Mirror Method Shifting of Reality (8 Step’s Guide)

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Mirror Method Shifting

We often fail to connect the dots in our lives. It’s not easy to connect the episodes without a firm logic but spiritual shifting can help you in this. The mirror method is one of the popular methods of reality shifting.

We’ve discussed loads of shifting techniques to connect you with your wishful world. It entailed both, easier & complex. You can select the method that works best for you in the softest way.

The sphere of spirituality is the sphere within you. So it’s endorsed to read whether the shifting methods are safe & valid for you or not.

A Beginners Guide to the Mirror method of Reality Shifting:

The mirror method of reality shifting connects you to your dream reality (DR) strategically. A peaceful mind is unavoidable to connect with DR. Your confidence in the process will act as the best tool for this shifting.

○ How to Prepare to Perform the Mirror Method Shifting

Any shifting method asks for a calm & serene space & your relaxed being. And so is this. Meditate for a few minutes, if lacking. Let your soul & intellect melt. The powerful results will amaze you with regular practices if performed honestly.

More detailed the script, easier the process. Check Shifting Script Template (Free 3 page PDF )

○ Step by Step Guide to Perform the Mirror method for Reality Shifting

The fundamental demands remain the same. But the heart of the method is a bit distinct which is explained herein pointwise:

1. Sit or plop down on the bed. Be in the most tranquillizing state. Throw all your pains & problems off. Close your eyes & feel the serenity naturally.

2. Imagine yourself alone in a room. A mirror is in the front at a distance of 9-10 steps. The limelight is on you in that room imbibed in a pure

3. Try to make it sensuous as much as you can. Your confidence will give the process its secret ingredient.

4. Imagine you’re heading towards the mirror slowly. Step by Step. Now you’re exactly in front of the mirror. You can see your reflection in it. The ‘You’ you see in the mirror is your ideal being which you always want to be.

5. You’re seeing yourself exactly the way you want to see yourself in your dream realism. Watch the eyes of your dream being. See the twinkle, peace, & positivity in those eyes.

6. What would you like to see in the eyes of your perfect self? See that exactly .

7. Now, imagine that your ideal being in the mirror is coming to you with a gentle smile. Put your hands on the mirror. Your superior being put hands on yours. You feel unified.

8. Steam of your soul is coming out of your body & going into the mirror to live the dream realism of your ambition.  When you open your eyes, you’re in your ideal realm.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mirror Shifting Method

Q: Should I go exactly according to the script?

No, you don’t need to. Just be yourself during the process. This is not a chemistry lab experiment but a transformation technique. You need to understand the method as much as you can. This will help you to unify with your ever wishful personality. The steps mentioned above are to give you the basic plan for the mirror shifting method. That’s it.

Q: Should I imagine the mirror in a completely dark room or the filled with bright light?

A: It’s recommended to imagine a dark room (with a little glow on you) instead of a room filled with lights. This will help you to focus only on you, the mirror, & nothing else in the room. Also, the bright lights (in visualizing the DR) might hamper your deep sleep after performing the reality shifting.

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