Sunrise Method Shifting of Reality (2 Unique Methods)

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Sunrise Method Shifting

There is something magical about the moment the sun rises above the horizon each day. It signals the start of something fresh, the onset of a new adventure. 

If you are ready for the dawn of a new day in your desired reality, the Sunrise method shifting may appeal to you.

There are actually a couple of versions of the Sunrise Method. Both involve imagining yourself flying with a desired reality person to your desired reality (DR). 

This guide will introduce you to both variations with detailed instructions. We will also explain why the Sunrise Method works great as a sleep shifting method, and answer some questions about the technique. 

Step-by-Step Guide to the Sunrise Shifting Method

Let’s go over the steps for each version of the Sunrise Method. You can use these techniques individually, or you can combine or modify them.

○ Sunrise Method #1

1. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Close your eyes.

2. Imagine you are in a field or other beautiful natural setting. If you can visualize, picture the sun rising. Try to feel the grass, the breeze, etc. If there are sounds of insects, animals, leaves rustling, or so forth, try and hear them.

3. Picture a special person from your DR approaching you. They take a seat next to you. Have a little conversation with your DR person.

4. Stand up in your imagination with your DR person. Your DR person will say, “Are you ready?” Say that you are. They will offer you their hand.

boy is flying away and holding pigeons, fly in the dream land,fly away, shadows,
boy is flying away and holding pigeons, fly in the dream land,fly away, shadows, life on flying rock, silhouette.

5. Take their hand. Both of you will float up into the air, defying gravity. Look around you, rising as the sun does, and enjoy the scenery.

6. Fly together until you reach your DR home, which will also be floating in the air. 

7. Fly up to your window and enter.

8. Thank your DR person. They will depart.

9. Picture yourself lying down in your desired reality bed.

10. Once you are ready, you can open your eyes in your DR. If you prefer, you can drift off to sleep, and then wake up in your DR.

Note: You can use either version of the Sunrise Method in the first or third person. Whatever you find easiest will work best for you.

○ Sunrise Method #2

1. Lie down and get comfortable.

2. Think of a person you want to be nearby when you wake up in your desired reality (not necessarily in the same bed or the same home). 

3. Imagine your DR person approaching you and offering you their hand. When you take their hand, you both float up through the ceiling and roof into the night sky like super heroes.

Sunrise Method Shifting 2nd method

4. Fly with your DR person to your desired reality, continuing to hold hands. Imagine you are becoming your DR self.

5. Picture you and your DR person crossing a “barrier” of some sort at some point. You can interpret this concept however you wish. Ask your DR person as you cross this threshold where you are headed. Your DR person will respond with something like, “Home.”

Some people who prefer shifting methods without visualization can at this point switch temporarily to the Raven Method for a little bit.

The reason to do this is just to give your brain a little break and say some helpful shifting affirmations to yourself. If you visualize with ease, do not worry about doing this. 

6. When you make it across the barrier, you will find yourself in your DR in the vicinity of your DR home.

7. Fly down to your DR home, and go through one of the windows.

8. Thank your DR person if they are not coming in with you. They will turn around and fly off. If they live there too, they will come in after you do.

9. Lie down in your DR bed.

10. Gaze through the window. As you do, the sun will come up, starting a new day in your desired reality. Allow yourself a smile as you reflect on your night flight, and know that you are now safe and cozy in your DR bed. 

11. Either open your eyes in your DR, or go to sleep and wake up in your DR.

Sunrise Shifting Method Integrates Well With Lucid Dreaming Techniques 

sunrise and lucid dream method combined

While the Sunrise Method works great as awake shifting method, it can be especially suited to sleep methods. The reason why is because many people dream about flying.

If you commonly do, you could consider blending the Sunrise Method with a Lucid Dreaming Method—especially if you have a knack for falling asleep directly into a lucid dream.

You could, for example, visualize flying in the Sunrise Method, and then fall asleep to a dream of flight. Next, you could use the “barrier” from Sunrise Method #2 as the portal in Lucid Dream Method #1 from our lucid dreaming shifting guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sunrise Shifting Method

You are now ready to try out either Sunrise Method. But first, let’s clear up a couple of things that might confuse you about this set of related techniques.

Q: Are there any other methods called the Sunrise Method? 

A: Yes. We have found a completely unrelated method in this video that is called the Sunrise Method. The technique the video describes reminds us of the Alarm Method.

We are pretty sure that most people looking for the Sunrise Method are in search of the flying methods we described above.

Q: Is the Sunrise Method the same as the Peter Pan Method or Neverland Method? 

A: Yes. Sometimes people refer to Sunrise-style shifting methods as the Peter Pan Method or Neverland Method because you are flying through the sky in your visualization holding hands with your DR person, similar to Peter and Wendy.

We also have seen a variant on this method that involves flying solo to your DR. Feel free to try out that idea as well.

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