12 Shifting tips for beginners (Shift Realities Effectively)

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Shifting tips for beginners

“A good traveller is one who knows how to travel with the mind.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

Imagine being able to travel anywhere, even to a fictional universe, just by closing your eyes, focusing on your intentions, and imagining you have arrived. That is what Gen Z “reality shifters” on TikTok say that anyone can do using simple shifting methods.

But there is a difference between simple and easy, as many beginning reality shifters will attest. Most of us have deep-seated limiting beliefs that hold us back from reaching our desired realities (DR). Plus, shifting involves an epic degree of concentration.

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12 Shifting tips for beginners (Shift Realities Effectively)

Before you move further, make sure to check if shifting reality is safe for you. Happy Shifting!

Below, we share some tips and tricks to help you reach your DR quickly and easily. These tips can make any method you use more effective.

12 Shifting Tips to Shift Realities Effectively

1. Script, script, script.

believe you are in your dream reality

We cannot emphasize enough how helpful it can be to have a shifting script when you are reality shifting.

In case you are not familiar with scripting, it is a process by which you write out what you want to be waiting for you when you arrive in your desired reality.

When you script, you can also specify some things about the process of shifting itself. For example, you can script that you want your eyes to open automatically when you get to your DR. 

For a lot of people, this type of scripting can help to alleviate anxieties about shifting, making it easier to focus on where they want to go, not on how they might mess it up.

After you finish scripting, make sure to Indulge in it with a little pampering. This is to imbibe the script into your subconscious mind softly. Your psyche already knows your desired reality. This script will pool it into the essence of your soul.

2. Focus on your intent.

There are dozens of reality shifting methods you can try. But here is a secret shifting tip: you do not need a method at all.

The reason why is that intention and belief are more important than steps and techniques. No method will be successful without focused intent. And if your intent is focused enough, you will feel the shifting symptoms.

So, try not to overcomplicate things. Doing so is just one big distraction. Instead, just focus on what you want, and know you can make it real.

3. You are already there.

use law of assumption for reality shifting

One way you can supercharge intention and belief is by applying the Law of AssumptionThis universal law tells us that what we believe to be true will “harden into fact” if we continue to hold that belief in our minds consistently.

That means that instead of focusing on shifting to your desired reality, you should instead focus on knowing you are already living in your DR.

At first, the data you receive from your senses may clash with this belief. But keep persisting in it. Using ambient sounds and subliminals can help.

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4. Give your body what it needs.

Concentrating as hard as you do when reality shifting involves a startling amount of effort. You will be surprised at just how fast it can drain you.

In fact, you can become dehydrated putting in that type of energy. So, make sure you hydrate yourself well before you start trying to shift. You may also want to replenish your electrolytes.

One more piece of tip for shifting is to use the bathroom before you try shifting. The last thing you want to be thinking about when you are trying to focus on your DR is a full bladder.

5. Take care of things in this reality.

Reality shifters say that when you reach your DR, a “clone” will take over for you in your original reality. This is just a way of saying, “Don’t worry—you will keep up with your everyday life in your original reality; you will just be focused on/living in your DR at the same time.”

Still, when you are new to shifting realities, you might be nervous about what will happen in the world you leave behind. If you are having trouble focusing as you try to shift, it could be because you have left something unfinished.

It might be worth it to take a break from shifting to deal with whatever it is that is distracting you just to get it out of your mind. You can then focus on your DR.

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6. Work out your mind muscles.

Work out your mind muscles

In order to successfully shift, you need to enter a meditative state of mind. If you do not know how to meditate, attempting to shift before you do is like trying to run before you know how to crawl.

So, practice! The better you get at meditating, the easier it will be for you to shift. You might also want to try practising some of the other skills involved, like visualization.

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7. Break the “rules” (hint: there are none).

As you are researching shifting methods, you will discover some of them are quite elaborate, with many steps in a particular order. This may cause you to think that there is a “right” way to shift.

Additionally, you will see lots of advice from experienced shifters online. Some of them will tell you that there are rules you need to follow or certain things you must do or never do if you want to be successful.

But there are no actual “rules” for reality shifting. All you really need to bring to the process are focus and belief. Beyond that, just do what feels right. 

To try and understand what goes wrong when you do otherwise, picture trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Now, imagine you need to push through a hole to enter your DR. 

Clearly, what you need is a hole that fits you. So, choose a shifting process that fits you.

8. Let the angels guide you.

let angels guide you

Reality shifters sometimes find that when they see certain angel numbers over and over, that means they are close to successfully shifting.

Angel numbers are special numbers in numerology, often (but not always) with repeating digits (i.e. 777 or 11:11). 

If you are seeing these numbers, let that strengthen your faith that you are on track to shifting. If you are not seeing them, ask the Universe to send them to you.

What if you do not see angel numbers? That is okay too! You can shift without them. It just means that there is a different path for you to walk to reach your desired reality (this goes back to doing what is right for you). 

9. Let go of the need to control everything.

A script for reality shifting can be as long or short as you like. But if you are writing a novel-length script with exhaustive detail, particularly with respect to other peoples’ actions, you might want to take a step back.

Think about the way real life works. While we can manifest almost anything without limiting beliefs holding us back, there are some caveats. Other people have free will, just like we do.

And the true will of each of us is aligned with the Universe—not necessarily whatever pops into our heads at any given moment.

If you try to script every word, thought, and action of the people in your DR, it will be very hard for you to suspend your disbelief in that reality. What you are describing is more like a dream.

Try releasing some of your rigid control and expectations. You may be surprised how quickly this helps you finally reach your DR.

10. Don’t forget to breathe.

Trying to shift realities involves a lot of effort, as we have mentioned. Not only can this deplete you physically, but it can also be psychologically fatiguing as well.

So, take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to take a breather when you need it. In fact, you probably will still need to keep doing this even after you start succeeding.

Some shifters report that just being in their DR for extended periods of time can be draining upon their return.

11. Turn art into a science.

Journal your shifting experiences

Like anything else you try to learn, you need a way of tracking what does and does not work for you when you are shifting. You might also be surprised by just how much you can forget about the experiences you have.

However amazing they are, you may have them in a significantly altered state, so it can be easy to lose the details over time.

One way you can make faster progress and remember more of your other worldly experiences is to keep a journal. Careful, detailed notes will help you turn the art of shifting into a science.

Once you know what works, it will be easier to replicate success in the future.

12. Don’t be afraid to fail before you succeed.

Although it is possible to succeed the first time you try to shift, the chances are good that you will not. That is completely alright. It does not matter how many attempts it takes or how long you have to try to succeed.  

The process of shifting really is about shifting yourself. Achieving the state of mind where success is possible can take time, and identifying the methods that suit you may not be possible without some failures along the way.

So, do not allow your failed attempts to get you down. Instead, see them as necessary stepping stones. Every failure you have is evidence that you are on the path to shifting success. Just keep walking the path.

Your DR is Waiting for You

When you are looking around at your mundane, everyday life, it can feel like your desired reality is far away.

But your DR already exists, and the more you focus on it and believe in it, the more you vibrate on the same frequency with it.

It is right there waiting for you, closer than your next breath because its coordinates are already within you. With the tips and tricks above on your side, you will be there sooner than you think. Happy shifting!

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