The Magic of 1×11 Manifestation Method (Detailed Guide)

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1x11 manifestation method

If you ever looked up at the clock multiple times a week and noticed it is exactly 11:11, you have experienced the 11:11 phenomenon. If you are paying attention, you may notice that this number comes up a lot. In fact, it seems to happen with a statistically unusual frequency.

Numbers are very crucial in a variety of different manifestation methods. You can turn the power of Angel Number 11 into a road to help you reach your destination with the 1×11 manifestation method. 

With the 1×11 manifestation method, you write what you want to manifest 11 times in a row, twice a day, for 11 days consecutively. 

We will explain further down in this post exactly how to do the 1×11 manifestation method step-by-step. But first, let’s explain a bit more about why we are using the number 11. 

11 Evokes the Power of the First Master Number in Numerology

11:11 may even feel like a signpost. But it can become even more than that. Numerologist Dr. Felicia Bender explains that when 11 shows up in a numerology chart, it represents “higher spiritual purpose.” 

Basically, 11 means you are on a journey of self-mastery with the angels guiding your way. That is why we call 11 an Angel number or Master number.  

As the first Master Number, 11 is the root of all others. For example, 22 is a Master Number, and it is 11 doubled. 33 is a Master number, and it is 11 tripled. 

When 11:11 shows up on your clock, you are looking at a Master Number repeated twice. If this happens to you multiple times within a short timeframe, it could mean the angels are guiding you. In fact, it could even be a sign of divine timing.

The Best Time to Perform 1×11 Method

You will notice that the time to perform the 1×11 method for manifestation is in the morning after you wake up, and at night before you go to sleep.

Connect With Your True Desires When Your Defenses are Down

There is a very specific reason for choosing these two times a day. When you wake up, your mind is still attuned to the dream world. As you get ready to go to bed, your mind is also attuning to that world.

During these times you have a strong link to your unconscious and to the astral plane. You are less attached to the limitations of the present moment and more in touch with your spiritual nature.

That means that the defenses of your conscious mind are lower. In that state of mind, your true will is more accessible. You also may have an easier time believing in your ability to reshape reality to fit your desires.

How to Do the 1×11 Manifestation Method? (5 Steps Guide)

1x11 manifestation guide steps

It is so easy to do the 1×11 manifestation method. The only supplies you need are a pen, a piece of paper, and the power of your divine mind.

1. Choose a manifestation and phrase it in the present.

The first step is simply to decide what you want and then turn it into a simple phrase in the present tense. Some 1×11 manifestation examples include:

  • “I am living my dreams of being a world traveller.”
  • “I have achieved a new plane of spiritual awareness.”
  • “I am back with my ex and my children, and we are happy together.”

Phrasing your wish in the present tense is a way of teaching your mind to assume it has already come true. This allows you to leverage the Law of Assumption to manifest your will.

2. In the morning, write your manifestation down 11 times.

Write down your phrase 11 times in a row. Do this task without taking a break to do anything else. Concentrate fully in the moment on your desire. As you write it, know that you are invoking the angels through the number 11. 

3. At night, write your manifestation down 11 times.

At night, repeat what you did in the morning, writing the manifestation phrase 11 times.

Tip: If you happen to be late to rise and late to bed, think about starting your daily manifestation writing at 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM

4. Do the steps above for 11 days straight. 

Write your manifestations down 11 times twice daily for 11 days in a row.

5. Hold onto your manifestation mindset throughout each day. 

Try and maintain the mindset you have while writing through the course of each day. Know the angels are with you, and you are walking the path of mastery and attainment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About 1×11 Manifestation

Q: Why does the 1×11 manifestation method work?

This manifestation method works because you are calling upon Universal Laws. We already mentioned the Law of Assumption. You also are using the Law of Attraction. Writing down your desires gives you a ritual through which you can focus on your wishes, drawing them into your life. 

Additionally, the number 11 is one that is imbued with tremendous power. It is charged with your will, focus and intent, and that of every person who has ever believed in 11’s significance. 

When you use 11 as part of your manifestations, you are allowing that collective belief to serve your highest desires. 

Q: Who should use the 1×11 manifestation method?

Absolutely anyone can use the 1×11 manifestation method successfully. It may be an especially good fit for you if you like the idea of writing affirmations as a manifestation method but find other methods too demanding.

If you believe in numerology or the 11:11 phenomenon, this is also a particularly suitable manifestation method for you. Your trust in 11 will facilitate the manifestation process, casting away your doubts. 

Q: What do I do if the 1×11 manifestation method does not work? 

Sometimes, you may not get the results you are hoping for right away with the 1×11 method. That does not mean that your efforts are not working. It means that you need to remember that the Universe does things on its own timeline. 

The Law of Detachment tells us that our very doubts could be standing in the way in situations like these, and we need to release to receive. Trust in the Universe and your process. Every moment brings you closer to the manifestation of your will.


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