15 Waiting Room Ideas to Inspire You to Shift

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When you are shifting to your desired reality (DR), you can make use of a waiting room. A waiting room is simply a room or environment of your own that you use as a go-between while moving between your current reality (CR) and your DR.

Waiting rooms may look like bedrooms, sitting rooms, or even outdoor environments like gardens or courtyards. To understand the why we need a waiting room and how to use it, check the detailed post on waiting room.

Many shifters enjoy spaces that merge elements of indoors and outdoors, or include whimsical features that you would never encounter in your CR.

In this post, we are going to share some of our favorite waiting room ideas with you to inspire you to create your own perfect waiting room (WR).

What Goes Into a Well-Designed Waiting Room?

You can look at your waiting room as your home away from home. It should be a place where you feel relaxed, focused, safe, and happy. It should also uplift you and help you believe fully in the infinite possibilities of reality shifting.

How you structure your waiting room depends in part on how you plan to use it.

Some people pass quickly through their waiting rooms, while others may spend significant time in them meditating, studying, resting, or even scripting or chatting with friends.

There are not a lot of hard rules on waiting room design. All that really matters is that your waiting room expresses your personality and delights and empowers you.

Waiting Room Ideas and Inspirations

Now that we have gone over some waiting room basics, let’s take a look at some beautiful and unique WR ideas.

1. Lounge in the Water

Lounge in the Water waiting room idea
Artist: Paul Milinski

Imagine yourself kicking back on this couch, sipping a cool, refreshing beverage, and listening to the gentle lap of the water. This calming environment would be the perfect spot to relax on your way to your DR.

2. Comfy Bed in the Trees

Comfy Bed in the Trees room idea
Artist: Joe Mortell

Lounging on this couch and listening to the breeze rustling in the leaves and the sounds of birds and insects, you would feel right at home. The soft glow from the orb of light illuminates anything you want to work on while further enhancing the ambiance. It’d be hard to ever want to leave.

3. Swimming Pool in the Sky

Swimming Pool in the Sky waiting room idea

Relax by the poolside or take a swim where water meets clouds in this stunning WR. You could even script it so that by dunking your head underwater, you shift to your DR.

4. Garden Bed

Garden Bed waiting room
Artist: litanies on NightCafe

Lie down in a comfy bed surrounded by colorful flowers and foliage, breathing in their sweet fragrances. Each time you visit your WR, you can add new plants to your garden, seeing how they grow and flourish between your visits. When you are ready, proceed to your DR.

5. Mid Century Modern Airport Terminal

Mid Century Modern Airport Terminal waiting room

Here is a fun idea for a WR—an airport terminal featuring a Mid Century Modern look, but in soft, dreamy pastel hues. Hang out in this terminal room for as long as you want, then board your plane for your otherworldly destination.

6. Bench Among the Overgrown Ruins

Bench Among the Overgrown Ruins waiting room
Artist: litanies on NightCafe

Enter into a world that is outside of time, and relax on this bench among ruins overgrown by purple flowers and softly embraced by ethereal mist. To get to your DR, you can just pass through one of the archways.

7. Cosmic Library

cosmic library waiting room

If you love to lose yourself in the pages of a book, this stunning library/bookshop WR design might be for you. The walls and ceiling are painted with stars, giving the room a magical feel. You could even set up a special bookshelf that contains volumes that transport you to different DRs.

8. Desert WR

desert waiting room
Artist: Joe Mortell

Here is another soothing dreamscape designed by Joe Mortell that offers amazing inspiration. The tiers of comfortable seating blend right into the desert landscape, and would be perfect for a group shifting WR.

9.  Neon Penthouse

Neon Penthouse waiting room

Looking for something with a more urban vibe? This penthouse gives you amazing views through the glass windows of the vibrant lights of the surrounding city. Colorful neon brings even more atmosphere to the WR.

10. Earthy Conversation Pit

Earthy Conversation Pit waiting room

This conversation pit is another great choice for a group WR, but it would also be suitable for an individual WR. The earthy colors make this space warm and inviting, and the textures and hues combine to make it feel like you are seated in a cave.

You could simply ascend the stairs to your DR when you are ready.

11. Organic Stained Glass WR

Organic Stained Glass Waiting room
Artist: litanies on NightCafe

If you cannot decide whether you prefer a waiting room that is indoors or outdoors, why not merge them into a seamless design? Stained glass that looks like it was grown from trees encloses you in a tranquil room with river rocks for a floor.

12. Sitting Room in the Clouds

Sitting Room in the Clouds waiting room

This could easily be another room in the same home as the “Swimming Pool in the Sky” we featured earlier. This sitting room is open to the sky, with the clouds flowing in around the seats.

The colors of sunset make them look as sweet as cotton candy. And here is the wonderful thing about it being your WR—you can have it be sunset all the time if you want. And if you wish it, the clouds can be cotton candy.

13. Private Spa

private spa waiting room

With its bubbling hot tub and its ornate chandelier and makeup table, this waiting room feels like a luxurious private spa. Sliding doors lead out to a balcony offering expansive views of the sea.

Consider using the mirror with the mirror method of reality shifting.

14. Luminous Rainbow Tunnel

Luminous Rainbow Tunnel waiting room
Artist: litanies on NightCafe

Don’t want to hang around in your WR too much, but just want a beautiful, familiar environment you can pass through time and again on your way to your DR? Follow a pathway of flowers through a series of translucent, luminous, rainbow archways forming a tunnel to your DR.

15. Garden Door

Garden Door waiting room
Artist: Blake Kathryn

Not only is this garden an enchanting place on its own, but the door calls with a mysterious power. Its mystical design practically begs you to open it and see where it leads. If you make a place like this your WR, that magical door will open to wherever you choose.

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