16 Powerful Universe Prayers to Make Your Wishes Heard

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Universe Prayers

Whether you are longing for love, in need of protection or healing, or trying to manifest your desired reality, you are never alone.

You are a part of the Universe, and its power and love flow through you at every moment. Your every thought, feeling and prayer resonate, rippling through the cosmos.

That is true no matter your beliefs—whether you believe in a god or gods, oneness or duality, or any other shape or description for reality. You have—and are—a constant, direct line to the divine.

This post will introduce you to 16 powerful Universe prayers you can use at times when you are struggling and scared, hopeful and optimistic, or even just grateful for the wondrous abundance in your life.

How Do You Talk to the Universe?

It isn’t difficult to talk to the Universe. In fact, it is the most natural thing in existence. You are talking to the Universe right now simply by being a part of it. 

But to really tell the Universe effectively what you want, you need to get clear about your deepest, truest desires.

That means sorting out thoughts from intentions and addressing your unconscious drives. Meditate on what you want most, and when you can see it clearly, offer up your prayers.

How to Practice Universe Prayers

How to Practice Universe Prayers

When you know what you truly want, you can prepare to make a powerful prayer. Try using visualization techniques or affirmations to focus on your intentions and connect with the Universe. 

There is no one right way; you can experiment with different techniques to find what works best for you.

When you are ready, find a place to pray. It could be a peaceful, quiet spot under your favorite tree or in your home in front of your altar.

Or, it could be somewhere that inspires and energizes you–may be standing at the seaside with the ocean crashing on the rocks.

Choose a time of day to pray that feels right to you. Many people like to start the day with a morning prayer to the Universe. Others prefer to pray at night, gazing up at the stars.

Again, there is no one right time or place–it all comes down to what helps you feel attuned to the cosmos.

Put Your Faith in the Universe

What is most important when making a prayer to the Universe is simply to know that your higher power is listening and doing all it can to help you.

Practice gratitude, and then let go. The Law of Detachment tells us that we need to release to receive. That is what having faith is all about. Trust to the Universe for manifestation, and cast away all doubt.

Universe Prayers for Protection

Universe Prayers for Protection

1. “Dear Universe. Right now, I really need some extra protection. I know you will be here to shield me from harm, no matter what I face. Thank you for keeping me safe.”

2. “Please protect my loved ones and me during this time of peril. Shield us from poverty, sickness, and evil as we traverse these dangerous seas. You are our lighthouse, and I know you will guide us safely to port.”

3. “Please protect me as I [task you need to do]. As I ask for your protection, I will also do my best to protect others. Thank you for all you do to keep me safe.”

As you are praying for help, know that the Universe is your shield and your armour, deflecting ill will and misfortune. You are never exposed or undefended. Through you, the Universe loves all that you love and will fight as hard as you to defend it.

Universe Prayers for Love

Universe Prayers for Love

4. “Dear Universe, my heart is open, and I have so much love to share. Please help me find the person who is truly right for me. I am ready for love, respect, safety and happiness.”

5. “Lately, I have been struggling in my relationship with [Person]. I love [Person] deeply and am ready to do what is needed to break through our barriers and make our relationship work. Please give me guidance for what to do next so we can find a way back into love.”

As you offer these powerful prayers to the Universe, close your eyes and focus on the deepest and truest feelings of love you have experienced. Imagine them pouring out from your heart to fill your whole being until they spill out into the Universe.

Universe Prayers for Healing

Universe Prayers for Healing

 6. “I have suffered long enough from the pain of [affliction]. I have cleared the blockages from my life and am ready to embrace life’s adventures to their fullest. Please release me from [affliction] fully and completely, so I may live again.”

7. “Dear Universe, the agony of [situation] is a weight I have carried long enough. I am ready to release the past and heal fully. Please help me drop this burden.”

8. “With each step I take, I can feel your healing energy suffusing my being, clearing out blockages and restoring health and wellbeing. Thank you for healing my body, mind and spirit.”

When you pray to the Universe for healing, focus if you can on any feelings of health and well-being you do have. Know that more of those good feelings are on their way, and resolve to make the most of them.

Universe Prayers for Prosperity

 7. “Universe, please bring wealth and prosperity into my life. I am ready to do the hard work to seize every opportunity you bring me.”

8. “Thank you for the abundance you bring me every day and that which you will bring me every day to come. I know you will guide me to great prosperity.”

9. “Dear Universe, I want to share wealth, freedom and happiness with others. Please bring me prosperity so I can give it to others.”

When you ask the Universe for money or other types of wealth, focus on the magnificent abundance you already have. Know there is more where that came from and that the Universe is working to bring it to you. 

Universe Prayers for Success

10. “I am ready to walk the long, hard road to success. Please do what you can to pave the path for me.”

11. “Dear Universe, please give me the strength and courage to turn failures into successes and to guide me to the best opportunities—even if they are not what I expect.”

When you ask for help with success, acknowledge the complex nature of the journey. The road may involve many ups and downs and unexpected turns. If you stay flexible, the Universe will find it easier to bring you to your destination.

Universe Prayers for Gratitude

Universe Prayers for Gratitude

 12. “Dear Universe, I am so grateful for all that you do each day to make my dreams come true. I know no matter what I am facing, you are working your hardest to get me through it.”

13. “Thank you for [things you are grateful for]. I know you are listening and that you will do all in your power to heal and protect those things and bring even more abundance into my life.’

Whether you want something specific or you just want to connect to the Universe, gratitude-based prayers are some of the most powerful ones you can make.

They put you into a mindset of faith. By acknowledging what you have today and will have tomorrow, you make the future tense past tense. You begin to assume you will have what you need, which invokes the Law of Assumption for manifestation.

Universe Prayers for Manifestation

Universe Prayers for Manifestation

 14. “Dear Universe, thank you for infusing me with the divine power to co-create this amazing reality and manifest my desires. Please help me send out my energy and will to draw [your desire] into my life.”

15. Dear Universe. I know that you and I are One, and what I will, you will. Even now, I am sending out my energy into all existence, which is vibrating at the frequency of my desires. Through our power, [what you want] will happen.”

As you pray for manifestation, shift your energy from fear to faith, knowing that through Universal Laws, you will get what you ask for.

Morning Universe Prayers 

16. “As I start my day, I thank you for my health, my prosperity, and the love of my friends and family. Please protect us and give us the chance to share our love and abundance with the world.”

When you make your morning prayer, feel your gratitude for the light of the rising sun on your face. Let the energy of the day’s endless possibilities fill you, knowing that the Universe will help guide you along the best of those countless pathways. 

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