10 Best Subliminals for Shifting in 2023 (Detailed Analysis)

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Subliminals for Shifting

If you dream of closing your eyes tonight and opening them to find yourself in another universe, one powerful tool that can elevate your shifting game is subliminals.

If you are new to shifting or simply have never made use of subliminals, you might wonder what people are talking about on TikTok, Amino and other communities.

This post will explain exactly what subliminals are, how they work, and how you can use them to shift. Then we will introduce you to some of our favorite reality shifting subliminals for Hogwarts, MCU, and other shifting techniques

What are Subliminals for Reality Shifting?

A subliminal is an audio track that contains subliminal messages designed to help you shift embedded in the audio.

These subliminal messages usually take the form of affirmations written in the present tense, for example, “I am shifting,” or “I am in my DR.”

In most cases, you either will not be able to hear the subliminals audibly, or you will barely be able to listen to them.

Layered with the subliminal messages may be ambience sounds, white noise, theta waves, relaxing music, or so forth. The tracks can be long or short. Many are general-purpose, while others have specific purposes, like shifting to Hogwarts

You can find a lot of subliminals on YouTube. Note that even though they are uploaded as videos, it is the audio that is important

Are Subliminals and Affirmations the Same Thing?

Subliminals and Affirmations

It is easy to mix up subliminals and affirmations. The affirmations are what you are hearing, and the subliminals are how you are hearing them.

Affirmations are “I” statements that tell your mind you are shifting or have shifted, like “I am shifting” or “I have shifted.” Our detailed guide to shifting affirmations tells you all about them and how they work.

You can say affirmations aloud or listen to them at full volume. But when you listen to them below the audible level, then they are being delivered to your brain subliminally. That is what a subliminal is.

How Do Subliminals for Shifting Work?

Even though your conscious mind may not hear what is said, your unconscious mind picks up on the subliminal messaging.

Research shows that subliminal messages can influence our decision-making. 

Many of us struggle consciously with doubts when we try to shift. But subliminal messages are able to bypass our conscious doubts and exert a powerful effect on our minds at a deeper level.

So, by listening to subliminals before or as you shift, you can reinforce the belief that you can shift and that you are shifting.

Once you change your mind at this deep level, you can harness your power as a divine being to shift realities.

How to Use Subliminals to Shift?

How to Use Subliminals to Shift

You can use subliminals for shifting in conjunction with many reality shifting methods. You will need to start by picking a method to shift. Then, incorporate the subliminal in a logical way.

For example, say you choose the Train method shifting. Turn on your subliminal. You can listen through your speakers or headphones. Get in a comfortable position, and perform the visualization of riding a train to your DR.
You can do affirmations aloud or in your head or skip them since the subliminal includes them at an inaudible level. Arrive at the station, then open your eyes to your DR.

It is also okay to just let the subliminal itself be your method. If you focus your intent, play the subliminal, and believe you have shifted, you can shift.

If you are using a subliminal in a YouTube video, you do not need to be looking at the image on your screen. 

Looking at the image might help if your method does not require closed eyes and the visual matches your intent (i.e. a Hogwarts-themed image if you are trying to shift to Hogwarts).

But in many cases, you might just find the imagery on the video distracting. So, just hit play on the audio and close your eyes. Further, make sure to check tips for shifting to understand what helps for successful shifting.

How to Choose the Right Reality Shifting Subliminal?

Picking the right reality shifting subliminal is a matter of finding one that fits your goals and preferences. Here are some things to consider:

  • Some people find music helpful, while others find it distracting. Choose based on what works for you.
  • Likewise, some people like theta waves and others don’t. Some find white noise works for them while others do not. It is all down to personal preference.
  • Short subliminals may work well for you if you only have a few minutes. If you have longer and like them, you can loop them. You can also find subliminals that last for hours that you can fall asleep to.
  • Check the creator’s comments to see what affirmations they used. Make sure they match your intent.
  • Consider a themed subliminal if you are trying to do something specific, like travel to Hogwarts, MCU, or another fictional location.
  • Check for quality. It is extremely important to assess the quality and trust of a subliminal by reading the comments and reviews. You do not want to expose yourself to subliminal content that is not affirming and positive. 

Detailed Analysis of 10 Best Subliminals for Shifting

Below, we point you toward some popular subliminals that can help you shift fast. Further, a detailed analysis has been made on each sibliminal based on the experience of people who have made use of them.

1. Soothing Piano Subliminal by ethereal daydreamer subliminals

YouTube video

This video by ethereal daydreamer subliminals, a popular channel with more than 32.2K subscribers, is an hour-long. The person who made it had a hard time shifting with other methods and created this video. After getting close to shifting using it, they decided to share it with the world. They list all of the subliminal messages in the description.

The video features a peaceful outdoor scene, the sound of falling rain, and soothing, unobtrusive piano music. 

Many commenters say that this video got them closer than ever to shifting or helped them achieve success. With its relaxing ambiance, it should be an excellent all-around choice for shifting just about anywhere.

2. Short 3:33 Angel Number Shifting Subliminal by IASTEARS!

YouTube video

This popular subliminal has amassed more than a million views. If you do not have enough time to listen to subliminals, you will appreciate its short and sweet 3:33 runtime. 3:33 is a powerful angel number and also 3×33 manifestation method is quite popular. Making the length of track 3:33 infuses it with extra power.

The audio consists of a relaxing song played over the top of sped-up subliminal phrases, all of which are in the creator’s description. You can just barely hear them, but not as distinct words.

A lot of users mention crying in the comments, so this subliminal seems to have a powerful emotional effect. One thing to note—the video is pretty but a little distracting, so you probably want to close your eyes or scroll so you cannot see it.

3. Shift Instantly to Hogwarts Subliminal by ethereal daydreamer subliminals         

YouTube video

If you want to shift to Hogwarts, try this Hogwarts-themed subliminal, another masterpiece from ethereal daydreamer subliminals. A glance at the image of the Gryffindor common room in the video, then close your eyes and listen to the crackling of the fire ambience.

There is music from the films layered through most of the video, all of which were modified to avoid the video being removed for copyright reasons. 

If the music distracts you, the back end of the subliminal seems to have none, so you could listen to that section. The length of the whole video is 3:33:33, and the affirmations are aligned with the Hogwarts theme.           

4. Train Sounds Subliminal by // mxnifxst.mp4

YouTube video

If you are looking for a subliminal to use with the Train method, this 33:33 track may be the perfect fit. The train sounds it includes layered on top of the subliminal messages can help you convince your brain that you are on the train riding to your DR. The messages are listed in the creator’s description. 

We recommend ignoring the video, as it appears to feature a vehicle towing automobiles on top rather than train cars, so looking at it does not really do anything to instil train imagery. Just close your eyes, picture a train car of your choosing, and let these subliminals whisk you away to your DR. 

5. 5:55 Angel Number Fast Shifting Subliminals with 432hz Audio by CELESTIAL SUBLIMINALS

YouTube video

While many of the subliminals uploaded to YouTube feature lengths that reference angel number 33, one short subliminal track that references another angel number is this one by CELESTIAL SUBLIMINALS. The runtime is 5:55, which correlates with another popular 5×55 manifestation method

The subliminals are layered under gentle musical tones which are meditative and non-distracting rather than melodic. The creator made use of the 432hz, which many people believe to be a healing frequency. Commenters report feelings of lightness and other shifting symptoms while using this video. 

6. Hypnotic Meditation “Drone-Scape” Chords Subliminals by clqzie subliminals  

YouTube video

Another great all-purpose subliminal is this one, with more than 3 million views. The subliminals are layered under the non-melodic track titled “Hypnotic Meditation “Drone-Scape” Chords for Contentment/Relaxation” by Jason Stephenson. 

One thing we do not like about this upload is that the creator did not write out all of the subliminals they used in their description.

Still, given the massive amount of positive feedback (more than 88K upvotes and 15,775 comments) on the video, we feel this subliminal must be safe and effective. Many people say they either shifted with this subliminal or came close, sometimes without even using any additional method. 

7. Shift to MCU Avengers Tower Subliminal by Explore Reality Shifting

YouTube video

Do you want to shift to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? This subliminal for shifting to MCU is popular and highly rated, themed perfectly for shifting to the Avengers Tower.

You can start by looking for a moment at the picture of the Avengers Tower, then hit play and close your eyes. Music from the film franchise is layered with white noise (fire crackling?) and subliminals.

There is no way to read what the subliminal messages are, unfortunately. It looks like originally this video was posted on a different channel, which is now empty, and Explore Reality Shifting re-uploaded it for all to enjoy. Considering the exuberant posts from users who say they finally shifted, however, it seems like a solid subliminal for MCU shifting.

8. UA Dorm Ambience MHA Shifting Subliminal by Kween subs

YouTube video

This subliminal for shifting to MHA (My Hero Academia) was clearly a labour of love. User Kween subs even made up a story to go with it; basically, it is an audio simulation of relaxing in your dorm room after you have been training.

The sound is mostly crickets layered on top of some very faint music tracks. Once in a while, one of the characters pops into the room to offer a few lines of dialogue.

MHA fans love this subliminal. Reading through the comments will probably put a smile on your face. Shifters praise the level of detail in the audio and enjoy the “drop bys” from characters a great deal. Some people may find these distracting, but for others, they seem to help a great deal with getting into the right headspace. 

9. LoFi + 6.5hz Theta || by aphroditesrose

YouTube video

While we have shared quite a few popular subliminals with you, we did want to highlight at least one that is not as well-known but well worth checking out. The looping song from Ambition combined with the theta frequency is extremely relaxing, making for a great chillout vibe.

The creator has listed all the affirmations in their description. While the sub does not have the same level of viral attention as a lot of the other uploads on this list, it has garnered a nice amount of upvotes.

10. Subliminal with Rain and Theta Waves by Depressed Gemini 

YouTube video

If you are looking for rain sounds, this sub by Depressed Gemini may be just what you need. The rain sounds are layered with theta waves that sound like unobtrusive white noise. 

Depressed Gemini lists her affirmations in her description for you to read. You can just barely hear them if you turn the volume way up, but you will not make out the words. Since the subliminal lasts 8 hours, you can easily put it on overnight.

Users in the comments report lots of symptoms and even detect smells and sounds from their DRs.

Happy Shifting

Now you have 10 awesome shifting subliminals to try out. Whether you are a veteran shifter or you are still trying to shift for the very first time, these subliminals can help you focus, attune your mind to your DR, and dispel your doubts on a deep unconscious level for easy, successful shifting.

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