Cloud Method Shifting of Reality (2 Unique Methods)

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cloud method shifting

Imagine how relaxing and effortless it would feel to drift off to your desired reality on a cloud. That is exactly what the Cloud Method for reality shifting entails.

Actually, we have run into more than one version of the Cloud Method. In this guide, we are going to explain how to do both in detail.

We will then answer a couple of questions you might have about Cloud method shifting. 

Step-by-Step Guide to the Cloud Method for Reality Shifting

Below are the directions for both Cloud Methods.

○ Cloud Method #1

1. Put on theta waves, subliminals, or ambient noise if it helps you get into the right state of mind.

2. Lay down in starfish position or any other relaxing position you prefer. It is ideal if you do so on a soft surface such as your bed or a pile of pillows.

3. Do breathing or relaxation exercises at this stage if it helps. This step is optional.

cloud up in the sky shifting method

4. Picture that you are on a cloud up in the sky. It can be any time of day or night in your visualization. Try and feel the softness of the cloud, a sense of weightlessness and peace, and the gentle breeze as you float.

5. Imagine your desired reality (DR) self is on the cloud with you, holding your hand and saying, “You are going home.” Then your hands merge together, followed by the rest of you. Now you are your DR self.

6. The cloud dissolves, and now you fall. But this is not a scary experience. It is just the gravity of your DR bringing you home.

7. Speak affirmations such as “I am [DR Name],” or “[I am now in my DR].”

8. Simply fall asleep. Then, wake up in your DR.

We have encountered a simple variant of this method that may work better for shifting without visualization.

Steps 1-4 are the same, but you do not do steps 5-8. Instead, you just imagine you are falling and begin counting from 100 to 0, or the other way around. You then land in your DR, and open your eyes.

○ Cloud Method #2

If you like the Cloud Method above but would prefer something that does not involve falling, here is a different version that you might enjoy. 

We especially recommend Cloud Method #2 if you are shifting to a desired reality or waiting room that is in the sky.

cloud shifting to waiting room

1. Put on subliminals or other sounds if you want.

2. Breathe in deeply, then exhale. As you do, picture you are exhaling not just breath, but consciousness. You are departing your current reality body, as weightless as the air itself.

3. Picture you are now floating up to the sky. It can be any time of day or night.

4. Fly onto or into a cloud. Focus on your intent to arrive at your DR or waiting room. If you want, you can recite shifting affirmations.

5. Fly out of the cloud and directly into your DR or waiting room bedroom.

6. See your DR self sleeping on your DR bed. Lie down and merge into your DR body.

7. Fall asleep. When you wake up, it will be in your desired reality or waiting room.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cloud Method Shifting

You can combine ideas from the variations on the Cloud Method we described above or use each individual method as it is written. Below are answers to a couple of questions you might have about using these techniques. 

hugging cloud shifting

Q: Do I need to use theta waves, subliminals, etc.?

A: The Cloud Method works quite naturally as a sleep shifting method, but not everyone can fall asleep while listening to theta waves or subliminals.

If that is the case for you, do not worry about it. Just skip playing the sounds so you can drift off easily. 

Q: Can I use the Cloud Method as an awake method? 

A: Yes, you can use the Cloud Method as an awake method. In fact, the variation we described at the end of Cloud Method #1 is an awake option. 

But you can turn any version of the Cloud Method into an asleep or awake method as you desire. There are also plenty of other non-sleep shifting methods you can consider using.

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