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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

Law of attraction is as relevant now as it always has been. You see, the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law and root of all manifestation methods– an innate working mechanism that continues to work every second of our existence, whether we take notice or not.

It all stems from the belief that we possess the ability to breathe life into our deepest thoughts and desires. No wonder this powerful law continues to be such a mystery! This is the Law of Momentum– meaning that the energy you receive is in tandem with your current vibration. 

With the right vibrational energy, you hasten your movement towards whatever it is that you desire.

Whether your desired goal is to achieve success, manifest love into your life, or attain clarity of mind through positive thinking- learning how to apply the Law of Attraction can be that one game-changer that you’ve been looking for.

What is the Essence of the Law of Attraction?

How to apply the law of attraction has always had different answers, whereas how the Law of Attraction works is no longer a novel discovery. In fact, philosophers have long held the belief that man is indeed shaped by his thoughts.

The things you think about determine the quality of your mind. Your soul takes on the color of your thoughts – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Our thoughts and the kind of energy vibrations we carry within- all culminate into vibrations that ultimately form our physical reality. And we’re talking about the workings of our intrinsic mind, our deep awareness.

The thoughts that possess this energy to shift our reality aren’t the thoughts that are forced or practiced for a certain effect. In fact, it’s those thoughts that we firmly believe in, the ones that are deeply ingrained in how we perceive the world and constitute our most inherent state of being.

○ The Law of Resonance

law of attraction resonance

Michael Beckwith, laid great emphasis on what lies at the heart of the Law of Attraction. In this discussion, Beckwith upheld the Law of Resonance to be the real ‘secret’ that fuels the Law of Attraction into effect.

Why, you might wonder? Well, his answer is clear and reasonable. The Law of attraction does not find its strength in our dominant thought but actually in our dominant identity. Let’s break this down for you.

People fail to attract things into their lives because their so-called positive thinking is often not their entire reality.

Until we embody the same feeling, the very concept and conviction of what we seek- the frequency at which our overall being vibrates will not be at par with what we wish to actualize.

In simple words, the universe does not give us what we are focused on. It gives us who we are. If we’re looking to attract something that we don’t wholeheartedly reflect and resonate with every ounce of our existence- then we’re basically aiming in the dark, and the law of attraction fails to work!

With that being said, resonating with our thoughts is impossible without assuming that they are already creating the reality we wish to live in. This is where the Law of Assumption comes into the picture.

○ The Law of Assumption

Law of assumption attraction

“Dare to believe in the reality of your assumption and watch the world play its part relative to to its fulfillment.”– Neville Goddard

Neville Lancelot Goddard, a well-known 20th-century author and teacher of self-help and mysticism, upheld the universal principle law of assumption as the keystone of his philosophy, which revolved around creating all of our experiences by refining our imagination.

Goddard emphasized first targeting beliefs and assumptions regarding a certain thing and shifting them to bring about any desired change. Our consciousness is what determines our reality; nothing exists outside of it.

By maintaining an assumption long enough, one starts to resonate with it. If we assume to be successful and persist in that assumption, we cannot fail. That is the Law.” Our desires becoming a concrete reality is of secondary importance.

This is the first and foremost rule of change- feeling and assuming that the desired change has already occurred. 

However, for assumptions to be sustained long enough to fuel them into action, there has to be a certain level of conviction and belief in place. This is precisely where the Law of Belief Thinking comes into play. This is what lies at the nucleus of it all!

○ The Law of Correspondence or Belief Thinking

law of belief attraction

In his book ‘The Power of your Subconscious Mind‘, Irish author and New Thought Minister Joseph Murphy emphasized the importance of having a belief system to attract the right things into your life.

Law of Correspondence states that, our surroundings, relationships, and life experiences are all mirrors that reflect the state of our minds and spirits. So a strong belief in something is very crucial to have proper state of mind and spirit.

In the absence of this belief, you will lack the inspiration and discipline to do what’s required for the assumption to blossom and, therefore, will fail to resonate with it. The reason being that you will not be as invested in the entire process without believing it to be true or to work.

This belief can be in God, in a higher power, or even in yourself. As long as you believe in something wholeheartedly, you will desire it truly enough to be motivated in taking the right steps to fuel it into reality.

‘The law of life is the law of belief.’ A logical explanation is that belief is like the seed you plant, which you fertilize with the right choices and actions to let it grow into your physical reality.

○ Accessing the Subconscious Mind

The images you constantly visualize and how you use your imagination will leave impressions on your subconscious mind. When you unlock this subconscious, you unlock your innate powers– all of which start dictating the direction your life will take.

What we keep picturing in the mental realm of creation or the mind’s eye is our belief- a concentrated thought or assumption about the reality we live in, and slowly the assumption will start resonating with us. 

This reality may materialize promptly or over many experiences and episodes, sometimes requiring active participation and sometimes passive- but it will always be consistent.

With this realization, we will become masters of our circumstances too. This knowledge can be liberating because once we understand that every interaction and experience we live is our own creation- we take back sole ownership of our reality into our own hands.

How to decode the Law of Attraction in everyday life

The Law of Attraction works at a very fine level-It tune into the vibrations of our thoughts, emotions, and energy.

Since quantum physics suggests that energy will attract energy with the same frequency, it goes without saying that the dominant energy we carry in our minds and hearts is what we actually end up embodying and reflecting into space.

We do not know how to apply the law of attraction in our lives because we see it as a separate rule or entity- when in fact it is a sum total of every other empowering universal principle that we strive to follow.

○ The Role of Abundance Mindset

abundance mindset plays major role

> Do away with the scarcity mindset

Let’s say you wish to manifest abundant wealth, success, or love into your life. Now you may keep wishing and even visualizing the same; however, if your dominant thought revolves around any form of negativity or scarcity in the outcome of your manifestation, then you’re already defying how the law of attraction works.

In doing so, you are functioning on a ‘scarcity mindset’ that conditions you to subconsciously believe that things might not work out for you, or you might fail in attracting what you want.

Conversely, if you have an abundant mindset that acknowledges that the Universe has plenty of that you’re asking for, then there is absolutely no shortage of opportunities for you to realize your dreams.

Not only are you complementing the law and acting as a catalyst in its effectiveness, but in fact, are co-creating with it.

○ Sharing with others the pie only gets larger

In his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, Stephen Covey explains how people view resources as limited and create negative thoughts and assumptions around the same.

If a person views competition with his colleagues or peers as a threat to his success, then that means he views success or money as a scarce resource that is not readily available for him to seize.

A person’s life with such mindset can never attract abundance or manifest through the law of attraction the desires of being prosperous because his life is already a slave to the idea of how finite his power is and that of the Universe. 

Not only does this contradict how the Law of Attraction or Law of Compensation works, as it fosters negative things instead of good and positive things, but also because it works from a place of ego; ego being one factor that has no existence in this universal law of attraction.

In Covey’s book, the author says that “By sharing with others the pie only gets larger”. This means that not only is there already enough for everyone, but also the fact that abundance is created through synergy, collaboration, and a willingness for everyone to prosper, not just the individual self.

One is All, and All is One

sharing with other law of attraction

A similar theory is also explained in the book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace De Wattles. Herein, the author talks about the ‘Monistic Theory of the Universe’, which runs on the belief that “One is All, and All is One.”

This means that with the desire for goodwill for others, we are attracting the same for ourselves, and also by creating and not just competing with others, we are more likely to be less reactive and more innovative instead.

In doing so, we become aligned with the ‘Infinite Intelligence’ of the Universe, which has boundless power and countless opportunities awaiting us.

> Positive thoughts: New Model of Reality

We fail to attract our desires because we give in to the negative energy of fear, failure, insecurity, and the like. These emotions link to past experiences, and if we feel them long enough, we even start to live in the past!

This is the old and obsolete model of reality which doesn’t work since it conditions us to live in the past and not the future, thereby keeping us from creating something new. 

However, the minute we start channelling resonance with a positive outcome of our desires, even before they manifest physically, we already start living in the future before it arrives.

This kind of thinking works in manifesting what we want because it relies on the ‘New Model of Reality‘ as explained by author and neuroscience specialist Dr Joe Dispenza.

In doing so, we fuel the Law of Attraction into effect because we embrace and surrender to the infinite possibilities of the unknown.

Feeling and thinking positively without having a clear path or clarity of the goal we desire would be like aiming in the dark! This is where the power of intention plays its role.

○ The Role of Intention

Our intention is what gives purpose and meaning to our manifestations. It’s like the compass that provides us with a clear direction to take when following our goals. It helps give value to the effort we put in and maintain the momentum with our desire, which is needed to arrive at our destination.

> Intention: Bridge between thoughts and action

Power of intention

Our thoughts might confuse emotional and intellectual indications because our hearts might say something, whilst our minds might follow a different direction. Therefore, arriving at a common mid-point between the two is crucial so as to give clear signals to the Universe in telling it exactly what we desire.

This core point is called ‘The Intention Point‘ wherein one has acute clarity of the more significant meaning behind their desires, and not just seeing it as wishful thinking.

Realizing this intention point is critical because if we do not wholeheartedly intend to manifest something we desire into reality, chances are that we will fail at it.

So then, how does one begin building this intention? In compliance with Dispenza’s New Model of Reality that we just discussed, our intention is formed from a clear image of what we want in our heads. 

In order to create this image, we need to tune into what our manifestation will feel like beforehand.

We need to ask questions like- ‘How fulfilled will I feel when I become rich? What would my body feel like if I achieve the body I desire? How happy will I feel when I am finally successful in my relationships?’ or whatever it is that we wish to achieve.

Asking these questions and feeling future emotions that will result from our manifestations coming true in advance is to assume, resonate with, and BELIEVE that they’ve already taken place. We start to condition the mind to live in our future reality in the present moment.

By having clarity of the outcome of our goals and being firm about what we want to achieve from them-we succeed in building our intentions. Then we can begin to act on these intentions.

○ Intentions help channel Positive thought

abundance mindset for law of attraction

Our intentions are bigger than our goals. This is something we discuss in our article Daily Intentions. The reason for this difference is that intentions are a more wide-reaching, sustained form of positive energy that does not waver with failure because that’s not its desired end.

Goals, when met with failure, leave us feeling defeated and deflated. If we let our self-worth and joy be defined by goals only, then we’re sure to lose inspiration sooner than we’d like to. On the other hand, intentions constitute our entire ideology in the way we deal with life- both success and failure, and how we derive meaning from it to keep us moving forth.

For the Law of Attraction to work, we need to detach from the why’s and how’s of its workings.

In moving forward with intention- we create consciously as the narrators of our reality, not victims.

○ The Role of Divine Timing

role of divine timing

The concept of divine timing has an exciting part to play in the Law of Attraction. Often we think that we need to wait for the “ideal or perfect time”, and that’s when the Universe will grant us what we desire.

However, that’s an illusion. We don’t wait to attract things; we co-create and make things happen! 

People often fail to understand that time ultimately flows from the perceiver’s end, as explained in our article Is Divine Timing real? under the theory of ‘Einstein Time’. With that being said, the quality we attribute to time also rests in our judgement and perception of it.

In other words, being divine or not is ultimately up to us. If we keep thinking that the present time is not divine enough to attract great things into our lives, then we’re already repelling the Law of Attraction.

Often when we give in to negative emotions and doubts and think that we’re going through a bad time, and nothing is going to work out for us- then we’ve just repelled any ‘divinity’ that could have been at play because we never even acknowledged it in the first place!

This is precisely what the Law of Attraction stands for as well. If we keep thinking that divine timing is a future scenario that we have to wait for, then we’re heading in the wrong direction because waiting is not creating. 

We need to actively take our life into our own hands and move with an innate conviction that the dynamics of the Universe will only work in our favour, whether we’re able to see the grand scheme of life now or later.

The Law of Attraction in a Nutshell

“If you become aware of your automatic habits and you are conscious of your unconscious behaviours, so you cannot go unconscious again, it is then that you begin changing.”- Dr Joe Dispenza

The Law of Attraction has no separate existence from other Universal Laws. It is an amalgamation of all and works as a whole when we fine-tune our mindset, intention, and perception of divinity in all that we see or do.

Simply thinking about what we wish to attract is not what the Law upholds. A deep belief in its intrinsic functioning, an acute awareness of our own thought patterns and a willingness to be conscious creators of change is what gets things moving in the right direction.

It is then that we stop reacting to life and start to choose our very own reality. When we embody this new energy that makes us feel greater than our present body, time and environment- we unlock the doors to attracting infinite possibilities and opportunities like never before!

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