Hogwarts Shifting Script (Guide Map For Wizarding World)

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Hogwarts Shifting Script

Shifting to your dream reality (DR) is one of the most engaging & fun practices. It helps your subconscious mind to guide & achieve your wishful goals. This applies more than anything in Hogwarts shifting technique.

So, are you a Harry Potter fan, or do you ever imagined shifting to the sorcerers’ town of Hogwarts? I hear your answer- Yes.  

Check out 3 different methods for how to shift to Hogwarts.

The best part is that we’ve baked something that connects to your heart’s core. In this post, we give you a detailed guide on how to create a script for Hogwarts shifting.

What should you write in your Hogwarts shifting script

So if you ever wondered how to shift to Hogwarts, then the script would be the first place to start from. We’ve fetched every macro, mini, & nano-details related to your Hogwarts shifting script.

For other general shifting methods, check out shifting script template.

Therein, we’ve wrapped a detailed tutorial on how to write a wizard’s personal information, Hogwarts surrounding details, the personality of your wishful self, & relationship (optional) in your main shifting script. 

Hogwarts Shifting Script template

○ Page-1 Wizards Personal Info for Hogwarts shift

– Questions:

  1. What’s your Patronus?
  2. Which year student you’re in Hogwarts Academy?
  3. How you got your magic wand?
  4. Give details about your wand structure & composition.
  5. Who’s your pet?
  6. How you got your pet?
  7. Which house you’re assigned to?

– How to frame the answers of page-1


Like any other shifting screenplay, the length & details of the script is your choice. Detailed or brief, whatever suits you. Pen accordingly. Spell your Patronus charm that’ll keep you safe from dementors. Write your course year at the academy.


Describe your magic wand. Write the story about how you got that magic wand, its structure & composition. Do you have any pets? Pen it down. Its name, looks, personality, & superpowers it has.


Write the house you’re selected to in. Do you wanted the same house you’re appointed to? Give detailing about your selection for that house. Are your friends also in the same house? Let out the characteristics of your house.  

○ Page-2 Other details of Hogwarts

  1. Your dorm in the boarding school
  2. Your friends at the Hogwarts 
  3. Love interests
  4. Rivals
  5. Mails you receive 
  6. Points & gifts 

– How to frame your page-2


Imagine how your class at the Hogwarts school will be. Write about your dorm in the school. Describe how your bed, window, & other furniture will be designed. Explain the scene you’ll see from the window of your room.

Select & write the name of your friends at the school. Assert your relationship & the rapport with them. Pen how big or small your comrade circle will be. It can be large, fair, small, or even confined.


Did you meet your love there? Mention them. Write to your current self about your love. How’re they? Are they exactly the way shown in the movie (or the book)? Why did you love them? How the privilege of faith originate?

Ponder on these questions. Imagine your superior being & answer accordingly.


Write your hobbies & favourite chore you enjoy in the Hogwarts school of witchcraft & wizardry. Do you have any enemy or foe? Why are they your foes?

Write about the mails you’ve received. What is written in those mails? Also, pen down the gifts you got there. What was your Christmas gift? Have you got any points for intelligence, bravery, patience, or hard work? Comment on them in your paper.

○ Page-3 Additional Information about your Hogwarts path


Explain the summer you spend at Hogwarts. What do you do in your leisure time? Mention the activities. How did you celebrate your Christmas? Describe your gifts. How your enthusiasms aligned with them? Were they thoughtful, wishful, emotional, or romantic?


Elaborate the script according to the film series (if you want). You can also write down the changes you want apart from the Harry Potter series.
Write about your bond with your professors. Your professors love you for your better grades which you earn via your hard work. Pen the name of your favorite teacher, class, & extracurricular activities e.g., Quidditch.

○ Page-4 Fun & adoring part of the script you may try

Write what you eat in the breakfast at the Great Hall. Comment what you’re best in, e.g., Quidditch, Duels, Potions, etc. The painting & ghosts are your friends in the Hogwarts corridors.

You can also attach photos of the Hogwarts portraits, aesthetic dorm decor, & the attire you’ll wear.

○ Safe Word

Also, select a safe word. This safe word will signify your return to your current realm from Hogwarts. Yes, your DR is entirely yours & you own it.

The time duration we’ve in our current being is fixed, but not in our desired reality., e.g., 15 minutes in your current reality can be equal to 1 month or a year in your DR. It means you also own the dimensions of time there. 

Once you’ve written all these, the script is ready. Indulge in it with a little pampering. This is to imbibe the script into your subconscious mind softly. Your psyche already knows your DR. This script will pool it into the essence of your soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the script have to be in English?

The answer is simple. Shifting script is personal to you. So, jot it down in your native language or any other language you’re comfortable in.

Does the script need to have each and every detail from Hogwarts?

No you don’t need to script each detail of Hogwarts. Script only those things which you can sync or experience with when you imagine. Do not try to force yourself to imagine specific’s which does not feel natural to yourself.

How can I remember so many things when practicing shifting?

Once you complete your script, it is important for you to read it, re-read it and almost breathe into the script. Do not try to attempt shifting until you are ready.

This is because, you need to make sure everything on your script can be imagined just by a small cue, which is only possible if you sync with your script for each word.

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