Melting Method Shifting of Reality (6 Steps Guide)

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melting method shifting

Sometimes we have a hard time doing something because we are trying too hard. We are holding tension that we should be releasing. We are clinging when we should be letting go.

The Melting Method for reality shifting is a great way to reach your desired reality by letting go. In this technique, you will imagine melting down through the floor of your current reality (CR) into your desired reality (DR).

This guide will teach you how to perform the Melting method shifting step-by-step. We also will share a variation with you and answer some common questions.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Melting Method Shifting

Melting method of reality shifting

1. Start by putting on your theta waves, subliminals, etc. (if you want), and meditating or doing relaxation exercises in bed. You can lie in any position, but the starfish position will probably work best for this method.

2. Once you are relaxed and focused, you should imagine that your DR bedroom is right beneath the floor of your CR bedroom. In other words, picture that it is downstairs.

The original instructions for this method say that you should picture the DR bedroom upside-down, like a mirror image. Picturing it this way, positions your DR bed close to your CR bed, just on the other side of the floor. You can picture an outline where your DR self is.

If you find this confusing, you do not need to picture it this way. You can just imagine your DR bedroom right-side-up directly below your CR bedroom, like a normal downstairs room in a building. 

2. Count from 1 to 100 or to any number you choose. As you go, you should pause and recite shifting affirmations.

melting through bed shifting

3. When you start to feel shifting symptoms, you are getting close to your desired reality. At this point, picture that you are infused with positive, relaxing energy, taking away all your tension.

That energy is causing you to melt and sink through your mattress, then down through the floor, and into your DR bedroom. As you melt into you DR body, your DR bedroom resolves into focus. 

4. Continue to recite (or think) your affirmations about shifting to your DR.

5. You will now feel yourself becoming solid again within your DR body.

6. Open your eyes in your DR, or fall asleep and wake up in your DR.

If you prefer shifting methods without visualization, do not despair—you may still be able to use this method. If this is your situation, do not worry about trying to visually picture melting into your DR room.

Instead, try and imagine what it feels like if you can. If that does not work, simply affirming it is happening and understanding the concept of it might be enough to get you to your destination.

A Simple Variation on the Melting Method Shifting

melting into water for shifting reality

One idea we like for varying the Melting Method is to involve water. A lot of people have pools or tubs in their waiting rooms.

So, if you are shifting to your Waiting Room, try and include a water feature. You could imagine yourself melting through the floor of your current reality and directly into the water in your WR.

You could then coalesce out of it into your DR body.

If You Like the Melting Method, You May Also Like the Falling Method

melting and falling method of shifting

The Melting Method entails imagining you are melting and then letting gravity do the hard work of taking you to your DR.

If you like that concept but have a hard time with the “melting” aspect of it, you could try the Falling Method Shifting as an alternative technique. 

With the Falling technique, you allow yourself to simply fall down through a void to reach your desire reality. You might even be able to combine this technique with aspects of the Melting Method for your perfect custom shifting method.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Melting Method

Now that you have read through the steps for the Melting Method, you are ready to shift. But you might have a couple of questions first. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about this technique.

Q: Will it cause problems if you move while doing Melting method?

A: It might. Every time you move, you will be jerking your awareness back into your solid body in your current reality.
If this happens in mid-melt, you might find yourself needing to start over again. Do your best to lie utterly still during the melting step.

Q: Will people in your desired reality see you “melting” into your DR? 

A: That is a great question. But the answer is “no, probably not.” They are no more going to see you suddenly melting into their universe than they will spot you falling into it, walking through a magical door into it, materializing out of a bright light into it, etc. 

It is really just your consciousness that is melting and flowing into your DR body anyway. From a DR person’s perspective, you were just lying in bed the whole time. It is quite an inconspicuous way to travel.

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