Group Shifting 101: How to Reality Shift with Friends

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Group Shifting

Is your desired reality feeling a little empty? Maybe that is because it cannot truly be your perfect world without your friends. Imagine if you can bring them along the next time you shift realities. That is exactly what is possible with group shifting.

This post will explain what group shifting is, how it works, and what you need to do to be successful at it. Let’s explain how you and your reality shifting buddies can embark on your next adventure together.

What is Group Reality Shifting?

Group reality shifting is just like individual reality shifting, except that you shift with the other group members to the same shared DR.

So, for example, instead of shifting to Hogwarts by yourself, you and your friends can all partake of the delights of the Wizarding World together. What could be more fun than hanging out together in your house common room or visiting Hogsmeade as a group?

○ How to Write Your Group Script

The key to successfully shifting to the same DR (not just similar DRs) is to script as a group. In fact, this is the tricky part where you need to get all of the fine details exactly right. The part where you actually shift together should be easy so long as you nail the script.

Get together with your friends and work on your shifting script together. If possible, consider doing this activity in person. It will be fastest and easiest to ensure everyone is on the same page if you are all sitting together and can easily shoot ideas back and forth.

You might also be amazed by some of the magical, synchronous moments you experience as you suddenly realize you are already starting to see the same shared space inside your heads. 

If that is not possible, you can use a utility online like Dropbox or Google Drive. Create some shared documents, invite everyone in the group to edit them, and go to work. 

○ What Needs to Be in Your Group Script

What Needs to Be in Your Group Script

The key to successfully shifting to the same DR (not just similar DRs) is to script as a group. In fact, this is the tricky part where you need to get all of the fine details exactly right. The part where you actually shift together should be easy so long as you nail the script.

Your script needs to establish the setting, including both the time and the place, and details about your individual DR selves. It would help if you also scripted how your group members will interact.

Do you all know each other in your DR already, or do you still need to meet? What are your everyday schedules in your DR? What activities do you share? The more details you can flesh out, the better.

○ Make Sure Everyone Agrees on the Script

Consistency is key with group scripting. If anyone disagrees on any one point, that person will not be able to shift to the same DR. For that matter, if you fail to address any particular point and one member of the group has an inconsistency, that person will not end up in the same DR as the rest. 

So, follow proper shifting tips and close all of these possible loopholes as best as possible. That way, when you shift as a group, you will all end up together in the exact same universe.

Shifting as a Group

Once you have your group script, you are ready to shift. Some shifters feel that group shifting requires more energy and focus than individual shifting. However, the overall process is no different from how you regularly shift by yourself.

○ When and How to Shift as a Group

 When and How to Shift as a Group

To shift to the same DR as other members of your group, simply reality shift individually the way you always do. You can do this any time after you finish your group script.

You do not need to coordinate together to shift at a specific place or time. Group shifting works based on intention, just like individual shifting.

Think of the scripting process for group shifting like choosing coordinates together for navigation. Those coordinates lead to a specific place and time in your shared DR. 

That is why even if you all are shifting from different locations or at different times, you will all be able to end up together!

○ Using a Group Waiting Room

One thing that may help you shift more effectively as a group is to use a group waiting room. This can be a room you design together, or an individual group member can open their personal waiting room (WR) to all group members.

The group can all shift together to the WR, and after meeting up there, shift to your shared DR. You can even script this to be as simple as walking through a door in your WR to reach your DR. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Group Shifting

You now know how to script and shift as a group for a shared experience in your DR. But you probably have some questions about how all of this works. Below, we answer some of people’s most common questions about group reality shifting. 

Q: How many people can shift as a group?

A: There is no upper threshold. You can shift with just one or two other people or invite dozens! 

Q: Do you need a group waiting room?

A: Using a group waiting room or not is totally up to you and the other group members. If most of your group finds a waiting room useful for solo shifting, you will probably find it easier to shift as a group if you use one. Also, please do not underestimate how much fun it can be to hang out together in your WR simply. It can be like your shared clubhouse. 

Q: Do we need to be physically together to shift together?

A: No, you do not need to physically be in the same place to group shift. You can be in different rooms, in different buildings, in different towns, or even in different countries. So long as you have accurately and consistently scripted together, you will be able to go together to your DR.

Q: Do we need to shift at the same time?

A: No, you do not need to shift simultaneously. You can all shift at different times on the same night or even on different days or nights altogether. It does not matter because your script and intent establish the time in your DR, not just the place. If you script that you will all end up at Hogwarts at the same time and date in that universe, for example, you will invariably all end up there together regardless of the times you shift in your CR.

Q: Do we need to use the same method?

A: No. Every group member can use whatever reality shifting method works best for them individually. The methods you are using will not affect where you end up. So long as you all are aiming to arrive at the same DR, you will all get there.

Q: Can we shift together to a fictional universe?

A: Yes, you can shift as a group to a fictional universe. You can also shift as a group to a reality you create or discover together. Anything is possible so long as you all can clearly establish where you want to go.

Q: Can we shift as a group to one member’s DR?

 A: Yes, you can shift as a group to just one person’s DR. But in order to do this, that person needs to give everyone in the group permission to enter. You also still need to work together on a shared script to make sure you all arrive at that person’s DR.

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