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Most methods for shifting realities have you start in your current reality (CR) and then shift directly to your desired reality (DR). But many people like to take an intermediary step of shifting to a waiting room. 

This post will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about waiting room shifting. We will discuss the benefits of shifting to a waiting room, how to shift to one, how you can use a communal waiting room, and some interesting waiting room ideas. 

What is a Waiting Room?

A waiting room is a place you can shift to before you shift to your DR. It is a special place that is entirely yours. You can think of it as a kind of base of operations for your shifting.

Usually, a waiting room is a room. For example, it might take the form of your ideal bedroom or another room where you feel safe, comfortable, focused and inspired.

But it does not have to be a literal room. It could even be an outdoor environment. But it may help for it to be at least partially enclosed.

○ What Are Some Reasons to Shift to a Waiting Room?

There are many benefits to shifting to a waiting room:

  • Shifting first to your waiting room may be easier than shifting directly to your DR. It is typically going to be a small, enclosed environment. Since you make a habit out of shifting to it, it should become intimately familiar, making visualization more and more effortless with experience.
  • You do not have to shift twice. You can, for example, create a portal in your waiting room that will automatically take you to your DR. So, you just shift to your waiting room and then pass through the portal.
  • Your waiting room is a personal space where you can feel totally safe and at ease. Think of it as your home away from home. You can even shift there if you just want to decompress for a little while.
  • Shifting to a waiting room may involve less pressure than shifting to your DR. As a beginner, you could find it easier. 
  • You can invite others to a waiting room to interact or shift together to a communal DR. 

○ Do You Have to Have a Waiting Room?

No, you do not have to have a waiting room. It is totally up to you. If you find it convenient, relaxing or fun, go for it. But if you prefer to just shift directly to your DR, that is also perfectly okay.

You can even use the waiting room sometimes and not other times. You can also have more than one waiting room depending on your mood or where you are shifting. You have complete freedom.

How Do I Shift to my DR from my Waiting Room?

Shifting to DR from Waiting Room

Just as you have endless options for the waiting room itself, there are also endless ways you can shift from your waiting room to your desired reality.

One way you can do it is simply to use the same shifting method that you ordinarily would if you shifted straight from your current reality to your desired reality. But simply do that routine in your waiting room instead.

Another simple option is to have a door in your waiting room that leads to your DR. Simply script that when you walk through the door, you will be in your DR. You could even have multiple doors exiting your waiting room to different realities.

There are also clever ways you can combine shifting methods with waiting rooms. Say you like the train method of shifting. You could simply have a private sleeper car on the train that serves as your waiting room. Then, script it so that when the train stops, you will be at your DR.

What is a Communal Waiting Room? 

A communal waiting room is like a regular waiting room, except that it is open to more than one person. In fact, more than one person can visit a communal waiting room at the same time during group shifting.

Sometimes, people get together in communal waiting rooms simply to spend time with friends and relax. Other times, it is a way to meet other shifters. In still other scenarios, the idea might be to all meet up in the waiting room before scripting together and visiting a DR as a group.

Waiting Room Ideas

The possibilities for waiting rooms are virtually endless, limited only by your thoughts and desires. Below are just a few ideas to fire up your imagination.

1. View of the Stars

waiting room idea 1
Source: Pinterest

Your waiting room can be your personal spaceship. Imagine opening your eyes to a breathtaking view of planets and stars through the windows of your WR bedroom. A space like this would make it effortless to envision countless possibilities.

2. Drawing Room in the Clouds

waiting room idea 2
Source: Pinterest

This elegant drawing room is your home in the clouds, the perfect union of indoors and outdoors. With a grand piano waiting for you, it would be perfect for performing the piano shifting method after you arrive.

3. Floating Gateway

waiting room idea 3
Source: Pinterest

Who says your waiting room needs to be an actual “room”? This breathtaking gateway is suspended among the worlds of possibility, ready to welcome you through the archway to visit your DR.

4. Garden Stair

waiting room idea 4
Source: Pinterest

Here is a clever idea for an outdoor waiting room—a beautiful, lush garden filled with colorful flowers. When you are ready to move onto your DR, simply ascend the stairs.

A waiting room can be absolutely anything. While there are common practices, there are no hard rules. All that is important is that it feels like a safe, comfortable and inspiring environment for you.

Check out our full post of waiting room ideas for even more inspiration.

Your Waiting Room is Your Home Away from Home

Now you know what waiting rooms are, how to use them, and a few ideas for what your own waiting room could be like. Once you have your waiting room all set up, you will have the perfect spot for shifting to your DR, relaxing, meditating, or doing anything else you please. It will always be there for you before or after your next adventure, waiting to welcome you home.

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