Void Method Shifting of Reality(3 Popular Techniques)

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Void Method Shifting

One of the challenges of reality shifting is that in order to get to your desired reality, you need to let go of your current reality. 

One method that may make this process easier is called the Void Method Shifting. It involves transitioning to your desired reality (DR) by first entering the “void state.”

There are multiple Void Methods; in this post, we will share steps for three of them. But first, let’s explain what we mean by the “void state.”

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Void Method Shifting of Reality(3 Popular Techniques)

What Exactly is the Void State in Reality Shifting?

The “void state” refers to the state of mind/being that is at one with the void. Defining the void itself is difficult because, by definition, it is not really a “thing.”

You can think of it as the primordial, featureless “blackness” of the multiverse, except it is not really black

A good metaphor would be that it is the “blank canvas” on which the paint of the multiverse forms the worlds we exist in. 

void state black canvas

Another way you can imagine it is a figure and ground painting. If the “figure” is the world of form, then the void is the formless “ground.” 

Just as you can switch your attention from figure to ground when looking at these paintings, you can do the same thing to enter the void state through meditation.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Void Method Shifting of Reality

Now that you know what the void state is, let’s go over several different methods that use the void state to help you shift to your desired reality.

○ Void Method #1

This method comes from Reddit. We are offering condensed instructions below, but the original post is quite thoughtful and thorough. You might want to drop by and read it if you are looking for more insights.

1. Get into a relaxing position and close your eyes.

2. Do a relaxation exercise. The creator of the method recommends the “three suns” technique for relaxation. This technique involves visualizing the following:

  • A red sun passing through your body from head to toe, relaxing your muscles and clearing your emotions.
  • A yellow sun doing the same thing but clearing your intellectual mind.
  • A white sun doing the same thing, but loosening and un-anchoring your consciousness, imbuing you with a sense that you are weightless and without form.
Void method shifting stairs

3. Once fully relaxed, visualize yourself at the top of a flight of 11 stairs.

4. Take a step down. When you do, state, “Ten; one step further into the void,” or some variation on that.

5. Repeat this for all the steps, until you are standing on the last one.

6. Tell yourself, “I have entered the depths of the void. I can reach the void any time I like by simply counting down from 10 to 1.”

The reason you are telling yourself this is so you can ingrain a mental shortcut to use in the future.

7. Step into the void.

8. Imagine yourself dissolving into the void so that there is no separation between you and it. You are everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere, formless, timeless and eternal. 

9. Visualize a distant bright light. This is the portal to your DR.

10. Imagine it getting closer to you, expanding as it does, and pulling you in and through.

11. When you arrive in your desired reality, locate your DR self and enter their body. For example, you can picture them lying on their DR bed and then lie down and merge into them.

12. Open your eyes in your desired reality. If you want to use it as sleep method, then fall asleep and wake up in your DR.

○ Void Method #2 

Here is a simpler Void Method for those who prefer shifting without visualization

void method 2

1. Play any subliminals or music you want.

2. Lay down and get comfortable. Consider using the starfish position.

3. Say “I am in the void state” or other affirmations about being pure consciousness.

4. Once you feel you have entered the void state, say affirmations about shifting.

5. When you feel symptoms or like you are close to your desired reality, open your eyes in your DR, or let yourself drift off and wake up in your DR.

○ Void Method #3

Here is one more version of the Void Method that is also suitable for non-visualizers.

void method 3 I am

1. Get into a comfortable position.

2. Do a relaxation exercise. Focus on one part of your body at a time, and picture that it is gathering energy (again, not necessarily visually).

3. You should now be in an “I am” state. If it helps, you can say an “I am” mantra, as you would if you were using the Julia Method to shift.

4. Picture or tell yourself that right below you is a void.

5. Pass through the void into your DR. Open your eyes or fall asleep when you are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Void Method

You now have several different Void Methods you can try. You can use them by themselves or combine aspects of each, or let them to inspire you to create your own Void Method. To wrap up, let’s answer a couple of questions. 

Q: Can you enter the void state in a dream to shift?

A: Absolutely. Dreaming can be a bit dissociative anyway, so it may actually be conducive to entering a void state. You could even use the void as the portal to your DR in Lucid dream shifting method 1.

Q: How hard is it to reach the void, and how long does it take?

A: Your mileage may vary based on your experience, disposition, etc. Some people may take hours to reach the void, while others take minutes or even seconds.

If you are prone to dissociating, reaching the void might be easier for you than it would be for others. Regardless, the more you practice, the easier it will be to use Void Method shifting.

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