How to Shift to Hogwarts? (3 Different Methods Guide)

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How to Shift to Hogwarts

You must’ve wondered many times what if you’re in the Hogwarts, the hamlet of sorcery. The magical city is ingrained in many hearts, especially those who are Harry Potter series lovers.

So to help you shift your consciousness to your dream reality, i.e., the Hogwarts city, we’ve prepared the most prolific method of realm shifting herein.

But before you start preparing to enter your own magical town, kindly assure if the shifting methods are safe for you. We’ve made a guide already on that so that you don’t need to go anywhere else. 

How to Shift to Hogwarts – A Beginners Guide

We did extensive research on how to shift to Hogwarts. In our research, we found that a few people shifted to Hogwarts with the help of different shifting methods like Alice in Wonderland shifting or even the train method of shifting.

But we observed that most of the practitioners found the mirror shifting method to be the most efficient one. Also, some of them claimed the pillow method & raven method to be quite effective while shifting to Hogwarts aswell. 

So in this guide, we have explained 3 different methods through which one can shift to Hogwarts. 

○ How to Script for Hogwarts shifting 

Since shifting to the Hogwarts is a wish of many, an easy & simple script will help you to stand out from the crowd. 

Being said that, we’ve made a detailed Hogwarts shifting script (<– click for in depth guide) for you to win your wish of being in the Hogwarts castle.

Also, practitioners recommend the script to be in hard copy rather than soft. Because the soft copy will be stored in your mobile or any other electronic storage device, and we all know the harms of having any electronic device near our bed. Thus, avoid it.

○ Preparation for Shifting to Hogwarts

Any shifting method is to be practiced, preferably before going to sleep and so is the Hogwarts shifting technique. The relieved workloads and daily hustles should be sat deep down. It makes easier transit to your dream reality after performing the process & falling asleep. 

Daily meditation, jogging, nutritive food, & frequent introspection is a must. Try to grow these habits deliberately.

Note- Unlike the book written by J.K. Bowling (or the movie), this Hogwarts city is free from any kind of bad energies & malpractice. Or even if they prevailed, they are eroded by the Supreme power. One should keep this thing in mind.

Also, this is a norm in the cosmos that every evil or even a negligible sin is abolished by the explicit strength of the mama Nature.

Step by Step Guide to Perform the Hogwarts Shifting Method

Now, let’s hop one by one to the steps required to perform the Hogwarts method of reality shifting. These steps, along with the script (specially made for Hogwarts shifting) is an exact escort to move your entire truth in Hogwarts, the magic metropolis. Yes, here we go:

Method-1: Mirror method of Hogwarts shifting 

Mirror method of Hogwarts shifting 

Check out mirror method shifting to understand how the method works, before attempting for Hogwarts shift.

1. Lie down with absolute calmness. A few minutes of meditation might be enacted before. Imagine every nerve of your body has dived into a vast ocean of serenity & contemplation. You’re joyous within your essence.

2. Close your eyes gently. Loosen up all your fabric, including your mind and intellect. Absolute zero pay on top. Undo your eyebrows. Let yourself melt.

3. Imagine yourself in a room decorated with soothing dim light & charming aura. A bright spotlight is on you. This light isn’t alerting but confirming the forte that you own unknowingly. You’re being adored & cared for via this. 

4. You notice a mirror at a length of 8-9 steps. You step forward. One after the other. Now, you’re in front of the mirror. Observe your reflection in it. The ‘You’ you notice in the mirror is exactly how you wanted to be in your DR. You feel dignified seeing ‘You’. Your wishful being is attired in the Hogwarts uniform.

5. Watch the eyes of your perfect self, notice the pearls of love, vigilance, power, & intellect, 

6. Put your hand on the mirror. And ‘You’ put hands on your hands (from the other side of the mirror). You two feel ‘One’, the complete oneness.

7. Now, your DR self tells you to come to ‘that’ side of the mirror. You notice that your wishful self is standing in the corridors of the Hogwarts Castle. The exemplary ‘You’ is holding a magic wand in one hand. On the other hand, your superior being is brought forward to take you to the Hogwarts. You smell the absolute serenity.

8. You hold your perfect self’s hand & go inside the mirror world, the world of magical charm, the Hogwarts.

It is very important to hold in your mind each and every detail you want to experience in Hogwarts. A absolute clarity is required, so your mind is not confused as to what it need to shift into. This is where the Hogwarts script comes handy and must not be ignored.

Cheers to your Hogwarts shift.

Method-2: Pillow method of Hogwarts shifting

Pillow method of Hogwarts shifting

Check out pillow method shifting to understand how the method works, before attempting for Hogwarts shift.

1. Lie down. Relax. Breath in & out deeply. Meditate for a few minutes. Put on subliminal for shifting

2. Though listening to the soothing subliminal will enhance your chances of winning the process, they’re optional. Just try to keep your live existence in serene & joyous contentment. That’s plenty.

3. Put the Hogwarts shifting script under your pillow. Here, we hope you have your hard copy of the script ready with you.
Also, you can run your eyes through the script before lying if you want. 

4. Now, close your eyes softly and try to imagine the Hogwarts. The big & bizarre castle, the Fluffy, Devil’s Snare, several potions brewed by Snape, that big chessboard with its huge army of chessmen, made by McGonagall, & finally the Mirror of Erised in the last chamber. 

5. Go into your core of intellect & keep on imagining. Affirm if you want to. It’ll encourage your subconscious psyche to attain your wishful being in Hogwarts super smoothly. 

6. And slowly, your drowsy mind will go to sleep. You’ll wake up in your DR city, the Hogwarts.

To make the process as smooth as possible, it is important to make sure you have in mind exactly what you want to see, feel and the places you want to visit. Script them to minute details. Read them repeatedly so that your brain would be ready when needed.

Yeah, celebrate. You’ve shifted to your age-old place of charisma, the Hogwarts.

Method-3: Raven method of Hogwarts shifting 

Raven method of Hogwarts shifting 

Check out raven shifting method to understand how the method works, before attempting for Hogwarts shift.

1. Lie down on a bed or a couch. Rest down in a starfish position. Let your forehead, face, shoulder, hands & legs feel free. Imagine every nerve of your biological body racing to get into the realm of truce & harmony.

2. Dim the lights. This will help your hustling ideas to hibernate. Relax & loosen up completely.

3. Plop on subliminal. Again, it is optional herein but recommended by many practitioners as it helps you to be focused on the process. Remember, it must be calming to your ears. Your essence should melt unhurriedly.

4. Count 1 to 100 or countdown from 100 to 1. Whichever one. Count with a pace. One after the other. Keep affirming in between at regular intervals. The shifting affirmations should be such that you’re dragged a little closer to your WR Hogwarts.

5. Meanwhile, you must think about your wishful experiences at the Hogwarts. Play the photos of Hogwarts school, classes, professors, paintings, ghosts, & other fantasies etc. in your mind. 

6. Slowly you’ll fall asleep. You’ll wake up in your DR (if everything goes correctly).

Remember the most important thing for Hogwarts shifting is to make sure to have a prescribed mindset on how your desired reality of Hogwarts would be. That is where script comes in handy.

Live your DR to the core & peak. Congrats!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hogwarts Shifting Method

Q: Can I explore the Hogwarts Academy & the magic (as shown in the movie) as well.

A: Once you’ve shifted to the Hogwarts, you can explore the wizards’ academy, the characters, & the magic as well. But this is only possible if you are prepared for it.

Make sure to add as much detail possible in your script and ingrain the script into you mind with repeated reading. You can explore whatever your mind is ready for and the only way to get your mind ready for different experiences is through scripting.

Q: Is it necessarily important to not have any bad wizards or maggots in the process?

A: Well, it’s always preferable to lessen the complexity of the process of shifting. This is the only reason we deleted the vague part. But if you want to experience those, it’s all yours. Address it with care.

Q: Can I live in the academy as one of their students & learn magic?

A: Absolutely. If your DR was to shift to the Hogwarts to learn & seek magic. You can place yourself into any of the central characters, even Harry Potter himself. Go & win the castle of jinx with your best friends, Hermione & Ron. Script as you need and you will experience the same.

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