Top 7 Shifting Methods Without Visualization (Detailed Guide)

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Shifting Methods Without Visualization

On TikTok, Gen Z reality shifters talk about the amazing journeys they have taken into the worlds of their favorite books, films and TV shows. They also share the methods they use to leave behind the mundane world and start living in their desired realities (DR).

Anyone can use these methods, they say. But many reality shifting methods include instructions to visualize your desired reality in immersive sensory detail.

Not everyone excels at visualizing—and some people are unable to visualize at all. In fact, there is even a name for this condition: Aphantasia.

But that does not mean that you cannot shift realities. The core ingredients in shifting realities are intent and belief. Neither of those requires visualization.

Below, we share some popular no visualization reality shifting techniques that you can use to enter your desired reality.

7 Reality Shifting Methods Without Visualization

1. Pillow Method 

Pillow method

The Pillow Method of shifting (<– click for in depth guide) is probably the most straightforward and convenient method for all beginners who wish to give shifting methods without visualization a try.

Instead of just having a mental image of what you wish to manifest in your desired reality, this method advocates having a comprehensive physical shifting script.

This script can have names of all the characters you wish to see or meet, the chain of events you wish to experience and even details like odors and tastes can be specified in your script.

The whole idea is to place this piece of paper underneath your pillow before sleeping or resting and then use this guide and the intent of what you wish to attract while you shift.

As always, the role of music that raises your vibrational energy levels and the power of positive statements plays a big role n the process.

2. Dax Method Shifting

This reality shifting method involves telling yourself a story to transition to your DR.

To begin, choose a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Then, begin narrating a story about your DR. You can do this aloud if you are unable to have an internal monologue (or if you simply find it easier).

You do not need to try and “picture” the story. Just focus on the words and the progression. 

When you are near the end of the narrative, you should switch to reciting shifting affirmations about being in your DR.

Once you feel confident you have arrived, you can open your eyes. You will now be part of the story. Alternately, you can fall asleep and wake up in your DR.

3. Julia Method

Julia Method no visualization

The Julia Method of Shifting (<– click for in depth guide) depends on two words, “I am” for the whole process. During the process, one can use binaural beats to stimulate the dream-like state.

While in a starfish-like position, start the mantra with “I am” as a prefix. Add anything next to it to describe the mantra even more meaningfully. Let these mantras be in the present tense as if what you are saying has already happened.

These mantras can be anything like, “I am vibrating at a higher frequency,” “I am in transit to my desired reality,” or “I am consciousness, pure and un-tethered.” Do this in as much sensory detail as possible, and you shall soon be in your dream reality.

Note: When we say “sensory detail,” we are referring to the details you include in the affirmations, not sensory details you need to be picturing. There is no visualization necessary.

4. Vains Shifting Method

Even if you cannot visualize while you are awake, you might still see imagery in your dreams. And even if you do not, you might still be capable of lucid dreaming. If you are, you can try the Vains Method of shifting realities. 

Before you fall asleep, create a script and some affirmations to use once you enter your dream state. Then, go to bed as usual. You can put the script and affirmations under your pillow.

Now, you just need an opportunity. When you find yourself lucid in a dream, search for a door or portal that leads to your DR. Depending on how you dream, it may be visual, or it may not. Then, simply pass through it, and you will arrive.

5. Intention Method

Intention method no visualization

This Intention method shifting (<– click for in-depth guide) doesn’t lay much emphasis on visuals, multiple affirmations, or any kind of subliminal sounds as much as it does on the purpose or intention of your mind to shift.

A firm resolve and belief that one can shift are enough to make the exercise effective.

However, a key factor to bear in mind is that the intent must be thought about or spoken right before you drift off to sleep. For example- You can say, “I intend to shift to my desired reality as soon as I fall asleep”.

The reason behind this is that the sooner you sleep after having set your intention, the lesser time your brain has to speculate or doubt it.

Also, it is best you are a bit drowsy and tired so that your mind is not full of active and chaotic thoughts, and the clarity of the intention is the main focus.

6. Blanket Method Shifting

This method requires that you wrap yourself in a blanket, so it is ideal only in cooler temperatures. If it is hot in your house, that means you need to start by switching on the AC.

Put on your ambient sounds, subliminals, or music if you want to use them. Then, lie down with a blanket over you. Ideally, you should cover your head as well, but only if that does not make you claustrophobic.

Imagine you are in your bed in your DR. You do not have to visualize the bed or the room—just feel the blanket, and know that it is your DR blanket. Say affirmations about being in your DR.

Count slowly from 0 to 100. Say affirmations along the way. Once you feel shifting symptoms, you can open your eyes in your DR. You also can choose to fall asleep and wake up in your DR.

7. Subliminal Method Shifting

This method is so simple and straightforward that even the shifter who came up with it says, “no visualization or method required!”

The steps are simple. Start by putting on your subliminals for shifting. Then, lay down and let your mind relax. Wait to drift off to sleep, then wake up in your DR.

The subliminal method is a great choice if you are prone to “over-thinking” your shifting methods. Instead of worrying about the details, you just trust in the subliminals to shift your beliefs, which in turn can shift your reality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you reality shift with Aphantasia?

A: Yes. Aphantasia does not stop you from shifting realities. You simply need a no visualization method. Any of the methods we shared above may work for you.

Q: What are some tips to make shifting easier without visualization?

A: If you cannot visualize or do not want to, anything you can do to “trick” your brain into perceiving your DR may help. Playing ambient sounds is the most obvious sensory trick. But you also can use other sensations.

For example, open your window and simply tell yourself the breeze you feel with your eyes closed is the weather in your DR. Check out shifting tips for further guidance.

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