Oregano Magical Properties: Spiritual, Life & Household

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Oregano magical properties

If there are any spices in your kitchen cabinet at all, there is a good chance oregano is among them. This herb is among the most important for flavoring Italian cuisine. But it also has impressive healing properties and spiritual benefits that make it one of the powerful magical herbs

In this post, we will share why every practitioner should keep oregano around for its magical properties. 

Oregano Magical Properties

Oregano is an herb of joy, safety, and lightness of spirit. It can uplift you and help you move forward in your life no matter the pains of your past or the obstacles of your present.

○ Lighten Your Mental and Spiritual Load with Oregano

If you have been struggling with negativity lately, try breathing in the aroma of oregano. As you do, you may instantly feel some of the emotional baggage you are carrying fall away. 

Oregano helps you lighten your mental and spiritual load so you can move more freely into positive emotional states. 

  • Use a smoke wand, candle or incense of oregano to remove heaviness from the air and make your home a more elevating place.
  • While burning oregano, say affirmations like, “I am aglow with boundless optimism and joy.”
  • Hang oregano in your doorways so as you enter and leave your home, you bring positivity with you.

○ Use Oregano to Let Go of the Past

Oregano let go of past

Because oregano is so good at helping us to drop our emotional baggage, it can be useful for helping you release the past for a brighter tomorrow.

Oregano can be an especially helpful spiritual aid if you are trying to get over someone you have lost. It could be an ex-lover or friend, or even someone who has passed away.

If there is a place in your home where you have a hard time not dwelling on that person, try setting out some oregano or burning a candle infused with the scent.

○ Stimulate Conversation and Open Yourself to New Relationships 

Not only can oregano help you to sever emotional ties with your past, but it may also help you build new bonds in the present.

Try inviting a friend, family member, or prospective partner over and cooking them a delicious meal with oregano.

The energy of oregano will help diffuse tensions while opening up hearts to new possibilities.

The aura of happiness at the table will help you create lasting memories. Sometimes one good meal is the start of a new relationship, or the key to rekindling an old one.

○ Increase Clairvoyance in Sleep Using Oregano 

Increase Clairvoyance in Sleep Using Oregano 

Since oregano helps you un-tether yourself from the past and look towards the future, it makes sense that it would also have benefits for clairvoyance. Try these ideas:

  • Burn oregano. Inhale the scent, close your eyes, and affirm, “My dreams are prophetic. I will receive glimpses of the future tonight.” Then turn off your lights and go to sleep.
  • Put a small sachet of oregano under your pillow.
  • Drink some warm oregano tea before bed, infusing it with your intent for clairvoyant dreams.

If you want to increase the power of oregano for clairvoyant and restful sleep, you can pair it with mugwort and lavender

○ Safe and Smooth Journeys with Oregano

While travel can be a lot of fun, it can also come up with plenty of hiccups. If you are headed on a business trip or vacation soon, oregano is worth packing in your luggage.

In fact, you can actually bring spices and herbs with you onto planes according to TSA rules. So, you can have it as part of your carry-on.

Oregano can help you keep your spirits up in case of delays or other hassles during your trip. It will aid you in finding delight in the unexpected. 

Even if your travel plans do not unfold the way you hoped, you could very well find that some of your workarounds offer you more joyful and rewarding experiences.

Healing Properties and Household Uses of Oregano

Now that you know the spiritual benefits of oregano, we can talk about how it can benefit your health and enhance your recipes. 

○ Health Benefits of Oregano

Oregano is an herb rich in antioxidants. These beneficial compounds help to stave off the effects of aging by fighting free radicals in your body.

This herb also has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Additionally, oregano is anti-inflammatory. In fact, you can add oregano essential oil to a carrier oil to create a soothing massage oil.

Learn in more depth about the health benefits and healing properties of oregano

○ Cooking with Oregano 

Cooking with Oregano 

Oregano is one of the mainstay herbs that give Italian food its characteristic flavor. It works well with parsley, basil, thyme, onion, and garlic. 

Consider using oregano in recipes that involve chicken, tomatoes, olive oil, potatoes, zucchini, eggplant or pizza.

Oregano also can be a useful ingredient to add to various sauces and dressings. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Oregano

We have talked about how you can use oregano, but you may be wondering how you grow it and harvest it. Below, we address these and some other frequently asked questions.

Is oregano safe for cats and dogs?

Oregano can have toxic effects for dogs and cats, especially cats. For that reason, you should not leave your oregano out where your pets could encounter it.

How do you grow oregano?

You can grow oregano in well-draining soil in partial to full sunlight. But if possible, you should plant it where it will receive as much sun as possible. You only need to water it when these soil gets dry. So, it is easy to care for.

How do you harvest oregano?

You may harvest oregano just before it flowers. You should choose a stem that is six inches or longer, and cut off about two thirds of it, making the cut right over a growth node.

Is fresh or dried oregano best?

The fresh oregano has a fuller flavor profile, but dried oregano is more concentrated. So, which you should use depends on what effect you are trying to achieve in your recipes. You also could opt for fresh oregano for texture reasons, especially in cold dishes. 

How do you dry oregano?

An oven, dehydrator or microwave are the best options for quickly drying oregano. But if you are not in a rush, you can hang it to air dry. We recommend this method if you do not need to dry it immediately since it will bring positive energy to any room where you hang it.

How do you store oregano?

Storing oregano is like storing most other herbs. Either put fresh oregano in a sealed container in the fridge with a damp paper towel, or freeze it. Keep dried oregano in a sealed plastic container or bag.

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