Intention Method Shifting of Reality (Detailed Guide)

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Intention method shifting

If you wish to transform yourself into your ideal realism, shifting methods can be of great help. The intention method is one of the easiest of shifting reality methods. This engages you to your desired reality without any complex steps.

The best thing about intention method shifting is that it does not require a specific dream reality in mind, rather the intention behind the process matters.

Wait! Before we step ahead, you’re advised to check the misconceptions regarding reality shifting. We must have a precise vision of what we read & practice.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Intention Method of Reality Shifting

The intent based reality transition is among the most popular ones. Regular spiritual practices like Yoga, meditation, & periodic introspection can help you to perform the process smoothly. It helps your dream realm & intentions become one.

○ How to Prepare to Perform the Intention Method Shifting

If you’re back home & feeling overworked, that’s a perfect time to perform the technique before going to bed. Calm down & unwind yourself. Normally, the time before you go to bed is the best time to perform the shifting.

If necessary, create a script template for shifting which you can go through before starting the method. Check out our free shifting script templates to get a better idea on how to create one.

Make sure to pre-run the intentions and shifting affirmations in your mind before you start with the process, so that when the process starts, you can directly jump into them.

○ Step-by-Step Guide to Perform the Intent Method

1. Sit or lay down on the bed in the comfiest style. Try to have relaxed heartbeats. You must be in a calm room without any chaotic energy around you.

2. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath. When you are about to sleep, show your intent to the Universe.

3. Your intention does not need to be the end desired reality (DR), rather it can be the “why” behind the DR. Do you want to meet someone? Visit some place? The “why” behind these should be the intention you send to universe.

4. Keep revising your intents in your mind. The intents should be aimed at in the explicit direction. The more you’re focused, the better results you’ll get.

5. Keep a zero negative attitude or depressing ambiance to connect truly to your intentions. Present your pure intentions to the Universe with honesty & holistic attitude.

6. Think about how your reflection would be in that intent, how you’ll be intended, what would you be doing in your wishful existence.

7. When you’ll open your eyes of the ingrained sub-consciousness, you would have a glimpse of your beautiful wishful intention.

○ An Example of Intention Method of Reality Shifting

Intention method for shifting guide

The process of intent shifting is the simplest way to transform. Let’s comprehend it with the help of an example for better maxima.

Imagine you finish the dinner & other chores. Now you’re heading to bed. This is the perfect time to switch your consciousness. Settle your wondering thoughts & relax. Let your heartbeats soften. Loosen up.

Take the most relaxing posture (be it of any manner). Your eyes are tired. The eyelids are down slowly. Your intent is moving to your dream sphere.

Intent- I’m in my wishful domain. I would like to visit a “certain place” because this certain place can help me with “certain thing”. This is what I love & cherish. Thank you, Cosmos.

The “certain place” is where you fill your DR and the intention behind the DR. That’s all. When you’ll open your eyes of the subconscious mind, you’ll be there.

Frequently asked questions about intention shifting method by people:

Q: What kind of affirmation is to be intended? Explain, please.

You can use positive sentences that link you to your dream world e.g., I’m being awarded the ‘Businessman of the Year’. The auditorium is filled with CEOs, founders, managers, business officers; Top business tycoons are admiring my growth strategies.

This is just an example. You can use affirmations according to your intention that make you more aware of your dreams.

Q: Can I use relaxing music because I didn’t see that mentioned in the guide?

It’s not necessarily important to play relaxing music in the background. But if that gives you the tranquility, you can do it. The comfortable relaxed state of mind is supremely important.
Also, if you have a book or a diary in which you have read or written something related to your intentions, goals, read it. This will help you to intend better and deeper during the process.

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