How to Manifest Money? Align with Energy of True Abundance

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One of the basic things we all have in common living on planet Earth is that we could all use more money.

There are many factors beyond our control when it comes to the economic realities of life. But one surprisingly powerful factor we can control is our mindset to remove money blocks.

Consider what holds you back in your financial journey. Could it be the limiting beliefs you have about money and wealth?

This guide will teach you how you can shed those limiting beliefs to attract wealth and financial abundance into your life.

How to Manifest Money Now?

How to Manifest Money

Oxfam revealed that 1% of the world’s population has as much money as the other 99% put together. In a climate of such global disparity, many of the 99% spend each day wondering how they can get by.

Given those conditions, it is true that financial success or miracles are rare—but they are not impossible.

One useful thing to understand about money is summed up in the words of Jed McKenna: “Money is energy once removed. It’s an exchange medium for energy.”

When people pay us money, it is in return for our energy. When we pay people money, it is in return for their energy. But it is also a reflection of where we spend our own energy indirectly.

Considering the close connection between money and energy, it should be no surprise that where we put our energy mentally is going to have an impact on our financial status. 

To help you direct your positive mental energy in a way that attracts wealth into the life of your dreams, we have put together these simple steps.

○ Clear, concise, and specific vision.

Your thoughts have a real impact on the shape of your life. As the Law of Correspondence tells us, the world around us is a mirror to our minds. That means that it is in our best interests to clear our minds of negative thoughts about money goals (see the step below) and get concrete about what we want.

Formulate a specific vision for how you want your financial freedom to look. While you are doing so, figure out why you want the money. What will you do with it when you have it? Consider putting together a vision board.

○ Introspection into your limiting beliefs about money.

limiting beliefs about money

Next, it is time to delve deep into your limiting beliefs about money. Our views on wealth are often contaminated by toxic conditioning from our upbringing and societies. Bad experiences in the past also tend to color our perceptions.

Here are some examples of limiting beliefs you might have about money:

· “All evil stems from the pursuit of money.”

· “If I want a lot of money, I am greedy and selfish.”

· “If I have money, I should give it away.”

· “You cannot buy happiness with cash.”

· “Money is a scarce resource.”

· “Money is difficult to get.”

· “Some people just aren’t meant to get rich.”

If you walk through your entire life with this belief system, how do you think that will impact you? You will miss or even dismiss opportunities. And you will do so on a deep subconscious mind level and then wonder at your continuing poor fortune. Instead, replace these with a list of positive statements about money.

○ Money loves attention. 

Where we put our attention determines what we attract into our lives—that is Law of Attraction 101.

If you do not pay attention to money, you are not going to draw it toward you. That does not mean you should be paying attention to how little of it you have, or your fears of not having more. If you focus on scarcity, that is what you will attract.

Instead, pay attention to the amount of money you do have. One simple but effective way to do that is to keep an orderly budget. Track your income and expenses down to the penny. Do this once a week or once a month.

Not only will this help you to call upon the power of the Law of Attraction, but it will also probably help you to pick up some valuable financial goals and life skills. Additionally, it is a way to practice gratitude (see below). Budgeting with care is how you tell every penny you have that you truly value them.

○ Believe in the process with unwavering faith.

Energy created is Energy received

You need to replace your limiting beliefs with others that open up possibilities. A great starting point is to know that you are worthy of wealth. Understand that money is no more evil than energy is evil and that you can use the money to support your goals, your loved ones, and your happiness.

Get rid of your scarcity mindset, and replace it with a belief in an abundance mindset. Have unwavering faith in the process. One thing that may help is the Law of Detachment, which says, “Release to receive.”

Pro manifesting tip: A scarcity mindset will not only hold you back with manifesting money but also with manifesting anything else in life you want—relationships, work, etc. Leaving that mindset behind can change your life in countless ways. 

○ Practice gratitude for aligning with the flow of abundance.

One of the easiest shortcuts to increasing your faith in the Universe is to express gratitude. When you are thankful for the money you have, you tell the Universe, “Right here in my bank account is the evidence that you are working hard to bring me an abundant life of wealth. That means more is on the way.”

We should be grateful for the money we have. The more grateful we are for what we have, the more likely it is that we will attract more money into our lives.

Gratitude can lead to a natural feeling of abundance which will in turn lead to an increase in wealth.

○ Give more than you think you can.

Give more than you think you can

Remember what we said about how money manifestation is energy once removed? Energy flows. That means that it is wise to allow your money to flow. Instead of hoarding every penny, consider spending wisely.

Keeping a budget and having realistic goals will keep you from going overboard. But by spending on goods and services, you will be putting money into the same economy that ultimately supports you through your own work.

You should also consider making charitable donations once in a while or supporting a family member or friend who is going through a difficult time. Once again, remember the Law of Correspondence. If you are generous, the Universe may mirror generosity back at you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Money Manifestation

You know what you need to do now to be a money magnet. But you probably still have some questions about how it all works. Let’s go over some answers to some frequently asked questions to enhance your understanding further and empower you toward wealth.

Q: What is the easiest way to manifest money?

A: The guidelines we set out above for manifesting money are universal since they are based upon universal laws. That means that they can make it easier for anyone to manifest money.

However, as far as the specifics, you will need to tailor the manifestation techniques you use to your own individual personality. The easiest method for manifesting wealth will be the one that fits you.

To get you started, consider keeping a manifestation journal, using bay leaf manifestation, or trying out reality shifting with positive affirmations.

Q: Can I manifest money overnight?

can you manifest money overnight

A: It is not likely that you can write down a wish on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow tonight and wake up tomorrow with $1,000,000 suddenly in your bank account. But what you can do overnight is take the first steps toward manifesting enough money, setting the wheels in motion that can carry you toward your goals.

To learn how this works, read up on  realistic steps to manifest anything overnight.

Q: How to manifest money when you are broke?

A: Manifesting money when you are broke works the same way it does if you are not. You need to focus on creating a positive mindset of abundance rather than one of scarcity.

That can be especially challenging when you are broke because you are constantly confronted by scarcity. But you can still challenge your limiting subconscious beliefs, including those you learned through the experience of poverty.

You should find our recommendation to try budgeting as an exercise in money mindset management and attention and gratitude useful as well.

Q: Can I manifest money for someone else?

A: If you know someone in a dire financial situation, you may wonder if you can help them with manifesting. Yes, you can try using the same process you would for yourself. If your recipient’s will is that they should receive more money, then yes, it may work.

The Mindset of Abundance Opens the Path to Untold Riches

The challenging financial times we live in have induced a scarcity mindset in many of us. But we do not have to remain in the shackles of our limiting beliefs.

When we cast them aside and instead focus on abundance and gratitude, we can discover new opportunities to tap into the energetic flow of money. As we do so, the lessons we learn will undoubtedly also help us exchange scarcity for abundance in other areas of our lives.

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