Whisper Method Manifestation: Steps & Success Stories

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Whisper Method Manifestation

“Faith requires following the power of a whisper.”

― Shannon L. Alder

If you’ve been anywhere near TikTok trend this year, you have no doubt heard of the Whisper Method, which has been one of the popular manifestation methodsWith the Whisper Method, you visualize yourself whispering in the ear of a person you want.

Since Sarah Perl (@hothighpriestess) posted a video explaining the technique that garnered millions of views, it’s been the method to try on TikTok.

This post will tell you exactly how to do the TikTok Whisper manifestation method step-by-step and more. But first, let’s explain a little more about this method and how to prepare for it.

What is the Whisper Method for Manifestation?

This technique for manifestation was originally created especially for situations where you want to get your specific person (SP) to do something like call you or manifest to text you.

As we mentioned, it is called the Whisper Method because you imagine yourself whispering in the ear of the person.

You can use this method for other purposes as well. For example, you could imagine whispering into the ear of a job interviewer that they will give you the job or into the ear of your boss that you want a job promotion. 

Apply Whisper Manifestation Technique on Universe

Whisper Manifestation Technique on Universe

While the Whisper Method was developed with the idea in mind of sending a message to another person, you can use it for much more than that.

Let’s say you want guidance in your spiritual journey. There may not be a specific individual you want to address. Instead, you can simply whisper what you want to manifest into the “ear” of the universe, telling it “Show me my path.” 

This flexibility means you can use the method to manifest your desire, not just wishes related to your relationships.

How to Prepare for the Whisper Method

Before doing the method, you need to do what Perl refers to as “self-concept work.” To do this work:

1-Imagine yourself as you want to be and as you want to be perceived.

2-Create affirmations based on that ideal self image.

For example, let’s say you want someone you have a crush on to text you. You want that person to see you as attractive. See yourself as an attractive person, and say affirmations like “I am beautiful” or “I am handsome.”

Do this until that belief starts to ingrain itself in your unconscious mind.  

You can also use a manifestation journal to help you guide the preparation for the method. Further learning how to write manifestation can come in very handy before starting the process.

How to Do the Whisper Method Manifestation Step-by-Step

Whisper Method Manifestation Step-by-Step process

Now that you have prepped for the method, you are ready to learn how to do the Whisper Method for manifestation.

1. Close your eyes and relax.

Get comfortable, clear your mind of distractions, and focus on your intent. Know that what you are about to do is real.

2. Visualize your ideal self.

Take a moment to reflect back on the self-concept work you did. Visualize yourself as that ideal self, knowing that is who you are right now in this moment. You can recite your affirmations if it helps.

3. Visualize your specific person or the universe.

The next step in the visualization process is to picture the person you are trying to reach. Try and see them clearly. If you know where they likely are right now and what they are doing, picture them in that setting.

It does not have to be a person. If you want, you can just imagine the universe or something that to you represents the universe–may be the night sky aglow with stars or the expansiveness of the ocean.

If you want, you could also imagine the universe as a person.

4. Imagine whispering your intent.

Picture yourself approaching your specific person where they are now. The usual recommendation is that you imagine you are like a spirit or ghost. Keep in mind, however, that you should still be picturing your ideal self. 

You are invisible to their senses but visible to their unconscious mind.

Lean in toward their ear and whisper what you want three times. For example, if the person is your crush, you could whisper, “Call me” or “Call [Your Name].”  

If you are not whispering to a person, just picture yourself whispering to whatever you have chosen. For example, you could imagine looking up at the sky and whispering to it, the energy of your will dispersing out among the stars.

5. Exit the scene and release your doubts.

Finally, imagine yourself leaving and returning back to your body. Gently release any doubts you might still be holding. 

Know that you did just whisper your intent, and the universe (and your SP, if that is whom you addressed) did receive it.

The manifestation process continues after you are done whispering your desire. Continue to focus on your desire as you go about your daily life, knowing that it will come true.

You can also combine this method with gratitude manifestation method, particularly in the 5th step.

Whisper Method Manifestation Success Stories

Does the Whisper Method actually work? Yes, and it often helps to  manifest something very fast. The power of the Whisper Method is based on the Law of Attraction. According to this law, what you focus on and intend is drawn into your life.

You will find lots of TikTok users and others online who report amazing results with this popular manifestation technique.

whisper method success story 1

u/Dry-Chard-689 on Reddit writes, “So I decided to try the whisper method on someone I haven’t spoken to in 6 months … Literally what I told her to say, she said and more … I figured to use someone with no emotional attachment to me and not someone that I communicate with. The very next day she messages me after the whisper method!”

whisper method success story 2

u/Boumcy1982 manifested “my best friend sending me a Tik Tok video using the whisper technique (manifested within 2 days).”

whisper method success story 3

u/spmih12 writes, “I scripted, visualized, whispering technique and asked the universe [for a text from my ex]. It had been days and … i went to the store and ran into his mom … 5 minutes later, I had a text from him.” Read the full story here.

Whisper Method Guided Meditation

 As you’re trying to attract what you want into your life, these guided meditation videos can help you reach meditative state with the Whisper technique:

– Whisper Method Meditation for Making Someone Miss You by Awaken With Alice

YouTube video

– Short Guided Whisper Method Meditation with Soothing Music by Joanna Maria Official

YouTube video

– Whispering Technique for Loved One Guided Meditation by Agnes Vivarelli

YouTube video

Frequently Asked Questions about Whisper Method

Now you are ready to raise your vibrations, put your energy into the universe, and manifest anything using this type of manifestation technique. To finish up, let’s answer a few common questions about the method.

Q: Do you whisper aloud or in your head?

A: It is completely up to you if you want to whisper aloud or mentally. However you approach it, this method is a powerful tool that can bring you everything you need when you put your faith in the universe.

Q: Do you have to whisper into another person’s ear?

A: It is ideal for whispering in another person’s ear in your visualization. But you do not have to do anything. You can modify the concept however you want. You can even just picture yourself whispering your intent to the universe.

Q: What if you cannot visualize?

A: Visualizing helps some people focus. But this does not have to be a visualization technique. You can always make it fully intent-based. Simply affirm to yourself the steps.

For example, you could close your eyes, focus, and say, “I am walking into the room where my SP is. I am whispering in their ear, saying, “[what you want here]. I am leaving the room. What I am trying to manifest will happen.”

Q: Are there any risks to doing this method?

A: So long as you are clear on what you want, generally no. The only possible risk might be if you run into someone with psychic defenses.

If that happens, consider backing off. You can only manifest what is in harmony with another’s will. If the other person does not want your message, then trust that the universe has something better in store for you elsewhere.

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