Reality Shifting Script Template (Map Your Desired Reality)

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Shifting is easy & fun. It’s simple if you know how to perform the process. And what if you find it complex? We are here for that.

Through this article, we’re going to help you understand the basic’s and in-depth knowledge on reality shifting scripting.

Reminder: Shifting script can be created in micro detail or in macro detail. In this post, we have given as much information to create a script with micro details in mind. Feel free to ignore any specification that may not make sense or make it complicated for you.

You can also download the free Reality shifting PDF template which has been made for reference (Link below). You can use this template to create your own custom reality template.

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Reality Shifting Script Template (Map Your Desired Reality)

Is Having a Shifting Script Always Necessary?

We’ve researched a lot on the question. Many people have experienced the transit to their dream reality without a script.

But these are people who have a really deep and organized mind. While most of us have difficulty having such control over minds, scripting may come in handy. 

Commonly, people have chosen to use shifting scripts because it helps them to anticipate a clearer picture of their desired reality (DR) & thus, the smoother shifting.

Also, incorporating a script in different shifting methods is especially recommended for those who try methods like the Raven method, Pillow method, Julia method, Sunni method and Alice in Wonderland method

Guide Map for Reality Shifting

Reality shifting is all about vivid imagination and visualization, coupled with all the sensory experiences to be able to literally “time-travel” and exist in an alternate reality.

Unlike any other meditative technique, this kind of experience requires thorough self-guidance and nuanced details.

Therefore, practitioners who have mastered reality shifting successfully tout the benefits of having a “guide-map” or script ready to enhance their desired reality experience.

The scripts can vary based on different methods, but the important thing is to have a guide map in the first place.

How to Write a Script for Shifting?

It’s certainly on you what you want to write to portray your wishful being. Just be you. Try to visualize your dream arena to make it. This will help your script to be more alive & happening.

Just to help, these are the points you can ponder upon before inscription: Write what you want in your wishful sphere. e.g., where you want to be in your ideal arena; how will it look like; how will your aura be; how will you be attired; who’ll be there with you; what’d you do etc.

After you finish scripting, make sure to Indulge in it with a little pampering. This is to imbibe the script into your subconscious mind softly. Your psyche already knows your desired reality. This script will pool it into the essence of your soul.

We’ve tried to put every curve of the script. This is made after extensive research & analysis. Anything else other than these is optional & is a pendant of your choice.

Here’s your shifting script template that’ll help you to make your own script of your wishful reality (Check below for PDF Template links):

○ Page-1 Broad Information:

Shifting script template - Broad Information

The page-1 includes the general input about your ideal existence in your DR, e.g.,

  1. Name
  2. Nickname
  3. Gender
  4. Age
  5. Age of your mind
  6. Birthday
  7. Birthplace
  8. Existing address
  9. Blood
  10. Languages
  11. Accent
  12. Race
  13. Ethnicity
  14. Nationality

> How to frame your page-1 script?

Write down your full name. You’ll be called this name in your DR. Pen your nickname. You can write your existing nickname, or you can make your own one. Now, mention your gender.

Pen your biological age down. It might be greater, lesser, or equal to your current age. A person is 68 years old in current reality (CR). But in desired reality, the person can choose to be a 23 yrs. Old youthful mind with no change in biological age. 

You can also jot down your birthdate. Mention your zodiac sign also, if you want. Do you have anything special on your birthdate? Jot down that, too.

Where you were born, is it the same place you live now? Try to explain it in simple words. The state, the city, the hospital in which you were born. You can also mention your current place. Also, the place where you want to live in your DR.

Mention your blood group. These not so directly related points help differently. Write languages you know & speak. Do not forget to mention your DR language, fluency, tone, & style. Cite your accent (if you want) e.g., British, American, Russian, or any other.

Download free Page-1 Broad Information PDF Template: Page 1 PDF

○ Page-2 Physical characteristics:

Shifting script template - Physical Characteristics

This piece will enlist bodily qualities like physique, fitness & figure etc. You’ll write down your dream corresponding values of these characteristics. It should match your desired being. It’ll have:

  1. Height
  2. Weight
  3. Figure
  4. Forehead
  5. Ears
  6. Eyes
  7. Nose shape
  8. Lips
  9. Smile
  10. Chin
  11. Jawline
  12. Collarbone 
  13. Forearms
  14. Palm
  15. Fingers
  16. Breasts
  17. Waist size
  18. Hip
  19. Legs 
  20. Ankle

> How to frame your page-2 script?

Write your height (your DR height) & weight. If you have a wish to get a specific figure, mention it. Imagine how your hairstyle, length, density, & texture will be.

Try to portray your forehead, eyebrows, ears, pupil, iris colour, eyelashes, lip colour, teeth, cheeks, neck, or Adam’s apple. Imagine these parts glistening aesthetic aura.

Your hands, elbow, wrist, glassy nails, chest size, spinal cord, and stomach are farmed heavenly. Imagine all these parts plunge into happiness & contentment.

A few people prefer to mention these micro details. So pour these onto paper. But during our research, we’ve also found practitioners who’ve shifted without making a script (or without micro level scripting)

Download free Page-2 Physical characteristics PDF Template: Page 2 PDF

○ Page-3 Your personality

Shifting script template - Personality

This is one of the crucial parts of your whole script. So, ponder carefully. Your desired reality personality may or may not match your current persona. Nevertheless, you need to write your exemplar no matter how tough or even foolish it sounds. These can be in terms of:

  1. How cool & calm your essence will be
  2. What’ll be your top skill
  3. Your love for your passion
  4. Your talent(s) 
  5. Power of your soul
  6. Hobbies 
  7. Intelligence & your espionage
  8. How’re you being recognised
  9. Have you achieved whatever you wanted 
  10. How many of your goals are yet to achieve in your DR (if any)
  11. How hard you’re working to achieve them
  12. Anything more? Write it down there.

Download free Page-3 Your personality PDF Template: Page 3 PDF

> How to frame your page-3 script?

These 12 characteristics documented above will establish a direct rapport with your desired reality. Thus, write it down to embed the beauty of your wishful being into you.

Apart from the points enlisted above, some folks also encrypt their attire, e.g., professional or casual, with the following:

  1. Jewelleries
  2. Shoes/sneakers/slippers
  3. Clothing accessories
  4. Fashion accessories 
  5. Hair accessories
  6. Any other complements

○ Page-4 Relationships:

  1. Family
  2. Siblings 
  3. Friends
  4. Partner
  5. Special ones
  6. Crush 
  7. Pet
  8. Or whomever you want

> How to frame your page-4 script?

Some practitioners discard it because of its sophistication & so can you. But, if you want to insert it in your script, try to put it in wisely. Toss out every dilemma you have in that relationship & make an adorable bond in your desired reality. 

Additionally, you should also write a few affirmative sentences. These affirmations guide duringscriptal process. They also cease the entry of negative & pessimistic beliefs.

○ Affirmations: 

The answer is simple. Shifting script is personal to you. So, jot it down in your native language or any other language you’re comfortable in.

Here, we’re enumerating a few affirmations. You can also write your own positive & promising sentences.

  1. I’m shifting to my DR, my flawless being.
  2. I’m blending to my perfection delicately. Shifting is effortless.
  3. This is what I adore intrinsically, my dream sphere. Oh! I’m blessed.
  4. Yeah! I’ve shifted. My pure essence is blissful radiant.
  5. Thank you, Nature! I’ve transited to my wishful arena. I own it with honour.
  6. Shifting is easy & I experience it with calm. It soothes me.

Check out our in depth guide on shifting affirmations for more clarity.

○ Safe Word

Also, select a safe word. This safe word will signify your return to your current realm from your desired being. Yes, your DR is entirely yours & you own it.

The time duration we’ve in our current being is fixed, but not in our desired reality., e.g., 15 minutes in your CR can be equal to 1 month or a year in your DR. It means you also own the dimensions of time there. 

Once you’ve written all these, the script is ready. Indulge in it with a little pampering. This is to imbibe the script into your subconscious mind softly. Your psyche already knows your DR. This script will pool it into the essence of your soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what language do I need to write my shifting script? Does it have to be in English?

The answer is simple. Shifting script is personal to you. So, jot it down in your native language or any other language you’re comfortable in.

Do I need to script each and every detail mentioned above?

No you don’t need to script each detail. Script only those things which you can sync with when you imagine. Do not try to force yourself to imagine specific’s which does not feel natural to yourself.

How can I remember so many things when practicing shifting?

Once you complete your script, it is important for you to read it, re-read it and almost breathe into the script. Do not try to attempt shifting until you are ready.

This is because, you need to make sure everything on your script can be imagined just by a small cue, which is only possible if you sync with your script for each word.

Any other important thing to keep in mind for successful shifting?

To attain your DR, accepting your CR whole-heartedly is recommended. Adore & cherish your energy; forgive & leave behind everything that gives you pain. One can start practicing Yoga, contemplation, reading promising books etc.

Also keep yourself hydrated & follow a healthful routine. This is necessary for such a high fuel process of shifting. 

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