Swirly Eye Method Shifting of Reality (Step by Step guide)

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eye method shifting of reality

The swirly eye method shifting of reality is one of the engrossing shifting methods to practice. It’s more engaging than any other method of reality shifting techniques. It requires clicking your neurons to your wishful being through your eyes.

A firmly focused psyche & visualizing power are the core ingredient of this method. A consistent practice of the technique can help you sync with your desired realm (DR).

But before we move ahead with this method of shifting, it’s highly endorsed to check whether the reality shifting methods are safe for you or not.

A Beginners Guide to the Eye Method of Reality Shifting:

Strong visualizing leverage & a reflective intellect are the most powerful tools for this eye method. This is attainable. A meditative mind, positive thinking contours, & a healthy lifestyle can help you to attain this.

You can go to an extra horizon by reading books & articles on the same subject. 

○ How to Prepare for the Method

The most promising time to perform the eye method is before going to bed. Calm & serene state of mind is very important for this method. So put all your anxiety, workload, thoughts, & every chaotic thing off. Relax & unwind yourself.

Try to live & breathe your pure liberty. You can also walk or meditate for a few minutes.

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○ Step by Step Guide to Performing the Eye Method Shifting

eye method reality shifting procedure

Before you perform the method, a primary idea of the steps is a must. This will help you to gain the confidence to perform the process correctly:

1. Lie down on the bed or sofa (wherever you feel the comfiest). The space or room you’re in must be tranquil & peaceful.

2. Close your eyes. Count to 100 & affirm intrinsically. Count in a calm sense. 

An affirmation can be in any positive & optimistic form e.g., I’m shifting to my wishful realm or I’ve shifted to my wishful reality.  The latter exemplifies the Law of assumptionThis will make your intellect trust the process more. Or, you can affirm- I’m enjoying my DR a lot. Thank you, Cosmos! You can select any one of them or you can have your own.

3. Once you count & feel disconnected from your existing being, focus on your eyes. Move your eyeballs to & fro or in a circle (with eyes closed).

4. Keep on doing the process; try to visualize your DR. Continue the process till you start scenting your DR with all your senses. Feel the essence of your pure & acquisitive being.

5. You must be focused on revisiting the Step 4. Also, if you feel pain in your forehead while doing the process (which many people feel), stop the movements of your eyeballs for some time. Relax. You need to do this eyeball-rolling softly

A bit of strain on forehead is acceptable by many folks & they find it engaging. But this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, be yourself. If you don’t like it, skip it.

6. Visualize how the scenario will be in your DR and how will you be there in that portrait. Try to imagine it. How will you behave, how will you talk, what will you think as your perfect being, what will you be doing there; visualize it.

You can also take the help of affirmations.

7. Soon you’ll fall asleep visualizing the above. When you open your eyes, you’ll wake up in your wishful realm. Praises for your successful shifting.

FAQ About Eye Method Shifting of Reality

Q: Is it necessary to count to 100 in the eye method?

A: The steps mentioned above are just to give you a basic idea of the process. In some cases, when people count to 100 in their minds calmly, it helps them focus more on the technique. But it’s absolutely fine if you don’t want to count to 100.
You just need to be focused on the process & affirm yourself. This is important to direct your brain where to go & what to imagine without the tiniest dot of any chaos.

Q: Should I continue to practice it if I’m facing pressure on my forehead due to eyeball swirly?

A: None of the shifting methods is to hurt you in any way nor is the eye method of reality shifting. The slightest bit of pressure is okay & acceptable only if you’re comfortable with it. Otherwise, you can leave the process & select any other comfier method of reality shifting.

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