5 Senses Method Shifting (With Easy Visualization Guide)

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5 Senses Method Shifting

Do you have difficulty visualizing but want to use a visualization-based method to shift realities? The 5 Senses Method for shifting may be for you.

The 5 Senses Method involves imagining your Dream Reality(DR) using all of your senses to shift, but with an added twist involving your Current Reality(CR) for extra effectiveness.

This post will walk you through the steps for 5 Senses Method shifting and answer some frequently asked questions about the technique. 

A Visualization-Based Method for Those Who Struggle to Visualize

The inventor of 5 Senses shifting is Ali on Amino, who explains that visualization is hard for them and that with most visualizing methods, “they tell you to believe, but they don’t tell you how to believe. Like telling someone a weird fact you heard, without explaining the science behind it.”

So, Ali created the 5 Senses Method specifically to address this concern for those who likewise have a hard time grasping how to visualize.

Before You Start: Get Your Affirmations Ready 

5 sense method affirmations

The 5 Senses Method does involve affirmations to go along with your visualizations. So, before you get started, you will need to do some prep work.

To save you time, we have put together a list of 90 powerful shifting affirmations along with a guide to modify them to be more specific to you and your goals.

Ali also suggests that you have a subliminal to use when you are shifting. Here is our in-depth guide to some of the top subliminals for shifting. This step is optional; however, you can shift without one if you prefer. 

Step-by-Step Guide to the 5 Senses Method

1. Whenever you have a couple of minutes, quietly to yourself with no interruptions, sit or lie down in your current reality.

Look around you, noting what you can see, paying close attention to textures, colours and details. 

Listen to any sounds in your environment, and try and study the noises.

Ask yourself what you feel right now in terms of surfaces, textures, temperatures, etc.

Note any aromas in the air and anything (if applicable) that you can taste.

Do not just make observations about these sensory details, but also note how they make you feel.

Close your eyes at intervals, and see if you can still picture what you were looking at an instant ago.

5 sense method dream reality

2. Later, when you are ready to shift, turn on your subliminals. 

3. Lie down on your back. Ali says that you should also “imagine what you’d be laying/sitting down like [in your DR] and go into that position except on your back.” See the FAQ for more details.

4. Start counting from 1 upward. You can count as high as you want. You should continue counting until you experience symptoms.

You can pause at points that feel comfortable to you while counting to say some affirmations. Those that affirm your DR identity or detach you from your CR are most suitable.

5. Now it is time to visualize your DR in as much vivid detail as possible.

Repeat what you did in the first step. Focus on what you can see, hear, smell, feel and taste in your DR.

6. As your symptoms increase, begin saying affirmations about having already shifted. 

7. When you are ready, either open your eyes in your DR, or let yourself fall asleep so you wake up in your DR. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the 5 Senses Method

You may very well have some questions about the 5 Senses Method, especially as you try to understand why it works. Below, we give you some deeper insights into this reality shifting technique.

5 sense method FAQ

Q: What if I cannot visualize at all?

A: This method was designed to help people who struggle to visualize to do so with success. But some people cannot visualize. If that describes you, there is a simple way you can modify the 5 Senses Method.

Our suggestion is that instead of trying to vividly picture your DR, when you reach that step, simply use affirmations to describe your DR with respect to sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

You might also want to check out some other non-visualization shifting methods.

 Q: Do I need subliminals for the 5 Senses Method? 

A: No, you do not need to use subliminals to shift with the 5 Senses Method. But many people do find it helpful. Try experimenting with doing it with and without your subs to see which works best for you. 

Q: Why do I meditate on my current reality first when doing the 5 Senses Method?

A; It may not be immediately obvious to you why you are supposed to meditate on your CR before you try to shift to your DR with this technique.

The idea is for you to practice visualizing in a situation where it is easier. Vividly imagining sensory details is difficult if you do not routinely pay attention tothose details and try to replicate them in your mind. 

Once you get good at visualizing with your CR, then you will know how to do it with your DR.

Q: What position do I need to be lying/sitting in?

A: Ali’s description of the position for the 5 Senses Method is a bit confusing. Basically, Ali wants you to be lying on your back regardless, but in a posture that resembles the one in your DR as much as possible.

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