Falling Method Shifting of Reality (6 Step’s Guide)

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Falling Method Shifting of Reality

Many saints & yogis say- “spirituality begins where science ends”. While several reports & researchers endorse the above, the explicit way to understand it the better way is by experiencing different shifting methods.

Falling method shifting is the line that connects you & your existing reality to your wishful life beautifully.

Are you having any qualms like whether it would be safe to apply this method or not? Then make sure to check out our guide on misconceptions and dangers of shifting reality.

A Beginners Guide to the Falling method of Reality Shifting

Falling method asks for a sharp focus & visualizing power. Daily meditation, yoga, a healthy lifestyle, & inspiration is helpful in this. Once you start practicing it, you might be able to understand the signs that the heavens & the universe give you.

○ How to Prepare to Perform the Falling Method of Shifting:

Before starting the process, throw all your concerns, hustles, pasts, & any other feelings off. Be there in that moment. Loosen up, completely. If you feel a little sleepy & tired, the best. Because it’ll help you in fastened oneness with your wishful being as soon as you fall asleep.

Check out shifting tips for more guidance on how to make the process easier.

○ Step by Step Guide to Perform the Falling Method Shifting

Before attempting to shift into dream realm, one must have a basic notion of the steps to perform falling method. Read the steps given below to learn the process correctly:

1. Lie down in the most relaxing style. Close your eyes & imagine yourself in a hall filled with a constructive aura which has a door in the front. You’re alone in that hall.

2. Walk gently towards the door. Open the door with max hopes & keep affirming innately.

3. The door opens & the call from the universe has ranged within. You see a dark space. Now fall in it freely. Your soul knows the path. The fall is hinged by unexplained supremacies.

4. You feel free & detached. You’ll feel peace & calmness within you.

5. Now, you land at space & see a door again at 4-5 steps ahead. Open the door. A wishful scene is in front of your twinkly eyes. This is your Dream Reality (DR) that you wished to see so long. Imagine the supreme happiness seeing your DR in front of you.

6. Open the eyes of your essence & you are there. Cheers to your shift.

Frequently Asked Questions about Falling Shifting Method

Q: Do I need to affirm loudly during visualizing the fall or just whisper it?

First, try to feel more sensuous towards your fall intrinsically. Enrich your awareness with that. It helps you to taste better the connotations. Now, affirm. Whisper or mumble with pure devotion & hope. No need to make it loud. Pour your all energy into imagining & experiencing the fall.

Q: Will the fall be gentle of sudden?

The fall will be gentle with no thrust. The fall portrays the transition from current reality to your dream realm. So an intrinsic soft push will work & not a sudden thrust. And so will be landing. Soft & gentle.

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