In Your Arms Method Shifting of Reality (7 Step Process)

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In Your Arms Method Shifting

For many of us, the primary draw to visiting our desired reality is so we can be with someone we care about. It might be a comfort character from your favourite book or movie, your original character, or the girlfriend or boyfriend of your dreams. 

The In Your Arms is one of the shifting methods transports you to your desired reality (DR) as you imagine yourself in the arms of your DR person. 

Below, we share the step-by-step process for In Your Arms Method so you can try it yourself. We will then offer you some special tips for using it successfully. 

Step-by-Step Guide to the In Your Arms Method Shifting

Here are the steps for the In Your Arms Method for reality shifting.

1. Grab a large, comfy pillow or plushie and lay down with it in bed. Position it below you, and lay on your stomach. Your head should rest on the pillow or plushie.

lay on stomach comfy pillow

2. Either in your mind or aloud, say, “I am shifting into [Person’s] arms.”

3. Concentrate on the person, picturing them clearly in your mind (if you can visualize). Think about the relationship you have with them in your DR, the life you have shared, your hopes for the future, etc.

4. Imagine the pillow or plushie you are laying on is your DR person. Again, try to visualize how they look. Integrate your other senses too. For example, you can try to feel the warmth of their body (or cold) and rise and fall of their chest, hear their breath, feel their skin or clothing, etc. 

If you are not able to visualize, that is okay. Instead of trying to picture all these things, you can instead just affirm them to yourself. Tell yourself, “I am in [Person’s] arms. They are wearing [garment]. It feels [soft, silky, etc.].”

5. Say, “I am shifting into [Person’s] arms.” You could even go a step further and say, “I am in [Person’s] arms.” Make use of shifting affirmations in a way such that you are already there.

6. Count from 100 down to 1 (or vice versa).

7. When you finish counting, open your eyes in your desired reality.

If you prefer to use the In Your Arms Method as a sleep shifting method, you can instead just let yourself drift off. When you wake up, you will be in your DR.

Try Combining the In Your Arms Shifting Method with the Heartbeat Method

in your arms and heartbeat method shifting

The In Your Arms shifting method goes with the Heartbeat shifting method like peanut butter and jam.

In fact, these two methods are essentially variations of each other. You can either try the Heartbeat Method as it was originally written, or you could combine the heartbeat audio from that method with the In Your Arms method shifting. 

Adding in the sound of a heartbeat can help you get calm, centred and focused. It also can be an excellent aid for tricking your brain into believing you are in the arms of your DR person.

This “tricking” of the brain is also at the heart of the Sunni Method, another technique you can merge with the In Your Arms Method.

Use Rose Quartz to Supercharge the In Your Arms Method

Rose quartz for in your arms methody

To bring extra power to the In Your Arms Method, you can place a piece of rose quartz underneath your pillow or plushie or even hold it in your hand.

Rose quartz is widely used as a crystal for shifting that resonates with loving emotional energy. That means that it can help you strengthen your connection to your DR person as well as your feelings for that person. 

Similar Methods to the In Your Arms Method for Shifting

Rose quartz for in your arms methody

The In Your Arms shifting method is just one of several techniques that involve focusing on a special person in your desired reality.

Another technique that you may also like is the Valentino Method. Using this technique, you write a note to a person in your DR before you shift.

The Hug Method may also delight you. With this technique, you visualize giving your DR person a hug and then spending a day with them. 

As with the Sunni Method and Heartbeat Method, you may be able to think of creative ways to combine these techniques with the In Your Arms Method.

Frequently Asked Questions About the In Your Arms Shifting Method

To conclude our guide to the In Your Arms shifting technique, let’s look at some answers to questions you may have about this method. 

Q: Should I use the In Your Arms method as an asleep method or awake method?

A: You can use the In Your Arms method as either an awake or sleep method. It is completely up to you. 

If you are a stomach sleeper by default, it may come quite naturally to you to fall asleep in this position, and you may find that it works better for you than some other shifting methods that advise lying on your back.

Q: What if I cannot lay on my stomach?

A: Laying on your stomach with your head turned to the side is actually very far from ergonomic and can cause neck problems.

If you cannot or do not want to lie in this position, you can modify the In Your Arms Method simply by laying on your side. Put the pillow or plushie next to you on your bed and wrap your arm around it. It is that simple. 

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