Reality Shifting Symptoms – 3 Levels of Experience Explained

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Reality Shifting Symptoms

In our research & questioning process, we met many practitioners who shifted to their desired reality.

Some were practicing the process & yet to shift. And some were just about to shift on ‘that’ day. Yes, just about to shift. This is no less than an accomplishment in the voyage to the wishful realm.

This put up the second question intuitively about how it felt when they were in their wishful realm. Or, more technically, what are the symptoms of shifting. What & how do practitioners perceive It? And, finally, the most profitable question is, how you can attain that supremacy?

Before moving to symptoms, make sure you are aware of any misconceptions of reality shifting and then move ahead.

What if you don’t Feel any Shifting Symptoms?

Some just don’t perceive anything sensorial and it’s absolutely normal. You might not sense anything meaningful, but it doesn’t mean that you’re doing it incorrectly. It takes time in most cases to discern the reality shifting symptoms.

But for those people who’ve perceived something ‘not so apparent’ symptoms, this article can be a knowledge enhancer for you. We also welcome those who’re just stepping into this world of the subconscious game.

15 Common Reality Shifting Symptoms

Do you know the most common shifting signs of reality shifting methods? Let’s scan them one by one:

  1. Racing heartbeats 
  2. Weightlessness (you’ll feel like floating)
  3. Noticing a bright white light radiating pure aesthetic rays
  4. Perceiving the smell of your desired reality people (though they’re around you)
  5. Tingle or a kind of irritation in any body parts
  6. A feeling of numbness
  7. Dizziness
  8. A subtle warmth of ‘to be lost in another world’
  9. Blurred intuition
  10. Slightly hazy vision
  11. Sweating
  12. Migraine &/or headache 
  13. Wish to roll over
  14. The feeling of detachment (from the worldly restraints &/or your body)
  15. Wealthful state of mind

Understanding the Shifting Symptoms in Detail

Understanding the Shifting Symptoms in Detail

Shifting to your desired being is personal to you & so is your experience. Most of the practitioners have felt the symptoms spoke of above. Let’s scan it to the core.

○ Level-1: Initial Stage

As a beginner when you start practicing any reality shifting techniques, you may start observing the bizarre signs of the Supreme Power. The Cosmos. An explicit collection of virtuous books, a meditative mind, & other profitable habits can help you decode these signs.

You’ll start to perceive a few of the 15 symptoms cited above (but perhaps haphazardly) if you’re practicing your shifting method ethically. But there’s a chance that you might not perceive it instantly. It can take time of days or weeks. So be optimistic about your method. Be buoyant.

○ Level-2: Shifting Stage

This level has a higher chance of feeling those symptoms. And you might feel like you’ve partially shifted. At this very moment, you get a dilemma of whether you shifted or not. This question is very common among practitioners.

– How do I know that I’ve Shifted Reality, completely?

If you’ve practised shifting techniques many times, you would have been in this catastrophe. You felt a few of the symptoms, e.g., numbness, light, floating in the air or something related to these. But here’s a hook.

Though these symptoms signal your shifting, the desired reality comes after this. You haven’t shifted till the moment you’re able to feel it. Because even if your body is numb, your conscious mind is feeling your current bodily sensations. This is sometimes named the partial shifting by netizens.

While incomplete shifting, your mind will notice your wishful realm scenes & people in it. You’ll be detached from your current bodily status.

○ Level-3: Desired Reality Stage

This is the finale, the conclusive level — your dream realm. You’ll not need any clarification. Your essence will automatically trace the completeness when you’re in your wishful sphere. Zero confusion or chaos.

You can touch & smell the things present in your dream realm. You can talk to your dream people. You can hug & kiss them. Limitless & eternal.

Important Points to Remember

1. We know how exhausting the process of reality shifting is. And so are its symptoms. Thus, it’s always endorsed to keep your water level up (especially before performing the process).
But remember, do not drink so much water that you need to urinate at 2:00 AM. It’ll spoil either the shifting or your power sleep. A healthy lifestyle with an encouraging approach is on the top.

2. These symptoms are themselves very exaggerated that sometimes practitioners leave the process half-done. You should continue the process without giving much attention to these cranky signs.

3. We came across many people who were the ‘experienced’ in this sphere. According to them, this entire protocol of shifting the existing truth is amplified & exhausting that one should perform it 2-3 times a week, not more than that.  This is for your optimal feat, particularly if you’re a fresher in this game.

Do you have any additional information to add? Let us know what’s that. We’d have elegant pride to talk to you about your experience. 

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