25 Reality Shifting Methods For Beginners (2023 Visuals)

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Reality Shifting Methods

In a rising TikTok trend started by the younger generation, a phenomenon called “reality shifting” has been gaining widespread popularity.

Reality shifting is a way we can literally shift our consciousness from our current reality (CR) to our desired reality (DR), experiencing the lives we want.

It involves using techniques like meditation, visualization, affirmations and self-hypnosis to send your consciousness to the world you want to live in.

Before discovering different popular methods, it is advised to check outIs Shifting Dangerous? Misconceptions Answered.

If you are a absolute beginner, make sure to check out shifting tips for a smoother shifting experience.

Different Reality Shifting Methods have been explained below. For an in-depth explanation, make sure to check the links assigned to each method. 

25 Best Reality Shifting Methods for Shifting to your Desired Reality!

The following are 25 popular shifting methods that have been widely spoken about by people who have managed to experience the art of shifting their reality.

You can also check out inspiring shifting stories from people who have successfully shifting to their DR.

1. The Raven Method

The Raven method shifting of reality involves lying down comfortably in a starfish position, ensuring that none of your limbs are touching the other. Make sure that your body is loose and relaxed and you are in a calm state of mind.

Raven method Star Fish Position

In this method you can use shifting affirmations that help you believe in your ability to shift from this current reality, start counting slowly from 0-100.

The affirmations can be said in between the numbers, and one can even play binaural beats or similar frequencies in the background.

The idea is to keep counting and visualizing that you are drifting away closer and closer to your desired reality.

Once you fall asleep and have successfully moved your consciousness as per what you manifested, you are likely to wake up in a parallel world of your choice.

The process of counting can be repeated as many times as possible until one learns to master the technique.

2. The Pillow Method

Pillow Method of Shifting

The Pillow method shifting of reality is probably the most straightforward and convenient method for all beginners who wish to give shifting methods a try.

Instead of just having a mental image of what you wish to manifest in your desired reality, this method advocates having a comprehensive physical shifting script. It is also one of the effective shifting method without visualization.

This script can have names of all the characters you wish to see or meet, the chain of events you wish to experience and even details like odors and tastes can be specified in your script.

The whole idea is to place this piece of paper underneath your pillow before sleeping or resting and then use this guide and the intent of what you wish to attract while you shift.

As always, the role of music that raises your vibrational energy levels and the power of positive statements plays a big role n the process.

3. The Heartbeat Method

Heartbeat Method of Shifting

The Heartbeat method shifting of shifting utilizes the power of repetitive, humming, and vibrational sounds like that of a heartbeat.

The idea is to either sleep with earphones plugged in or your phone underneath your pillow with the audio of a beating heart playing.

The next step is to visualize this sound emanating from the chest of a person you trust or wish to connect with within your dream world.

With focused attention, imagine this person slowly getting up and then leading you to a door that is your entrance to an alternate reality.

Following them, you enter through and are engulfed with bright white light from all corners and feel yourself floating away to your dream reality.

4. The Julia Method

Julia reality shifting

The Julia Method Shifting of reality depends on two words, “I am” for the whole process. During the process, one can use binaural beats to stimulate the dream-like state.

While in a starfish-like position, start the mantra with “I am” as a prefix. Add anything next to it to describe the mantra even more meaningfully. Let these mantras be in the present tense as if what you are saying has already happened.

These mantras can be anything like, “I am vibrating at a higher frequency,” “I am in transit to my desired reality,” or “I am consciousness, pure and un-tethered.”

Do this in as much sensory detail as possible, and you shall soon be in your dream reality.

5. The ADHD Method

ADHD reality shifting

While in other methods, the sound is optional. For the ADHD Method Shifting of reality, the sound is a must. Make sure to use proper headphones and search for 8D sounds tracks.

While you lie down and listen to audio, choose affirmations like “I am shifting to my desired reality.”

Try to sync the breath with the audio. Count from 1 to 5 after each affirmation and repeat it. As you sync with the sound and affirmation, soon, you will start feeling the shifting symptoms.

As soon as the symptoms start, begin to visualize the reality you wish to land in, and you shall soon be in there.

6. The Sunni Method

Sunni Reality Shifting

Sunni Method Shifting of reality is all about visualization. Due to the nature of the method, it is also very close to many people as it helps with manifestation in the physical world.

This method is all about tricking your brain into thinking that you are in a particular situation. It involves persuading your mind by saying that you are already in your desired reality. This can be induced by using shifting subliminals, sensations, or just plain silence.

One example is when you are just about to wake up from sleep, without opening your eyes, imagine yourself lying on a beach, feeling the breeze and the sounds.

Your subconscious is widely awake during this time, and you would find yourself on the beach the next moment.

7. The Intent Method

Intention method for reality shifting

This Intention method shifting doesn’t lay much emphasis on visuals, multiple affirmations, or any kind of subliminal sounds as much as it does on the purpose or intention of your mind to shift. It is one of the most effective sleep shifting method.

A firm resolve and belief that one can shift are enough to make the exercise effective.

However, a key factor to bear in mind is that the intent must be thought about or spoken right before you drift off to sleep.

For example- You can say, “I intend to shift to my desired reality as soon as I fall asleep”. The reason behind this is that the sooner you sleep after having set your intention, the lesser time your brain has to speculate or doubt it.

Also, it is best you are a bit drowsy and tired so that your mind is not full of active and chaotic thoughts, and the clarity of the intention is the main focus.

8. The Estelle Method

Estelle Method for shifting of reality

Estelle method shifting is suitable for people who adore music and can connect with tones and vibrations easily. Imagine dancing with your DR character or someone you deeply adore.

Choose a music which helps you to sync with the character or person you are dancing with. The person can be your crush, love, friend, or anyone you wish. Make sure to feel every sensation in the scene. The air, smell and the touch.

Once the dance is over, your pal says to you  – “it’s time to go home & opens the door for you. As you move through the door, you will freefall into absolute void.

You keep affirming that you are in your dream realm. As you feel the sensations, slowly open your subconscious eye.

9. The Mirror Method

Mirror Method for shifting of reality

Mirror method shifting is a very visually extensive method. So this is best suited for those who are good at visualization.

Imagine you are in a dark room alone with a mirror at small distance. There is only one lime light which is on you. Now slowly move towards the mirror. You see your own reflection walking towards you inside the mirror.

But this reflection shows you exactly the way you want your perfect self to be in the dream realm. Put your hands on the mirror, while your superior being does the same towards you.

Now feel the unification of yourself with your superior being and slowly open your eyes to be in your dream realm.

10. The Falling Method

Falling Method Shifting of Reality

Falling method shifting is more of a adventurous method compared to others. Imagine yourself in a hall filled with beautiful aura that syncs well with you.

At some distance you can see a door. Now slowly move towards the door and open it while affirming about your DR self with maximum hope.

As the door opens, you can hear the universe calling for you. Fall into the path freely and your soul will guide you through the way as you free fall.

Make sure to feel every sense while you free fall and continue affirming. Feel the peace and calmness within you. When you are ready, you will meet the end of fall and there you see a door. Move towards the door and open it. You can see your DR in front of you.

Open the eyes of your essence & you are there. Cheers to your shift.

11. The Alice in Wonderland Method

Alice in the wonderland method

Alice in Wonderland shifting method is adopted from the famous novel by Lewis Carroll of a girl named Alice and her adventures in a magical wonderland. In this technique, one manifests their reality by playing the role of this lead character and following suit.

Lie down comfortably on your back and imagine yourself sitting beneath a tree.

A person from your DR self will approach you and as you get up to talk to them, visualize them running away and jumping down a rabbit hole. You follow them and decide to jump in as and when you feel ready to.

While you’re falling down this rabbit hole, you let go of all the memories of your current reality and finally land in a small room with a door.

In the same room, there will be a table with a key to this door, and the person you were chasing will ask you if you’re ready to unlock the door with it.

If you are, you can go ahead, and if you are not, you can say positive affirmations to help you move forward. Once you’ve unlocked the door and entered, you have already become your desired reality self.

Go lie down on the desired reality bed that you now see in that room in the very same position that you are resting in your current reality, and you shall wake up to your dream reality.

12. The Train Method

Train method for reality shifting

For Train method shifting of reality , visualization and a positive mindset are very important. Slowly relax your mind with deep breaths and close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting in a train that is headed to your dream reality.

It is important that you maintain positive thoughts so that your train leads in the right direction and not the opposite way.

Keep visualizing and affirming that you will be reaching your stop soon and open your eyes only when you feel you have shifted and the train has come to a halt at your dream reality station.

13. The Piano Method

piano shifting method

The Piano Method Shifting has a bit of fame and celeb taste to it. It is also one of the most powerful reality shifting methods as it involves most of your senses to be active. Imagine yourself in a grand hall with a piano at its focus.

Try to get all senses into play as to how you want to hall to be, how you want the piano to look like. Imagine a focus light falling on you as you walk toward the piano and people looking at you. You can feel the chattering and the buzz around the auditorium. Keep affirming every time you loose focus.

As you start playing the Piano, there is silence around the hall. Try to feel each of these moments. Once you are done, there is applause around the hall.

Rise from the spot and move towards the door affirming that its time to go. As you are immersed in that scene, a person opens the door for you. While affirming, you enter and a dear one says welcome home love. You drift into sleep and wake up in your DR.

14. The Eye Method

eye method for shifting reality

The Eye Method Shifting is a very engaging method and involves quite some visualization act during the process. This method involves rolling eyes in to and fro motion and may not suit for everyone.

Lie down, close your eyes and start counting to 100. Keep it slow and steady in a way that you drift of to sleep before you can reach 100. During counting, make sure to keep affirming what you want to see in your dream realm.

After a certain time, start rolling your eyes (with eyes closed) and keep affirming during the process.

The rolling can continue and should only be stopped if you feel strain. Slowly continue while you affirm and this helps in clicking your neurons to your wishful realm and when you open your eyes in your sleep, you are there.

15. Hogwarts Shifting Method

shifting to hogwarts

To understand how to shift to Hogwarts, there are 3 ways which are quite popular.

Method 1 is known as the Mirror Method for Hogwarts shifting. With this technique, you close your eyes and visualize yourself approaching the Mirror of Erised. When you look in the mirror, you see your DR self at Hogwarts.

Reach out and touch the mirror, and you will feel your oneness with your DR self. Take your DR self’s hand through the mirror, and step through. When you do, you will merge into your DR self and find yourself at Hogwarts.

The second Hogwarts shifting method is just a variation on the popular Pillow Method. Place your Hogwarts shifting script under your pillow at bedtime.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself at Hogwarts. Know that when you drift off, you will shift, and when you wake up, you will be at Hogwarts.

The third method for Hogwarts shifting is simply an application of the Raven Method. Put on your subliminals, lie down, close your eyes, and start counting from 100 to 1.

Recite affirmations at intervals and imagine your life at Hogwarts. Let yourself drift off, then wake up in Hogwarts.

16. Lucid Dream Shifting Method

Lucid dream method for shifting reality

There are several different lucid dreaming shifting methods. In the Lucid Dreaming Portal Method, you fall asleep, then look for or create a portal in your lucid dream. Step through it to enter your DR.

The second approach is the Lucid Dreaming TV Screen Method. This method works just like the Portal Method, except you use a TV screen, computer screen or book as your lucid dream portal.

The third method is the Create Your DR Scenario Lucid Dream Method. While you are lucid dreaming, deliberately try to create your DR scenario in the dream. You might shift right then and there.

If you do not, keep doing it again on subsequent nights until you shift.

17. Alarm Method Shifting Method

alarm method shift to DR

There are two different techniques you can use for Alarm method shifting. In the first, you visualize your DR self setting an alarm clock in your DR.

Tell yourself at bedtime, “I know my alarm will go off, and when it does, I will wake in my DR.” Go to sleep, then wake up in your DR when your DR alarm goes off.

The second method involves setting an alarm clock in your CR. Go to sleep, and let the alarm wake you up. Then, drift off again, but do your best to slip into a lucid dream state. From there, try one of the Lucid Dream Methods we talked about above.

18. Cinns Method Shifting

cinns method for shifting reality

Cinns method shifting is a simple affirmation-based technique. Start by turning on your subliminals and getting into a relaxing position. You may even want to do a brief relaxation exercise.

Clear your mind, and begin counting from 1 to 100, inhaling and exhaling as you do. Every 10 numbers, stop and say affirmations about your DR, reviewing some of your script details.

When you get to 100, repeat your affirmations for as long as you need. When you feel you have arrived, open your eyes in your DR.

19. Valentino Method Shifting

Valentino Method to shift to DR

The Valentino method shifting is a great technique to use if you want to shift to your DR in part because you are looking forward to spending time with someone special there.

To begin this method, you focus on your script, and then you pen a note to a special DR person.

After you write the note, you recite shifting affirmations, then lie down, close your eyes, and visualize your DR room. You can either open your eyes in your DR or you can fall asleep and wake up there.

20. 5 Senses Method Shifting

If you have a hard time visualizing, but you still can visualize, you might like the 5 Senses method shifting. This method was designed to make visualization easy.

The first step is to sit or lie comfortably and focus on your CR. Try and pay attention to every sense, noting both the details and how they make you feel.

Practice closing your eyes and continuing to “see” your CR. If you can do this effectively with your CR, it will be easier to do with your DR later.

Then, later, turn on your subliminals, lie down, close your eyes, and start counting upward from 1. At points, pause and recite affirmations.

Visualize your DR, incorporating all your senses. Try and do it exactly like you did with your CR. Then, open your eyes in your DR or fall asleep and wake up in your DR.

21. Hug Method Shifting

hug method shift to DR

The Hug method shifting is another technique that is good for helping you emotionally connect with your DR via that special person you can’t wait to see.

Lie down in a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Visualize waking up in your DR room, and then getting out of bed. When you do, your DR person enters the room, and you give them a hug.

Imagine spending a day with your DR person, then hugging them and saying you will see them soon. Picture your DR self getting back in bed and falling asleep.

In your CR, say your affirmations, then fall asleep. When you wake up, you will be in your DR.

22. Coraline Method Shifting

caroline method for shifting reality

If you have read the Neil Gaiman book Coraline or seen the film, you probably can picture how the Coraline method shifting works. With this method, just like Coraline, you crawl through a tunnel into another world.

Lie down and close your eyes, then visualize your CR bedroom and a key on your nightstand. Picture yourself getting up, grabbing the key, and seeing a small door opening in your wall. Behind the door waits a tunnel.

Imagine you crawl through the tunnel to another door, behind which is your DR. Push it open, and crawl into your DR. You can now open your eyes in your DR.

If you prefer, you can instead continue the visualization, imagining getting into your DR bed and lying down on the other side of the tunnel. You can then fall asleep in your CR and wake up in your DR.

23. In your Arms Method Shifting

The In Your Arms method shifting of shifting has an appeal that is similar to that of the Hug Method.

With this method, you picture a special person in your DR. Then, you lie down with a pillow under you and your head resting on it, imagining it is that person.

With your eyes closed, you try and convince yourself as vividly as you can that it really is that person and you are in your DR cuddling them.

You say affirmations, then count down from 100 to 1. When you are ready, open your eyes in your DR, or fall asleep and awake there.

24. The Eleven Method

The Eleven method

This shifting method has been adopted from the Netflix series “Stranger Things” and named after the character, El. In this technique, one needs to lie down in a comfortable position and with eyes closed and tie a bandana or any piece of cloth over their eyes.

Next, begin listening to “white noise” or sounds of equal intensity but different frequencies being played together. Now imagine your current self walking up to your DR self or, in other words, the person you wish to see yourself as in your desired reality.

Focus your attention and visualize the consciousness of your current reality self flowing out and merging together with this desired version of yourself as you reach them.

As you “become one” with your DR self in your mind’s eye, you might experience cold or hot flashes or see bright light. Continue focusing as you feel yourself slowly drifting away to sleep, and you should be waking up in your dream reality once you have surfaced.

25. The Elevator Method

This shifting method is pretty similar to the Train method, except that you will imagine yourself in an elevator this time. Close your eyes and think of yourself going up in an elevator, and as you do, feel your vibrational energy rising as you go higher up each floor.

You might experience tingles or twitches in your body parts as you feel yourself shifting realities closer to the floor you wish to reach. Once you’ve reached the right floor, you will walk out into a room with your DR self asleep on a bed.

This is who you wish to be in your dream reality, and now all you have to do is infuse your consciousness from your current reality self to this DR self of yours that you see lying asleep in front of you.

Some other shifting methods include Sunrise Method Shifting, Void Method Shifting, Cloud Method Shifting, Staircase Method Shifting, and Melting Method Shifting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reality Shifting

Q: What happens when you shift reality?

A: When you shifting realities, you guide your consciousness as per your imagination to manipulate it to transcend the physical confines. The time here is not linear, it is a circular loop that is infinite and entails parallel realities that co-exist.

Q: Can you shift realities as a group?

A: Yes, you can shift realities as a group. We have put together a complete guide to group shifting to make it easy for you.

Q: How long can you stay in a shifted reality?

A: You may stay in your desired reality for as long as you like after shifting. If you wish, you can specify the timeframe in your script before you shift.

Q: Can you get stuck in your DR?

A: No, you cannot get stuck in your DR. You can come back anytime you want. Many people come up with a word, phrase, or gesture they will use to return to their CR.

They then script that into their shift. That way, when they speak the phrase or perform the gesture, they will automatically return to their CR.

Another option is to script it so that you will simply be returned to your CR automatically after a certain amount of time passes or a specified event takes place.

Q: How to shift reality fast?

Get creative. Creativity can be a powerful tool for shifting your reality.

What is Genz reality shifting?
Genz reality shifting is a method of self-transformation that uses visualization and affirmations to help shift one’s perception of reality. It is based on the idea that we can create and manifest our own reality through our thoughts and beliefs. This can be done by focusing on positive affirmations and visualizing desired outcomes and goals. The goal is to change one’s current reality, often by focusing on the kind of life they would like to have.Whether it’s writing, painting, drawing, or something else, engaging in a creative activity can help you imprint the reality you want to shift to on your mind much easily.

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