things go south, you’re what we call a coward around these parts. Do you think that acting like a coward is going to help improve your worth as a man in any way? don’t think so. 

8. Learn the art of saying “No”

Have you ever met a “pushover” in your life? You know, somebody that you can bully around and make do whatever you want. Those people aren’t going to be what we consider “manly” by any means, and those are the precise individuals you should strive to avoid building a relationship with.

Then again, once you’ve developed your skills in the art of saying “No”, it’s only a matter of time before you can use a pushover to your advantage.

The strapping handsome men we see in suits walking down the streets of New York know how to take advantage when the opportunity presents itself, and they also know how to refuse something.

The ability to say no is much tougher to develop than you might think, but it’s a powerful skill that can be used in almost any aspect of life. Whether it’s business, family, friends, or anything else, saying no at the right time can be a massive benefit.

It can also be difficult to do, but that’s what makes it one of the manliest things you could achieve in life. A great man who understands his worth will say “no” to anything they disagree with.

9. Keep Control of Your Envy and Anger 

keep control of your envy and anger

We all have some sort of envy or anger to control in our lives, and for the most part, the most respected men on the planet will never waver in that regard.

You wouldn’t ever see President Obama break down while talking to the press about tough questions, or a Marine talking about his time spent overseas; they’re men, and they willingly choose their paths and be more mature.

Not only that, but they understood the consequences that came along with the path they chose. By keeping control of your envy and anger, you never give anybody else power over you – it doesn’t matter how much money they’re flaunting or how badly they’re trolling you online.

By losing control, you’re simply handing it over to “them”. Always remain in control of your envy and anger, because that’s the only way anyone will ever retain power over you. 

10. You’ve Got to Give Respect, to Get Respect 

Some of the most successful men you’ve ever heard of have plenty of respect, but they understand that it’s a two-way street.

If you think that you’re going to be the all-powerful man that has plenty of respect but gives out none in return, you’re in for a rude awakening. You cannot expect respect in this world without returning the favor.

Remember, there’s always going to be a “bigger man” to worry about in life. Regardless of how high up you’ve managed to climb in building masculine energy, there will always be somebody else above you that demands respect – if you’re finding it hard to do so, odds are you won’t last very long.

It’s important to understand that there’s more to life than “unlimited respect”, especially when you don’t understand how to give it yourself.

Appreciate what people have to say, genuinely soak up their opinions and remember, being kindness matters. If you don’t treat others well in life, you can expect to get the same in return!

There’s a reason why highly-respected men who have shown themselves to be humble are often the favorite

11. Listen more than you speak 

listen more than you speak

If you don’t have anything good to say, you may as well say nothing. Nobody wants to hear your opinion when it’s going to negatively impact their views, which is why you have to be constantly listening. 

Listening more than you speak is the only way to understand what people want from you. After a hard day at work it can be tough to come home and hear your wife “nagging” at you, but listen to what she’s saying.

She’s likely just decompressing and venting to you about her day, or talking about something important that has to do with your lives. Only speak with good intent, because putting negative energy in the air isn’t going to be good for anybody within your inner circle.

Men who understand that listening is just as important as talking will go much further in life, and that’s just a fact. 

12. Man up and tell someone you love them

When was the last time you genuinely told somebody that you loved them? Think back to when the last time you told your father “I love you” was, as most modern males don’t get a chance to do that.

Manliness can be toxic at times, but that’s why we’re here today; We’re trying to show you how to how to be a better man and express without coming off in a toxic manner.

Love is what makes life worth living, so why wouldn’t you grab someone you love and tell them such?

Whether it’s your spouse, sibling, parents, or even friend, telling them that you love and appreciate them is likely going to boost their mood. Not only that, but it lets them know you’re okay with expressing how you truly feel at any given moment.

Real men who understand the importance of communication and love often make for a better spouse as well, so if that’s your “end goal” as a man, you’d better start practicing now. 

13. Become a Leader When the Situation Calls For It

become a leader

Most of the leaders we’ve learned about during school were men, and that’s because men are natural-born leaders. We are the ones who lead the pack into war, ready to put our bodies on the line for what we believe in!

There have been thousands, if not millions of leaders in the past, all of which rose the occasion when their name was called.

Think about how many tribespeople took on the role of leader before society was truly developed. When all we were doing were throwing spears and trapping animals, there was always an alpha leader to look toward for directions. Regardless of what they said, the tribe would follow because they respected them so much.

○ Men Are Leaders for a Reason

If you’ve ever wanted to understand why most leaders are men, take on the role for yourself. While we would never suggest that women cannot be leaders, it seems as if nature built men perfectly for this role. We are strong both physically and mentally, and being a leader can be draining at times.

It’s a scary thought, as you can make a decision that will potentially impact more than one person. That’s what being a leader is all about though, as making tough decisions is what they do best. 

Expressing your opinions in your own words, but also respecting the other words and opinions, is a must when you’re looking to lead.

Knowing that you’ll be the “end all, be all” of your tribe/family is a tough thing to digest, but it’s a must when you want to truly become a wise man. 

14. Strive to Become Someone That People Look Up To

Growing up we had plenty of role models to consider, most of which were likely professional athletes. Many grew up wanting to play in the NFL, and were obsessed with stars like Bo Jackson – he was such a powerful specimen on the field, but quiet and humble off of it. 

Many looked up to Bo Jackson so much that they wore the same number, played the same position, and even had the same haircut at one point.

They wanted to be him in every single way possible, and that’s because he was the ultimate role model. When he got injured, Many were devastated – and actually gave up football because they weren’t very good and only played because of their hero.

The power that you can give people by becoming a role model is amazing, and it will benefit you as well. You aren’t just helping people live better lives, as the joy they bring you from seeing their progress will help improve upon yours in return.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be a man that little kids (or even grown men!) look up to?

15. Never Settle and Always Bring Your “Best Self” to the Table

never settle

You only get one shot at this life, so you’ve got to do everything you can to make it a great one! When we talk about settling, we mean as a whole – you can settle for a crappy job, a worthless car, and a spouse that you can’t stand to hang around with for more than a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can live a healthier lifestyle, build a network of friends that are beneficial both mentally and physically, and strive to be the man you’ve always wanted to become.

Too often do men lose their confidence and choose to settle for less when they could have reached deep down inside themselves and found so much more.

We all deserve better in life, but we say that especially for those of you reading this. If you feel like you’ve been beaten down and want to make a change for the better, just remember to keep pushing!

Settling and remaining stagnant is one of the worst choices you could make in these fast-moving times. Never let negative emotions get the best of you, because that’s no way to live life. It will only stunt your personal growth and prevent personal development.

Overview: You CAN Change for the Better

As you can see, many things go into becoming a better man, but none of them are seemingly impossible. That’s the best part about trying to improve your manliness, there’s something that can be done for everybody!

You don’t have to stand 6’4’ with a six-pack and broad shoulders to be respected as a perfect man, as there are many people out there who have lived a worthy life without “amazing genetics”.

Happiness in life will always come from within, which is why self-assessment and self improvement are two of the most important processes to take part in. 

If you feel like you’re finally ready to make a change for the better, try to implement some of the tips we’ve talked about into your life. Go the extra mile and achieve the unthinkable!

Many men before you that have stood the test of time did whatever it took to gain respect, and keep it – but they knew how to give it back as well. If you ever hope to be one of the people we look to for leadership, these tips are bound to help point you in the proper direction. 

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