Piano Method Shifting of Reality (Step by Step Guide)

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Piano method shifting of reality

The piano method shifting of reality is one of the most celebrated methods of realm transition. This unique method of reality shifting has a bit of fame & celeb taste. And if rehearsed regularly, the technique will help you inscribe your dream essence into your subconscious mind.

Since it has a direct tie with your wishful realm, your dream realm (DR) of verve, we notify you to give a read to this chunk: is reality shifting dangerous?

A Beginners Guide to the Piano Method Shifting

The Piano technique of existence shifting helps you to connect with the supreme power of the universe. But this connection asks for additional practices as well. 

Rehearse the technique consistently. You won’t be able to master the method in one shot, but soon you will. Yes, you will. Try to develop a meaningful & healthy lifestyle. Daily contemplation is an extra horizon, always.

○ How to Prepare for the Method

Relax & meditate for a few minutes (if needed). Take a brief walk on your veranda, lawn, or terrace. You can’t enjoy the shifting rather can not make it happen if your mind is disturbed & restless. So calm down your senses. Live in that moment. Peel all personal or professional burdens off. 

○ Step by Step Guide to Performing the Piano Method Shifting

piano shifting method of reality procedure

Before attempting the process, let’s scan the steps of the piano method of realm shift to have a more accurate script.

Reality Shifting made easy, check out our free Shifting Script Template (3 page PDF)

1. Lie down in the most comfortable posture on your bed, sofa, mattress, or couch. Wherever you feel the comfiest, listen to some instrumental music, preferably a piano. The music must be soft & soothing to soothe your mood.

2. Close your eyes. Focus on your deep & relaxed breathing. Don’t let any inimical thoughts enter your mind. If they are still annoying, try to ignore them. You can affirm positive statements that make you feel affiliated with your DR.

3. Imagine a vast hall or auditorium with a grand piano at its center. The piano can be of any color. There’s a comfortable & graceful seat set to play the piano. The hall is filled with audiences. You don’t need to know them necessarily. 

Affirm in between (if needed): I’m shifting to my wishful realm, I shall attain this ideal being./ I’m transitioning to my DR. Oh, Nature! Thank you so much. 

4. You can hear a slight of their hazy chattering. Imagine yourself entering the vast auditorium. You are dressed up the way you always wanted to, elegant & refined.

5. The moment you enter the hall, the chattering slows down. You head toward the stage to the piano like a celebrity. People’s eyes follow you as you walk ahead.

6. You reached the stage with utmost grace. Now sit on the chair & start playing the piano. As soon as you sit on the chair, the auditorium is pin-drop-silenced. Imagine yourself as a great piano player. Start playing the piano.

7. Let the music of the piano take over you. The symphony has won your audiences too. The music is healing every ear it’s travelling into. It has simmered the hall. Let it be continued for a few minutes. Droop down into these moments.

8. Now, you’ll stop your fingers. The hall is melted with applause after a second. You can hear the cheering & the praises of the audience. 

9. You stand up & acknowledge them. You’ll say: It’s time to go

Now, you’ll come down from the stage & walk to the entrance. The hall is silenced with mesmerized people. This is due to the charm of your personality & the music they listened to.

10. When you come to the entrance, a person will walk toward you. The person can be anyone, whoever you wish to be there. The person will come to you & asks for your hand. You’ll put your fingers on his hand. 

11. The person opens the door for you. Explicit rays with heavenly glimmer welcome you. You both will get in. 

12. You’re filled with an aura that alleviates you inherently. The person holds your hand & walkthrough & says Welcome home, Love

It’s aesthetically pleasing. You’ll feel safe, adored & respected. Slip into the feelings & fall asleep; you’ll wake up in your DR. Abide into it freely.

FAQ About Piano Shifting method

Q: When & how many times do I need to affirm? Can I affirm while playing the piano?

A: The shifting affirmations are to collect & shift your focus from all other things to the procedure of piano shifting method. Whenever you feel distracted (even the tiniest), affirm yourself & get back to the method. 

So, you can affirm whenever & as many times you want to. Also, it’s up to you how you want to affirm. You can mumble/whisper the affirmations. Or, you can revise it in the back of your intellect. 

Q: Do I need to imagine myself playing the piano in the first person or third person?

A: Whichever you want to. If you’re more of an observer complexion, you can choose the third-person perspective. And if you want to live that moment personally, you can act in the first person. 

Also, you can switch one or the other for a change. It would help you to have a widen picture of the shifting.

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