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manifest specific person using law of assumption

You’ve envisioned your perfect person a thousand times in a thousand ways. You fall asleep dreaming of them at night and wake up longing for them in the morning.

There is a way to bring that person into your life, and that is through manifestation and the Law of Assumption introduced by visionary Neville Goddard.

Manifestation is a process through which we transform our current reality into our desired reality (DR) through pure thought and intent. Anyone can do it.

The Law of Assumption tells us that if we assume we will manifest our DR, then it must harden into fact. Think of it as being a bit like the Law of Attraction on steroids. This post will teach you how you can use it to manifest your specific person (SP).

What is a Specific Person?

When you hear people talking about manifesting a specific person using the Law of Assumption, you might not be sure what they mean. 

In most cases, a specific person (SP) is a specific, identifiable person you already know or are familiar with in real life. It could be a friend, an acquaintance, a celebrity, etc.

What is a Specific Person

But there are also cases where a specific person is someone you imagine. You might make a list of traits that your perfect person would have, for instance, and then manifest that person.

You can intend for the person you want to be your friend, lover, spouse, or anything else, or just to meet you.

You also can apply this same process to manifest anything else you desire in your life, be it a house or a car, your dream body, friends or something intangible.

Manifest Your Specific Person in 7 Simple Steps

It is a straightforward process to manifest any specific person in your life. Let go of your disbelief and give the following steps a try. Remember, this manifestation process can work for absolutely anyone.

1. First, know thyself.

One principle of the Law of Assumption and other Universal Laws is that you manifest not just intent but thought.

So, you must be clear with yourself about what you want to manifest and why. Unfortunately, a lot of us carry around unconscious mental baggage. This baggage can make us “poor choosers” of other people.

Study yourself and what you want. Are there any toxic patterns in your relationships, and what attracts you that you are carrying from your childhood? Let go of those patterns and figure out what will really make you happy and safe in a relationship.

2. Let go of limiting beliefs about relationships.

let go of limiting beliefs about yourself

Part of our unconscious baggage about relationships is often limiting beliefs. These beliefs shape our realities in negative ways as we go about our lives.

A simple example would be, “I am not worthy of love,” or, “A partner who doesn’t meet my needs is the best I can get.”

Examine the roots of your limiting beliefs. When you identify them and truly understand where they come from, they should dissolve on their own. Once they do, they will no longer be able to hold you back from manifesting your SP.

3. Visualize your ideal life with your SP.

This step should be easy. Whether it is a romantic relationship, a perfect friendship, or anything else you want to manifest, you probably already think about your SP constantly.

Continue to focus on those thoughts and feelings, but really try to imagine what it will be like to be with your specific person. If you can, try and picture specific moments. Concentrate not only on what happens in those moments but how they make you feel.

If you are not good at visualizing in your head, then vision board manifestation can help. So can affirmations (more on that later).

4. Take inspired action

when using the Law of Assumption to manifest your specific person; it is essential to remember that you and the Universe are one. That means this Law works through you individually as much as anyone or anything else.

take inspired action to find your specific person

To make the Law of Assumption work for you, take inspired action. For example, let’s say you want to manifest your long-time crush finally going on a date with you. If you have never ginned up the courage before, try actually asking them out.

As another example, let’s say your SP is someone you imagine but have yet to encounter. Open yourself to opportunities, and reach out through your social network. Through doing so, you may finally find your person.

5. Realign your beliefs with affirmations.

We talked about eliminating limiting beliefs, but part of succeeding with using the Law of Assumption to manifest a specific person is cultivating positive thinking.

One tool for making this happen is saying affirmations for your specific person. We will share some powerful affirmations with you later on in this post.

6. Know your specific person is waiting for you.

 The Law of Assumption states that when you assume your desired reality will manifest, it must harden into fact.

So, your next step is to get into the right mindset. Assume your specific person wants to be with you just as much as you want to be with them. 

In fact, if they also practice manifestation, they probably are trying to manifest you as well right now!

7. Persist in your assumption by trusting in the universe.

Persist in your assumption by trusting in the universe

Once you have cultivated the right mindset for manifestation through the Law of Assumption, the most important thing is to persist in your new conviction.

That means you need to hold that state of mind for every second of every minute of every day.

When you wake up in the morning, you need to awaken to the reality that you are going to be with your SP. When you fall asleep at night, it should be with the deep-seated emotional assurance that you will soon be with your person.

If you keep doing this, the Law of Assumption promises that it will “harden into fact.” The reason this works is because you are no longer second-guessing. You are trusting in the Universe/your higher self to bring you what you want.

10 Affirmations to Manifest Your Specific Person

What affirmations can you use to manifest your specific person? Here are a few powerful ones you can try. Consider writing them down when using a method like 3×33 or 55×5.

Affirmations to Manifest Your Specific Person

When you write your affirmations for manifesting your SP, they should be expressed in the present tense. This is the best way to invoke the Law of Assumption. You want to align your mindset with the belief that this is already your reality.

1. I deserve love, happiness, trust, safety and respect.

Use this affirmation to attract the right kind of relationship with your SP. If there are other qualities you want in a relationship, you can add them to the affirmation.

2. [Person] and I are so lucky to be together every day.

This affirmation puts you in the mindset where you and your SP are together. It also invokes gratitude.

3. [Person] and I have the fairytale relationship I always dreamed about.

Don’t hold back in manifesting the perfect relationship. Throw out your expectations about what is and isn’t “realistic.” You can have an ideal relationship with your SP. In fact, if you ask for less, you will get less. So, you must ask for the best.

You can personalize this affirmation by adding some details about what constitutes a fairytale relationship to you.

4. [Person] and I have a wonderful marriage. We support each other emotionally, spiritually, financially, and in every other possible way.

If there are other kinds of support you want, you can list them in this affirmation. You can also replace “marriage” with any other kind of relationship.

Affirmations to Manifest Your Specific Person part 2

5. [Person] is my best friend. Every day, I can’t wait to talk to them.

This affirmation captures the excitement of being with your SP, and how it will never wear off no matter how long you know each other.

You can replace “talk to them” with any activities you want to share with your SP. You can also replace “best friend” with a different type of relationship.

6. Every day, [Person] and I are one step closer to being together.

If you want an affirmation for the manifestation process itself (rather than its ultimate result), you can try a statement like this one.

7. I finally got to meet [Person]. They were every bit as amazing as I always imagined.

This affirmation is quite broad, and could be used to meet a friend, lover, celebrity, or anyone else.

You can replace the entire last sentence with something more specific if you know how you want the meeting to unfold.

8. I get to be myself around [Person]. They celebrate and cherish me for exactly who I am.

This affirmation is about making sure the person you manifest in your life truly is the right one for you, and that they will love the authentic you.

9. I can finally stop searching for the one, because [Person] and I are together, and I will never be alone again.

With this affirmation, you are focusing on your sense of fulfilment in the reality where you are with your SP and how different that feels from the unsatisfying reality you have left behind.

10. Every day, my relationship with [Person] just grows deeper and more magical.

Relationships are not static. Once you attract your specific person into your life, you need to make your relationship work.

This affirmation is all about your relationship with your SP over the long term being rewarding. You could replace “grows deeper and more magical” with something more specific based on what you want your future to look like.

FAQ about Manifesting Specific Person

 To close up our discussion of how to manifest your SP using the Law of Assumption, here are answers to some common questions. 

Q: How do I know if someone is manifesting me?

A: As you use the Law of Assumption to manifest your specific person, it is entirely possible they are doing the same thing. If someone is manifesting you, the signs depend on the situation.

If you did not know them before, you might meet them out of the blue and feel an unusual attraction to them.

If you already knew them, you might encounter them by “chance” more often than usual, dream about them, or have the urge to contact them.

Q: How long does it take to manifest a specific person?

A: When you are practicing the Law of Assumption, there is no specific time frame for when your wishes will be fulfilled. It could take hours, days, weeks, months or years.

Assume the feeling of success, and persist in your conviction that you are with your SP. Since the world is a projection of your consciousness, eventually, your belief must harden into fact.  

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