How to Write Manifestations that Actually Work (Steps & FAQ)

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How to write manifestations that work

“We become what we think about. Energy flows where attention goes.” – Rhonda Byrne

When you are reading a book, you sometimes may get the feeling that you have stepped into a whole other universe. The written word has an incredible capacity to focus our minds, including our own creative and imaginative potential.

So, it comes as no surprise that writing down manifestations or “scripting” them can be a powerful manifestation technique.

In fact, if you can use your own writing to step into a new world internally, that can be the first step to doing so externally. But how to write manifestations that actually work?

How to Write Manifestations Effectively? Step by Step Guide

Connect with universe writing manifestations

Writing is an art. It takes a skilled writer to craft a universe inside the pages of a novel.

Similarly, it takes skill to write manifestations that actually work to enter the world you want in real life. Below, we tell you how to write manifestations that are powerful and life-changing.

Step 1: Start with a raw, unfiltered list

If you are writing manifestations for the first time, you need to figure out what to focus on. You might already be concentrating on just one or a few good things, in which case you can skip this step. But if you are not really sure what you want, start writing to help you figure it out.

Make a list of things you want. Anything that springs to mind can go on the list. Your goal is just to let the writing put your mind in a state of flow where it is as open and unfiltered as possible. So, do not get hung up on phrasing at this point. Just let the words fly freely out onto the page.

Step 2: Go through the list and pick what matters to you most.

Now it is time to cull the list. You can save the items you do not want to focus on now for another time; there is no need to toss them out completely. You have done good brainstorming work, after all.

Choose just several items you want to make your focus right now, or even just one. The less scattered your attention is, the easier it will be to focus your will and tell the Universe unequivocally what you want.

Turn to a fresh page if you are using your manifesting journal. Rewrite the items you decided to focus on. But this time, be mindful of your phrasing. Try to come up with the most elegant, precise, and confident way to state your deepest desires. Do it in the present tense (check the FAQ for examples).

Step 3: Sync with the feeling of already having it

Writing in the present tense is a process we call “scripting.” It allows you to enter the mindset of already having manifested what you want.

This is key because the Law of Assumption tells us that if we assume we will get what we want, then it must happen. The easiest way to assume is to think about what your mindset will be like in the future when you get what you desire, and then carry that mindset with you in the present.

Step 4: Harness the power of the Universe

It is easy to think of the Universe as something separate from us. But we are a part of the Universe, and it is a part of us. Due to this energetic alignment, the same energy that flows through the Universe also flows through us as well.

As we learn from the Law of Attraction, where we focus our thoughts and intentions is where our energy flows. That is how we pull those little things toward us, thus, manifesting goals we want by focusing on positive and building positive energy.

Another way of thinking about this is the Law of Correspondence, which states that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

That means that you have already tapped into the higher self just by beginning this process. Just by writing your intentions, you have focused your attention and started attracting what you want.

Step 5: Be grateful the Universe is ready to aid you

Out of billions of people on planet Earth, you are one of the few who know about the manifestation process. Think for a moment about just how lucky that makes you.

Once you choose to trust the Universe fully, she will embrace you like a mother greeting her long-lost child. Of course, she is always guiding you—and soon, you will know that you were never truly lost. Let the gratitude you feel for that fill you. 

Step 6: Every day, read this list with the same energy

The last step is simply to return each day to your list. Re-read the goals you have written to manifest your dream life. When you do, summon up the same energy, attune your mindset to what it will be when you have what you want, and thank the Universe for helping you.

By doing this ritual daily, you are helping to ingrain your intent in your unconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is smarter than you might realize, and can help you navigate a path to your goal. Plus, a lot of our limiting beliefs, assumptions, motivations, and attitudes involve unconscious processing.

So, if you can gradually reprogram those beliefs, it can help to rewrite your entire state of mind to one that attracts the list of your desires.

Some important FAQs Regarding Manifestation

manifesting in a sentence with pen and paper

You now know the basics of writing successful manifestations so that they actually work. Let’s answer a few frequently asked questions however, so that you can get some of the finer nuances right.

○ Manifesting In a Sentence? How to Write Them

Each manifestation you write should be a strong, clear statement of your will. It should be in the present tense as if you already have what you desire.

Short sentences are typically best, as the instant we read them, we attune our minds to the proper vibration with the help of these positive affirmations. Here are some examples:

– “I live with my specific person in my ideal relationship. All our days are full of joy.”
– “I own my own business, and with it, the freedom to set the terms for my life.”
– “I am driving my new car and have already started planning for long trips.”
– “I have a lean body and can already feel confident about wearing any type of dress.”
– “I have already met my soul mate, and now we are happily living together.”

○ Can One Use Pen and Paper for Manifesting?

You might be tempted to type on your laptop or smartphone when you write your new manifestation list, but you should try pen and paper first. Having that physical connection with the page can be powerful for many people.

Your handwriting is one of the only things that make you unique, and seeing your desires expressed in your own hand can be inspiring.

That said, if you have good feelings using your electronic device, that is perfectly okay. Whatever feels most natural and meaningful for you is what you should do.

○ Can You Manifest Someone to Text You?

Desperate for your ex to text you back, rekindling your relationship? Or maybe you are waiting to hear from a prospective client or your boss, and your career is on the line. At times like these, you might wonder if you can manifest that message you so desperately need.

Some websites will tell you “yes.” But here’s the thing—you cannot control another person through the manifestation method. Basic freedom is an inbuilt property for sentient beings in the Universe.

But you can put your desire out there into the Universe by writing it down. Just be aware that there needs to be alignment between your will and that of the person you want to contact you for it to happen.
If there is, focusing your awareness on it may help create a harmonic resonance between your energy and theirs.

The desired outcome could just be that important text you are waiting on.

○ What is the Best Time for any Manifesting Process Rituals?

It is natural to assume that the best time for manifestation rituals like writing would be when you are wide awake and fully alert in the middle of the day. After all, you figure, that is when you are most easily able to focus, right?

It may surprise you that the ideal time to write your manifestations or read them is just after waking up or right before going to sleep.

The reason is that during these times, there is a stronger bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. That is something you experience at night as you dream. But a bit of it is there lingering in that sleepy space between fully asleep and wide awake.

So, take advantage of that bridge. Your entire mind is open and receptive. And because of that strong bridge, your conscious and subconscious minds can communicate and work together effectively.

Another nice thing about being tired is that it tends to let your guard down. When you are less alert, you are often more honest. So, you may be more attuned to your true desires, including those you sublimate or repress when you are wide awake.

One can also utilize this method by adopting the same technique while using bay leaf manifestation

Scripting Your Manifestations Focuses Your Will Into a Powerful Beacon

It might seem astonishing that something as simple as a piece of paper or a notebook and a pen could transform your life. But real magic often is most effective with the simplest of tools. The entire point is that this process is accessible to everyone. It must be. We are all equally part of this amazing Universe.

So, this is a process you can start tonight. If you haven’t yet, we recommend you begin by downloading our FREE manifestation journal templates. Make writing and reading manifestations a nightly ritual, and discover how the power of the pen, paper, and focused intention can change your life.

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