Staircase Method Shifting of Reality(2 Unique Techniques)

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Staircase Method Shifting

Staircases, like doorways, fascinate us. They represent a transitional space between one thing and another. Each seems imbued with mystery and promise.

With the Staircase method shifting of realities, entering your desired reality is as simple as climbing a staircase to your perfect world.

This post will share the steps with you in detail for two different versions of the Staircase Method and answer a couple of faqs.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Staircase Method Shifting

We will explain the Single Staircase Method first and then go over the steps for the Double Staircase Method.

○ Single Staircase Method 

1. Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

2. Picture you are at the base of a staircase. If you like to visualize, you can picture it in detail, designing it however you like. If you prefer non visualization shifting, just know you are at the base of the stairs and affirm it to yourself.

Single Staircase Method Shifting

3. Ascend the stairs. Either picture it clearly in your mind or tell yourself that you are climbing step by step closer to your desired reality (DR). You might start feeling shifting symptoms as you do.

4. At the top of the stairs, you will see a bright light.

5. Walk into the light. Once you do, you will find yourself in your desired reality. As you might guess, this transition works best if you are entering a brightly lit area like an outdoor environment.

6. When you are ready, open your eyes. Alternately, if you prefer to use this as a sleep shifting method, drift off to sleep and wake up in your DR.

○ Double Staircase Method

While the Single Staircase Method works great for many people, some shifters say that the Double Staircase Method is even more powerful. Here is how it works.

double staircase method shifting

1. Start by meditating or doing relaxation exercises (optional). You also may want to play subliminals (also optional).

2. Lay down in a comfortable position.

3. Visualize yourself at the base of a staircase.

4. Imagine yourself climbing the stairs. As you do, reflect on your current reality (CR). Think about specific life experiences you have had, both good and bad. You can either picture them fully or just name them to yourself.

Try to connect with your emotions about the experiences. 

You could even picture a series of paintings along the stairs that portray these events in your current reality life.

5. Eventually, you will find yourself at the top of the stairs. There, you will see a mirror.

staircase shifting mirror

6. Look in the mirror at your CR self. Take a moment to thank your CR self for all they have done for you, and bid them farewell.

7. Near the mirror is a door. Turn the knob, energy flooding your being as you do. Open it.

8. Beyond the door, you will find yourself at a second staircase leading down.

9. Descend this staircase. Now, reflect on your experiences in your desired reality rather than your CR. Once again, try and connect with your emotions about the experiences. With every step you take, you should feel a boost in your positive energy.

10. When you reach the base of the stairs, you will find yourself at a door. Besides, it will be your own DR self from your desired reality.

They will offer you their hand and ask you if you are ready to leave your current reality and let go of everything there. When you respond that you are, they will lead you through the door into a hallway.

11. Walk down the hallway together. They will ask you about your plans in your DR. Just by answering them, you will be doing affirmations about your life in your DR.

With each step down the hall, you are completing your transformation into your DR self.

12. Eventually, you will find yourself at a final door at the far end of the hall. Push it open and step through into your DR home. 

13. In your desired reality, your loved ones will greet you. They will ask you one more time if you are truly ready to leave your current reality.

Affirm that you are, and then enter your DR bedroom. Lie down in your DR bed, and let yourself drift off to sleep. When you wake up, you will be in your DR.

What Makes Staircase Method #2 So Powerful

staircase method shifting is powerful

Most shifting methods involve focusing entirely on your DR. You do relaxation or meditation exercises to disconnect physically from your CR.

But there is usually no step to help you emotionally move on from your CR to your DR. 

The Double Staircase Method offers you this additional step. By focusing on your CR first and then your DR, you can truly think about what you want.

By processing your CR experiences, you can work through your memories and release your attachment to your CR.

How to Use the Staircase Method With Your Waiting Room

The Staircase Method can combine great with a waiting room! For example, you could set up your waiting room so that it is at the top of the first staircase in the Double Staircase Method.

A door in your waiting room could lead to the second staircase, which you descend to your DR. 

Or, let’s say you are using the Single Staircase Method. You could have the staircase lead you up to your waiting room and then have another staircase in your waiting room that ascends to your DR in the same fashion.

There are many other ways you could configure staircases with your waiting room. 

Combine the Staircase Method with the Falling Method or Lucid Dream Method

falling method and staircase method shifting

A reality shifting method that can mesh well with the Staircase Method is the Falling Method Shifting.

You could modify the Single Staircase Method so that when you reach the top, instead of walking into a bright light, you fall freely through a dark space to a door that takes you to your desired reality. 

Another option is to merge the Staircase Method with Lucid Dream Method 1, where you walk through a portal. Carry out either of the Staircase Methods as usual, but do it while you are dreaming instead of while you are awake.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Staircase Method

To finish up, here are answers to some questions shifters often ask about the Staircase Method.

Q: Is the Staircase Method an asleep or awake method?

A: You can use either version of the Staircase Method as an asleep method or an awake method. If you want to use it as an asleep method, just fall asleep at the end and wake up in your DR.

To use it as an awake method, simply open your eyes in your DR when you feel you have arrived. 

Q: Do you do the Staircase Method in the first person or third person?

A: You may use the first person or third person for the Staircase Method visualization. First-person can really help you embody your journey to your DR and your arrival there.

But many people visualize most easily in the third person, which can work too. 

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