A Detailed Guide on Train Method Shifting of Reality

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Train method shifting

It’s possible to connect every episode of life if you have a clear silhouette of what you want. Reality shifting methods can help you in both. From designing your wishful world to achieving it (how you wanted) one day.

Train method shifting of realism is one such strategy to make you determined for what you want & working for your goal.

Kindly check out our article: Are shifting methods dangerousto feel the confidence in the techniques of reality shifting. Once you’re ensured, you’ll grow a mode of affixing your thinking pattern, and way of living, to your goal accomplishment.

A Beginners Guide to Train Method Shifting

A tranquil & focused psyche is the very first need to perform the train method. 

Prepare for your goal every day no matter how impossible you feel it to be. Practice the train method of reality transformation (most people perform it before going to sleep) daily. Try to connect both to make it more meaningful & result-driven.

○ How to Prepare to Perform Train Method of Shifting Reality

train shifting method procedure

Calm yourself down & relax. Give a pause to every negative thought & belief. If you find it difficult, ignore them at least & shift all your intellect to pure composure. Meditate.

Try to forget all your anxieties & unsolved rushes & workloads. Try to connect with your subconsciousness. If you’re a little tired & sleepy, perfect.

○ Step-by-Step Guide to Perform the Train Method

It’s always recommended to have a step-by-step script for a detailed performance of the train method of reality shifting. Check out our detailed guide on how to script for reality shifting with free templates.

Here, we’ve defined every point serially to extract the maximal yield of the spiritualistic technique:

1. Sit or lie down loosened up. Be in the most tranquillizing mood. Close your eyes & relax. Breath in & out. Relaxed & deep breathing is the best.

2. Imagine yourself sitting in a train. The space is rich in explicit vibrations & aesthetic rays of glow.

Affirm encouraging shifting statements like: I’m transitioning to my most beloved ambition, my wishful world; I’m transforming to my desired realism, my original domain; Nature & the entire universe is helping me to achieve my dream realm. Uh! Thank you so much, heavens.

3. The train is heading towards your dream realm (DR). It’s close to your goal. You can see the beautiful scenery from the window. The décor is much related to your dream realm. Your soul is dazzled & serene.

4. Continue step 3 as many minutes as you want. There’s no rush. Droop down into that frequency in-depth. Pool your intellect into the territory of purity, holiness, & innocence. Strengthen your subconscious mind to believe it as the only realm.

5. Now imagine you’ve reached your station, your DR. You can also imagine your darling ones waiting there for you (if you want). It’s not a jinx or any magic; you’ve earned it. The supreme power of the cosmos breezes.

6. You’re safe in the lap of the Supreme energy. Conclusively, it’s your DR

Affirm (if required): I’m in my DR. Dearie me! I worked so hard for it; I earned it.

Fall asleep, affirming it gradually. You’ll wake up in your wishful station. Endorse your transition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Train Shifting Method

Q: Can I imagine someone else sitting beside me in the train, or does it has to be alone?

A: Well, the script allows it as alone. Any reality shifting technique is to make you feel closer to your DR. The script recommended above illustrates the layout of the shifting & isn’t made up of concrete.

If you acquire your DR more ideally by visualizing someone sitting beside you. That’s absolutely fine; you can start with that. But, yeah! Do give a try to the process of visualizing yourself alone also.

Q: I want to come down to the platform, see my DR station, & have a sense of contentment. Can I extend the process?

A: The question itself asserts that you’re enjoying the method. Go ahead. Visualize & own it till you feel the oneness. You can perform the process until you fall asleep. You can extend the process a bit, but not much.
This might artificialize it.

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